Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 222


When Rozen came out of his room, he saw the room beside him was opened.


Rozen turned his head and saw a girl.

It was a short black haired girl in her middle school uniform with a bamboo sword strapped on her back.

The girl was about to leave her room and happened to stumble upon Rozen.

The girl immediately lowered her head and said.

“Good morning, Aoga onii-chan.”

But it sounded cold and somewhat distant.

Rozen just secretly sighed deep down and then nodded very casually.

“Good morning, Suguha.”

The girl called Suguha then just added shortly.

“Mom is calling, you should come down quick.”

Suguha then went downstairs after saying that.

Suguha has always behaved like that to Rozen ever since he became a member of this family, making it hard to believe that they were a family who lived under the same roof.

But Rozen was not surprised by Suguha’s attitude toward him.

“Same old, same old.”

Rozen murmured.

Then it was the door of the room on the other side that was opened this time.


A teenager came out of the room while yawning.

It was a boy with black hair. He was not wearing a school uniform, however, just casual clothes like Rozen.

“Aoga? Are you up already? What’s with the long face?”

The boy said in wonder.

Unlike Suguha, this boy seemed much closer to Rozen.

In response, Rozen just shrugged his shoulder and said.

“Nothing, I just met Suguha.”

From merely those words, the boy seemed to understand what happened.

The boy paused for a bit, then muttered, “Don’t tell me….”

“Well, shall we eat then?”

Rozen said to change the topic.

The boy named Kazuto immediately nodded.

Those two teenagers with similar age yawned occasionally and made their way downstairs.

“What’s with those lazy eyes! Go and wash your face!”

Kirigaya Midori scolded them both when they saw how lazy they looked.

Kirigaya Residence.

A Japanese-style house located in a street in the southern part of Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

It was a mansion with a long history, it has been there for four generations.

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The owner of the mansion was Kazuto and Suguha’s grandfather. He was a policeman when he was young, and a kendo champion. He only had one son who was Kirigaya Midori’s husband, he wanted his son to learn kendo under him, and his son complied and stuck with it until right before entering high school, his son later gave up and went to the United States to continue his study and eventually worked for a security company overseas, and later met Kirigaya Midori at the company’s Japanese branch. The two eventually married, although they had to stay apart due to their jobs, they had a son and a daughter.

Kirigaya Kazuto was the eldest son of the Kirigaya Family. He was fourteen years old and was currently in his second year of junior high school. He had a facial feature that was easily mistaken for a girl. He was an online game player enthusiast. He assembled his own computer and learned various computer-related knowledge from Kirigaya Midori, who was an editor of a computer-related magazine. He was so addicted to the internet and technology.

Kirigaya was the daughter of the Kirigaya Family. She was thirteen years old, and currently was in her first year of middle school, she was a stunning beauty despite her young age. Unlike Kazuto, she learned kendo under his grandfather seriously. She will go to the nearby Dojo every day to practice. She was also considered as a rising star in her kendo club. She was determined to participate in the kendo tournament this year.

Last but not least, Kirigaya Aoga, or Rozen, He turned 14 this year. He was also in the second year of middle school at the same school as Kazuto, but he has already dropped out of school.

There were two reasons for this.

First, Rozen has already grasped the doctoral degree of knowledge. When he was in elementary school, he got a perfect score on the University’s final exam, which shocked the ministry of education in that country. For that reason, he was allowed to skip grades and can directly pursue a doctoral degree. Rozen straight out refused the offer because he did not want to lose his precious childhood. He even used this reason to skip school since he was bored anyway. He mostly spent his time at home, either honing his magecraft, research, or indulged himself in online games.

Second, because he underestimated this world or to be precise, he underestimated the denizens of this world.

Just like Suguha and Kazuto, Rozen was actually quite good-looking.

He looked like a half westerner and oriental, which was considered attractive for the girls in his middle school.

Not to mention his silky black hair and a pair of lazy and bored-looking dark eyes, which seemed to be enough to drive girls his age crazy.

Rozen has never realized that something trivial such as his looks, would cause a commotion.

In the past, during his time in Chaldea and the world of automatons, all the people there cared about were magical power and his skill as a magus. They never cared about Rozen’s looks. Only after he arrived at this world that he realized he was quite good looking.

“Now that I think about it, setting Mashu aside, even that good for nothing brother of mine seemed quite good looking too, at least he should be considered above average in this world.”

Roman and Mashu couldn’t leave Chaldea as they pleased, so maybe that was why they never really knew they were good looking too.

But of course, Rozen was not happy with those girls fawning over him, in fact he was actually scared.

He recalled the scene of the love letter that he found in his locker once, Rozen glad that he dropped out of school.

He didn’t know what might happen next after a love letter.

Those were the stories of the three siblings of Kirigaya Family.

Three children, plus their father who worked overseas, and their mother who was busy with her job too, completed the whole Kirigaya household.

It was just…


Indescribable silence filled the air during dinner.

None of them said a word to each other, it looked really gloomy.


Kirigaya Midori silently sighed when she looked at her three children.

However, that was just how the everyday life of Kirigaya Family was.

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