Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 228


Rozen first noticed this change during the closed beta.

As mentioned before, Rozen had something that was basically the same as Throne of Heroes inside him.

Just like how heroic spirit was summoned by The World through Throne of Heroes, Rozen also summoned his familiar recorded in his Throne of Heroes inside him.

As a result, Rozen could summon any Familiar recorded in his Throne of Heroes at will to fight in his stead, and they won’t die, they merely returned to Rozen, just like when Heroic Spirit could no longer fight.

What was this so-called record?




All of these can be regarded as an external record.

This was the reason why Rozen believe he could become stronger in this world.

Because, in this game world, all monsters were basically a lump of virtual information, virtual intelligence, and data.

Their body shape was already designed beforehand.

And the developer of the game has already set the algorithm to their ability.

Their souls were Artificial Intelligence.

Therefore, when Rozen touched these monsters, or to be precise when he killed those monsters, they will be turned into a pure record, and with the power of Miracle, Rozen could engrave them into his Throne of Heroes.

After all, Miracle had the power to open the portal between worlds!

Even the virtual world like SAO was no exception for Miracle.

Therefore, when Rozen’s avatar killed the monsters in this world and came into contact with the monsters’ algorithm, Miracle will directly engrave them into his Throne of Heroes.

In other words, Rozen could conclude the absolute contract with the monsters in this virtual world and turned them into his own familiar.

To forge a contract, under normal circumstances, the familiar, servant, etc. must have a mutual agreement to become Rozen’s familiar.

Unfortunately, in this world, monsters do not have souls, so they shouldn’t be able to forge absolute contract with Rozen.

However, they were kind of similar with the Familiars Rozen could summon from his Throne of Heroes, so even without a soul, with the power of Miracle to open the portal from the virtual world to Rozen’s Throne of Heroes, the monster’s data will be directly engraved as a record.

This was the way that Rozen found to greatly enhance his strength.

“If I can kill a strong monster, a boss, for example, and engrave them into my Throne of Heroes, I’ll be able to summon that monster as a familiar anytime I want.”

Rozen said with such wishful thinking.

However, in order to achieve this, he still had to solve three major problems.

One, he must kill the monster by his own hands.

Second, Aincrad was too huge.

Third, his mana capacity.

The first problem was quite simple.

In order to kill the monster himself, obviously, his avatar must have enough strength to do so.

The second problem was straightforward.

He must find the desirable monster, that he considered strong enough in the whole Aincrad.

The third problem was very realistic.

Even if Rozen managed to defeat one of the strongest bosses, he didn’t know how much mana he had to use to summon that monster. There was a chance he couldn’t even summon it because he didn’t have enough mana.

Out of these three problems, he believed he could clear two of them.

In this virtual world, Rozen could continuously upgrade his avatar to his liking to the point where he could defeat the strongest boss by himself.

Aincrad was an insanely huge place. During the closed beta, Rozen and the rest of the players only managed to reach up to the 10th floor.

However, the normal monster found outside safe zone was nothing special, but the boss floors were definitely on par with Superior level familiar, and most probably, the boss floor guarding 11th floor or above was stronger than the level below them.

Even though he hasn’t encountered a monster that was too strong for him, but considering the situation, maybe he’ll encounter one soon enough.

In other words, as long as he continued playing, two out of the three problems will be eventually solved.

As for the third problem…

“I will eventually solve it too.”

Rozen murmured.

Whether he could solve that problem or not, he decided to take a shot first rather than being pessimistic and gave up.

As long as he could engrave all sorts of monsters to his Throne of Heroes, then even if Rozen couldn’t summon them just yet, he’ll eventually be able to summon them one day.

Even if he didn’t have enough mana, Rozen could think of other ways to make it up.

“In any case, I will eventually learn to summon Superior Familiars anyway, and this kind of problem will stand in my way sooner or later.”

That was the reason why Rozen has been honing his magecraft this whole time.

In addition, after ten years of training, Rozen’s magical power has evolved to a whole another level.

“There’s a demerit of unable to use my real body too actually.”

Thanks to his avatar, he could do amazing stuff he couldn’t do in the real world, but that also worked the other way around.

Rozen couldn’t use magic at all with his avatar.

Let alone his Summoning Skill, he couldn’t even use Telekinesis, Spirit Vision, Body Hardening, Magic Defense, Heavenly Eye, or Magic Blade.


“I guess this isn’t so bad.”

Rozen pondered.

“I can use this opportunity to master that technique too.”

He has spent a whole decade, but he still couldn’t master that technique.

That technique was kind of unique, it was still viable to use even without mana, and it’d save Rozen a lot of trouble if he could master that technique.

However, that technology could not be learned just by the talent in magic alone.

Otherwise, Rozen wouldn’t spend a whole decade trying to master it.

Master that technique and collect familiars.

That was the benefit SAO could provide for Rozen.

In order to quickly clear the upper floors and kill higher-level monsters, Rozen also needed to upgrade his character as quickly as possible.

Now, in the destination, Rozen was heading to, lied something that will be very important for his future endeavor in this world.

“There is no better person me to do this.”

The Rozen ran across the vast grassland and made his way to the forest.

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