Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 221


“Didi-Didi-Didi -”

The annoying sound echoed in a room that was not too small nor big.

It was the sound of an alarm clock.

Although it seemed like a new type of alarm clock, that alarm clock was the proof of one’s laziness.

An arm stuck out to turn off the alarm clock after a slight movement then a head popped out of the blanket.

The teenager stared blankly at the alarm clock for quite a while with his sleepy eyes, and the first sentence that came out of his mouth was…

“Why is it not forty-eight hours a day so I can have twenty-four hours to sleep?”

After complaining about how the law of time worked, the boy finally got up from the bed, although he seemed quite reluctant to do so.

He was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt and comfortable shorts, plus dead fish eyes and undescribable listlessness vibe around him.

Who else was it other than Rozen?

Of course, that was the name that only he knew in that world.

In that world, he was a boy named Kirigaya Aoga whom Kirigaya Midori adopted ten years ago, she was an editor of an information magazine related to computers.

“Ten years…”

Rozen rubbed his cheek lightly and murmured while looking around at the room he was currently in.

It was a very ordinary room that other households in that country mostly had.

In the room, there was neither a magic book nor a communicator. It was only filled with common comics, novels, magazines, and textbooks, and school bags

If he was to say, the thing that stood out the most in that room was the high spec computer.

The computer was still on.

On the screen, a very popular pc game interface was shown, showing just how much of a game maniac the resident of that room was.

Rozen really liked that world.

In this world, the game industry developed very rapidly. As a result, the development of other industries was more or less affected by game, some gradually in the business world, and some gradually decline, even news were mostly about games.

Especially in recent years, the game industry has undergone a very big change, and Rozen, as a game maniac, enjoyed that.

However, at the same time, Rozen was also quite helpless.

“Why is there no such thing as magecraft here? I couldn’t even sense any mana in this world.”

Rozen has been trying to find it in the last decade, but he could not find any magus nor any trace of mana.

What was more, that world didn’t have Greater Source.

The so-called Greater Source referred to the magical energy source from the outside world.

As we all know, magus used magic at the expense of magical energy.

However, the magical energy magus needed didn’t always have to derive from mana from Greater Souce.

While magus could use mana from Greater Source, they could also use Od, the Lesser Source.

Od was the life-force energy found within living organisms such as humans, animals, and Magical Beasts. Once depleted, the Magic Circuits that were stored in the human soul will begin to replenish it. Od was produced as long as one lived, but the amount a person could store varied from individual to individual.

The difference between Mana and Od was their abundance. Mana could be found almost anywhere, and in great quantities, thus it was called the Greater Source by the magi. As Od was the energy inside humans and animals, it was much smaller in amount and was called the Lesser Source. Strictly speaking, Mana and Od were energy in its raw state, whereas magical energy was the name given to the energy once it was converted by the Magic Circuits. Mana could be taken in accordingly with the capacities of the Magic Circuits, but the actual conversion process will take time.

Regarding nature interference Magecraft mentioned before, at least for large-scale spells, activation required the use of mana regardless of the amount of Od that the magus has. In fact, it was a common practice among the magus to start up their spells with Od and then kept them running with mana. Only small-scale spells that did not interact with the environment directly were performed entirely with Od, an example of which would be Reinforcement.

Magical energy itself did not have any elemental attribute. However, once embedded into an object that did have said attribute (such as jewels) or that was under the influence of Nature Spirits, it will attune itself to the elements in question until the moment that it was released.

The magical energy itself was held only inside the body fundamentally, and if released in the outer world, it will return to the life force and be scattered into the Greater Source. This has also been expressed as evaporation.

Of course, using Od as the main energy source to activate a spell might quickly drain it, thus exhaust them just like what happened to Rozen.

With this in mind, maybe it’d be more beneficial to use mana from greater source first so they could last longer in a battle.

However, first of all, being called magus didn’t value their own lives to begin with. As long as they could reach the root, they didn’t care what happened to their life. Second, since this world was in the absence of Greater Source, Rozen had no choice but to rely on Lesser Source.

Once the Greater Source disappeared completely, the number of the magus in a world will continue to decline.

That was why, in the modern world, the magus is more desperate to reach the root.

That was where the problem lay.

Ever since coming to that world ten years ago, Rozen discovered that…

“There is no mana in this world.”

Rozen could still sense mana in the world of automatons, and he could feel more mana in that world than in Chaldea, making the magus in that world so well known that it was basically public knowledge, magus was everywhere, they could be found in army, schools and they even had their own clans.

But there was no mana in that world whatsoever, Rozen was dumbfounded when he first noticed this, and he couldn’t do anything about it.

“Fortunately, Miracle can open the portal between the worlds. Otherwise, I will have a hard time to use magic in this world.”

Rozen relied on this method in order to hone his magic and continue his research in this extremely ordinary world that was in the absence of mana.

Although the progress of his training and research was slower than when he was in the automaton world due to various reasons, Rozen still methodically made progress during the last decade.

Rozen even found a way to greatly enhance his strength in a short period of time in this world.

He felt slightly better when he recalled about that method.

“If it works out, maybe I can attain strength on par with servants, if not more.”

Right when Rozen was thinking about it…


The familiar voice was heard outside.

To be precise, it was from downstairs.

The voice belonged to Kirigaya Midori, who adopted Rozen 10 years ago.

“Dinner is ready, come down!”

Kirigaya Midori shouted.


Rozen yawned and left his room.

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