Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 220


In a very ordinary world.

A truly ordinary world.

A world where there was no magus, neither puppeteer who manipulated dolls.

In terms of time, it seemed like that world was in the same year as Chaldea, 2018. The technology was not as advanced as Chaldea, but it was way more advanced than the world of automatons.

The world was filled with bustling cities.

There were many cars coming and going on the streets.

People were living their life normally.

There was no mystery, no magic, just a very realistic modern world.

Somewhere in the corner of that world, there was an orphanage.

It was one of the finest orphanages in the vicinity.

Even with that being said, there weren’t that many orphanages in that city to begin with, so being called the finest orphanage didn’t mean it was a luxurious orphanage, but at least they didn’t have any problem raising the orphans healthily.

There were two paths these orphans could take.

It was either to leave the orphanage once they could stand on their own two feet, or waiting for someone to adopt them.

Of course, these children were not aware of this until the time came.

They only needed to live there carefree, until one day they left on their own accord or adopted by their new family.

Under such circumstances, the children of the orphanage often played together and spent their days in happiness.

However, a few months ago, a strange child popped up out of nowhere.

It was a boy around four years old.

It was said that the caretaker of the orphanage found him and brought him back.

According to the caretaker who brought him back, that boy has been wandering all by himself for about half a month, he was obviously an orphan no matter how you looked at him, but somehow he had enough money to buy food, or find a hotel alone to stay at without any adult’s supervision, but he had no ID card too. Therefore, it was impossible for him to book a regular hotel. He smooth-talked the adults to give him a place to stay, and he said things normal kid never thought of saying.

Of course, these adults informed the police about the boy, but he somehow always disappeared without a trace, as if knowing what they were planning to do.

That happened time and time again until the caretaker of the orphanage found him, and the boy decided to come along to the orphanage after some thoughts.

“If I come to the orphan, I can live legally, I don’t need to waste time thinking about my livelihood, and I’ll be able to allocate more time on my own business.”

That was the reason the boy agreed to go to the orphan.

After that, the child lived in that orphanage, but he never played with other children there. He was not interested at all in toys and other things that most kids liked. He just cooped up in his room, and only God knew what he did in there, and when people saw him, all he got was those bored look on his face.

When the dean found out about this, he decided to ask the boy about what he wanted.

“Please give me a computer if you have one, I want to play games.”

It’s hard to believe those sentences came out from the mouth of a four-year-old child.

What was even more incredible is, the dean actually agreed.

The reason was simple.

“Even if I told him to study hard and he may play games later after he grows up. But this child easily solved high school level problems, not to mention he got a perfect score, what else can I do?”

The dean just smiled bitterly.

As a result, the sight of a four-year-old boy sitting alone in the corner while holding a laptop, staring at the screen playing games, was often seen in that orphanage. He even played games that adults had a hard time with.

Gradually, the story about this genius boy spread.

Many adults came to see this rumored child. Some were curious, and others simply were not convinced that a four-year-old child could easily solve high school level problems, they came to test him personally.

As a result, those adults were astonished.

Because not only this boy could easily solve high school level problems, he even solved a complicated-looking puzzle within a mere 10 minutes.

The adults who saw the boy’s talent fought each other over the right to adopt him.

Of course, the adults would fight over a prodigy like him, not out of love, but because of his talent.

Unfortunately, the boy rejected them all on the spot.

“I don’t want to work in the future, I just want to lie around all day playing games until I die.”

Those adults looked at each other and then changed their minds.

But one day…

“Are you the rumored prodigy?”

Hearing those words, the teenager who was immersed in the game in his laptop looked up boredly.

He saw there was a woman wearing a cotton shirt and jeans with light makeup and tied hair in front of him.

She seemed around her twenties.

Then she quickly added.

“I am a mother of two children, they are also very smart, you know?”

When the boy heard this, he was confused at first and then laughed.

“Are you here to adopt me?”

The teenager in a four-year-old child’s body asked boredly.

The woman then answered with a smile.

“Bingo, so what’s the answer?”

“Although my two children are also very smart, I am an editor of an information magazine related to computers. I ‘ve been playing games since elementary school, so when I heard about this prodigy who likes to play games, I couldn’t help but check it for myself.”

After saying this, she introduced himself.

“My name is Kirigaya Midori.”

The woman who claimed to be Kirigaya Midori then extended her hand to the teenager.

“Would you like to come with me?”

As he expected, this woman came to adopt him.

However, that was not because of his talent, it was because she also likes games, making Rozen felt slightly special.

In response, the teenager only asked one thing.

“Do you have a computer?”

About half an hour later, the boy left the orphanage with a woman named Kirigaya Midori.

She also gave the boy a name, which she then registered officially to the Civil Registry.

The name was…

“Kirigaya Aoga.”

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