Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 224


Half a year ago, the helmet called NerveGear was officially eligible to be purchased, claiming it could revolutionize the experience of gaming, which referred to connecting humans’s brain to a virtual space.

This technology allowed the user’s consciousness to enter the game world and experience all kinds of things in the virtual world and experience firsthand a completely different world from the real world.

He still remembered the first thing he thought when he saw this news on the internet.

“Isn’t that kind of similar to Chaldea’s system used to conduct mock battles?”

Both sent the users to the imaginary world created using computers.

Of course, the two were fundamentally different.

Chaldea’s mock battle system project the spirit of human being, sending not only their consciousness but also their body to a virtual world.

In contrast, NerveGear’s FullDive technology just completely isolated the user’s brain from the outside world. As the user wore this helmet lied on the bed. NerveGear’s high-density microwave transceivers were capable of accessing the user’s brain, allowing it to send fake signals to the five senses of the user as if the user was in another world.

However, compared to the Chaldea’s mock battle system, FullDive technology was undoubtedly more fascinating for Rozen.

And it was due to a fairly simple reason.

“This is a game, not a mock battle for actual combat.”

Since it is a game, Rozen had no reason not to try.

Therefore, six months ago, Rozen quickly purchased it, then he wore it to try the sensation of entering the virtual world.

However, the result was somewhat disappointing.

That was because the game which used FullDive technology at that moment was not interesting at all.

All of them were not that bad of a game, but that was all. People wouldn’t call it addictive, thus only used it to kill some time, mostly because it was a fairly simple game with a relatively small game environment.

Even Rozen only considered it as a pastime when he exhausted his magic.

Up until recently, when a certain game that will revolutionize the FullDive technology was officially released.

VRMMORPG Sword Art Online.

The birth of such a game stirred Rozen’s passion for games.

It was said that this game used a large-scale world with a magnificent view, unlike the past games, which used a small environment and didn’t have the same level of detail nor interaction as Sword Art Online.

The game took place in a 100 floors huge floating castle.

In this floating castle, there were grasslands, forests, streets, and even towns, and the environmental themes of each floor were different.

Players ventured through each floor with their weapons, hone themselves, upgrade their equipment and such, accept missions in towns and villages, fight with all kinds of monsters, and even compete with each other. The ultimate goal was to aim for the highest floor, and only by defeating the Floor Boss, granted them access to the next floor.

The game also boldly provided a lot of features that basically encouraged the player’s freedom to do anything they wanted, unlike any games that have been released.

According to the publisher of this game, the reason he did it was to encourage the players to use their bodies, fight with their own swords, and experience the charm of a FullDive environment to the fullest.

In addition to fighting, there are also smithing, crafting, tailoring and other manufacturing systems, such as fishing, cooking, music, and other daily skills, so that players did not just play the game in a straightforward and repetitive manner, but they could also experience how it felt living inside the virtual world, if the players wanted, they could even purchase their own house in the game, or live leisurely as farmer or shepherd.

The game was sold out in the blink of an eye, and it was conceivable that it could stir up the gamer’s excitement to that point.

Of course, that included Rozen and Kazuto.

Therefore, when the game publisher announced that they’d hold an advanced closed beta for two months, and there will be a total of 1000 participants who will be selected randomly, Rozen quickly signed himself up without hesitation.

Rozen still remembered that there were a total of 100,000 applicants at the time, which was nearly half of the number of NerveGear sales.

Only a mere 1000 will be selected out of 100.000 participants, so the chance to be selected was fairly small.

So Rozen had no choice but to get serious about being selected.

He used the Heavenly Eye once to time his registration and as a result, he was qualified for the closed beta, along with the opportunity to order the game after that.

And somehow, Kazuto was lucky enough to be selected as one of the participants as well.

The two went through the two-month closed beta together and had a good time there.

As a result, Rozen was completely hooked up with the game.

If it wasn’t for his magecraft training and research, he would never go offline.

Rozen even forgot to do daily exercise outside the game, because there was no reason to do so.

Because Rozen discoverd something unbelievable in this game.

If he could do it without a problem, he could obtain the same amount of strength as Servants, if not more.

Two months passed in the blink of an eye, and Rozen’s in-game character was reseted.

But Rozen didn’t really mind.

Because today, Sword Art Online officially started server service.

“There were only a total of 10,000 copies of the game sold worldwide for the first batch, which means there will be 10.000 players. Since I participated in the closed beta, I don’t need to queue outside game stores like others.”

Rozen looked at the game helmet in his hand and grinned.

“Let me see if I can get to where I’m at last time after the open beta.”

Rozen then put the helmet beside him and sat cross-legged.

The game will be officially open at one o’clock in the afternoon.

Since it was still early in the morning, he could practice his magecraft for a while until he exhausted his mana, then he’ll dive in.

It was already 1 pm before he realized it


Rozen picked up the NerveGear and knocked on the wall beside him.

Not long after he heard someone knocking back on the wall.

Rozen just smiled, put on the NerveGear, and browse through its interface, and then he lay down.


Lying on his bed, Rozen closed his eyes and uttered the words.

“Link Start.”

Rozen’s consciousness entered the game world.

Rozen did not know.

This FullDive will lead to him spending the next two years in the game world unable to log out.

Although thanks to this, Rozen also obtained a lot of things.

More than enough to influence his life.

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