Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 223


Judging from the atmosphere on the table, it was clear that they were not really close to each other, or to be precise, Suguha wasn’t really close with her brothers.

But that was not the case when Rozen was first adopted into Kirigaya Family. Back then, they were very close.

Even after Rozen cooped up in his room every day, Suguha and Kazuto would drag him out and play with him, back then they were like real siblings, Rozen could feel the siblings love from them.

At least, Suguha and Kazuto felt more like siblings compared to when he was adopted into Akabane Clan.

There was no discussion about magic, no conflicts with other clans, and stuff like that.

It was until the three went to elementary school, their grandfather who was a former Kendo champion was keen on teaching them kendo and brought the three to the nearby dojo to learn kendo.

That was the turning point for those three.

Due to his daily magecraft training, Rozen’s physical ability was as bad as ever, and he had no interest in kendo. Therefore, he refused to learn kendo under his grandfather.

And whether being influenced by Rozen or not, after Kazuto trying out games himself, he was also fascinated by the virtual world. He began to learn more about the computer instead of kendo.

As a result, their grandfather was furious that he gave those two a good beating, scaring Suguha in the process.

Because of that, Rozen and Kazuto spent more of their time in the virtual world. Meanwhile, Suguha devoted herself to kendo and said to her grandfather that she would work hard for her brother’s sake too, even after his grandfather died.

That was why Rozen and Kazuto had a lot in common, and they were relatively close, but Suguha, on the other hand, devoted herself to the kendo as she grew distant to her game addict brothers. She no longer played with them like the past. They talked less and less by day, which led to the current situation.

Of course, there were other reasons besides this.

But that was the biggest factor.

Even Kirigaya Midori couldn’t do anything about the sour relationship between her children.

To break the silence, she just said.

“Today is Sunday. There’s no class today. Do you have a plan?”

That question might sound specific only for Suguha and Kazuto since Rozen already dropped out of school.

However, Kirigaya Midori treated them all equally.

“That’s…” Kazuto looked away briefly, “I must get some programs done today, so I will probably stay in my room.”

Meaning he planned to spend all day playing games.

“…I will go to school later.” Suguha said casually, then added, “Club activity.”

Meaning she didn’t want to stay at home with her brothers.

And Rozen was much more direct.

“One of the most popular games officially held the beta test today, how can I miss it?”

Rozen saw no point in beating around the bush, and he just said what he planned to do without hesitation. As a result, Kirigaya Midori gave him that helpless look, and Rozen continued eating.

“Geez, you are such a…!”

Kirigaya Midori almost started her lecture when suddenly.

“Is the game really that fun?”

It was Suguha, and the atmosphere of the room instantly changed as she uttered those words.

Of course, it was not a good change.

“You guys are so smart, Aoga-oniichan even qualified to skip grades and directly obtained a doctoral degree, and Kazuto-oniichan is good at programming, why would you spend all day just playing games?”

Suguha said without looking at Rozen.

Kazuto had no words to return, he just looked down as her sister easily saw through his lie.

Only Rozen answered this question after a brief pause.

“No particular reason, I like it, that’s all.”

That was the only reason Rozen could give.

Rozen had another reason, but obviously, he couldn’t say it here.

After all, even if he told Suguha that he wanted to train and become stronger. She won’t understand it anyway.


“……is it?”

That was all Suguha responded with, and then she put down her tableware.

“Thanks for the food!”

Suguha then picked up her bamboo sword and her bag and then walked toward the door.

“Wait, Suguha.”

Kirigaya Midori quickly went after her after glaring at Rozen.

Only Rozen and Kazuto left at the table.

“Why would you say that on purpose?” Kazuto sighed and said to Rozen, “You know full well that Suguha hates games, can’t you read between the lines?”

“Why?” Rozen really looked at the people and said, “I do like games, why should I lie?”

“That’s…” Kazuto was helpless hearing his brother’s response.

“I know I like the game too much. But of course, I can’t say anything that goes against my principle, right??”

Kazuto just hoped Rozen could read between the lines better.


“So it’s today, huh?”

And the eyes of the people suddenly became devoid of God.

“Yeah, finally, after waiting for so long.”

Rozen shrugged his shoulders, but his words also showed considerable expectations.

November 6, 2022.

This day, the world will usher toward a different change.

Rozen and Kazuto looked at each other quickly, finish their breakfast and put down their bowls.

“Thanks for the food!”

After such remarks, the two left the dining table at the same time and rushed upstairs.

Before returning to their respective room, Rozen and Kazuot said to each other.

“See you at 1 pm.”

“Well, see you at 1 pm.”

After that, the two entered the room at the same time and closed the door.

After returning to the room, Rozen first turned off the computer that had been left on, and then picked up an item placed on the shelf.

It’s a streamlined helmet that fully covered the face coated in dark blue.

The helmet filled with a variety of interfaces and indicators on it, clearly stated that it was not a helmet to protect the head.

This helmet had high-density microwave transceivers that were capable of accessing the user’s brain, allowing it to send fake signals to the five senses of the user.

The transceivers were not only capable of inducing fake sensory signals but could also block every movement command from the brain to the body, preventing the player from moving their body while using it to avoid injuries.

The transceivers were also capable of blocking sensory information from the body to the brain. Thus, while using it, the player is completely insensate to the physical world.

The helmet itself was a game console, it was called NerveGear.

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