Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 227



The Crazy Boar began to approach Rozen while letting out a weird cry.

It looked clearly like a pig, but somehow it behaved like a bull, it kicked away the dust underneath its foot and then charged straight at Rozen.

It was not that fast, Rozen could still dodge it even in real life.

However, instead of dodging it, Rozen put his hand on his waist.

Something materialized out of his pocket, it was a throwing pick.

That was Rozen’s weapon of choice.

In this world where magic didn’t exist, sword skill was the sole means of fighting.

The Sword Skills referred to here didn’t simply mean the technique using swords.

The Sword Skills in SAO were divided into four types: Thrust, Slash, Pierce, and Blunt which accentuated body motion sensory.

Sword Skills are activated when a player performs the appropriate Pre-Motion for a skill, such as raising a sword atop one’s shoulder.

As soon as the system recognised the motion, the player’s weapon begins to glow in color specific to a Sword Skill, the player can then allow the system to take over and automatically complete the skill at a speed that is normally near impossible for a player to achieve, this process was called Sword Skills.

However, these so-called Sword Skills were not something that could be activated that easily.

In SAO, there were various types of weapon, and many types of Sword Skills, to activate Sword Skills, simply performing the appropriate pre-motion alone was not enough, the player must also meet certain requirements and conditions to use the Sword Skills.

For example, if Rozen equipped a one-handed sword, and also equipped the skill of one-handed sword into the skill grid, and then performed the appropriate pre-motion for Horizontal Arc skill for example, then he’ll meet the requirement to use Horizontal Arc and could let the system take over to complete the execution and cause damage to the enemy.

So the first thing to take note was, to use Sword Skill, it was necessary to equip the appropriate type of weapons like the Sword Skill that player planned to use, otherwise it won’t be able to be used.

The same thing happened even after equipping the appropriate weapon, but the player didn’t perform the correct pre-motion.

That was the players’ means to fight in this world.

Of course, the player could always attack freely without using the Sword Skills, but the Power, Speed, Accuracy will fall short compared to using Sword Skills

In addition, the Sword Skills were different from other skills, unlike other skills that must be placed on the skill slot in order to increase its proficiency, Sword Skills didn’t have to be placed on the skill slot to be used, all the player had to do was perform the appropriate pre-motion, and its proficiency will also increase as the player using it, and new Sword Skills will be unlocked once the condition was met.

For now, even if Rozen equipped a one-handed sword equipped the sword skills of one-handed sword into the skill slot, the Sword Skills that he could use for the moment was only the Sword Skill available to all player Horizontal Arc, he had to increase the Sword Skill’s level to unlock more Sword Skills.

Skills, including Sword Skills, may be trained up to level 1,000, at which it was considered Completed.

However, this was a very difficult thing.

At least, during the beta test, Rozen never heard of anyone who could max out their Sword Skill.

To max out even one skill in SAO, even veteran players had to at least spend one and a half year playing.

Aside from Sword Skills, there were other types of skills in SAO. For example, support skills, combat skills, crafting skills, etc., there were so many kinds of skills in the game, and as they were leveled up, they’ll be stronger and more effective.

In addition, the skill which was removed from the skill slot will be resetted in terms of proficiency back to 0. 

Therefore, how the player assigned and leveled up their skill will decide their role and specialty in the future.

Players were given two initial slots, with a third slot granted at level six, a fourth one granted at level twelve, a fifth on level twenty, and an additional slot every ten levels afterward.

Rozen currently only had two skill slots at the moment, which meant he could only use two skills.

There was no need to think about which skill to assign to skill slot at the moment as he was still at level 1.

However, as a beta tester, Rozen knew.

“If I set the skill now, I’ll eventually have to remove it later.”

After all, even if there were almost an unlimited amount of skills in SAO, at the beginning of the game, all players had the same skillset.

Rare skills could only be obtained after clearing some sort of hidden quest, or a really hard quest.

Therefore, Rozen will not waste his skill slot just to assign some starting skills.

There was only one skill in Rozen’s skill slot at that moment.

Blade Throwing.

As the name suggested, that was a throwing skill.

Compared to other weapon skills, this skill seemed plain, and no one really used it during the closed beta.

The reason was simple.

Even though it was one of the rare Sword Skills that allowed the player to use projectile, however, if the level of the projectile that the player used was too low, it will cause insignificant damage to the enemy, but it’ll be a waste if the level of the projectile used was too high, because the projectile used will disappear from inventory.

But that was the very reason why Rozen loved it, and it was for a fairly simple reason.

“I like the feeling of smashing my enemy with money!”

Rozen then raised the throwing pick atop his shoulder, ready to throw it.


The throwing pick suddenly glowed in greenish light.

That was the light that was radiated when a Sword Skill was activated.

This Sword Skill was called Blade Throwing – Single Shot.


In the next second, with the system’s assist, Rozen threw the throwing pick in a bullet-like speed, making it looked like a laser, and pierced through the Crazy Boar’s neck.


The sound of throwing pick piercing the Crazy Boar’s flesh was heard, leaving red virtual gashes in the Crazy Boar’s neck, which was assumed to be blood in this world.


The Crazy Boar then fell to the ground and ceased to move.



The Crazy Boar fragmented into countless polygon shards and then disappeared.

This moment, Rozen noticed two changes in his avatar.

One, a window popped up in front of him, showing how much EXP, Cor, and other drop items he got from the Crazy Boar.

There was another thing that only Rozen could feel.

There was a certain change in his soul.

Rozen finally smiled after noticing that change.

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