Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 229


Rozen ran straight toward the forest without stopping, even with many monsters chasing him, he did not even slow down.

There were a bunch of level 1 or 2 monsters like Boar or Wolves right outside of Town of Beginnings, Rozen simply use Blade Throwing skill swiftly in succession to kill the monsters in his way

Under normal circumstances, using basic level Blade throwing skill alone won’t cause such huge damage that Rozen could kill a monster with a single blow. Most players would’ve used projectiles instead of normal weapons if that was the case.

Due to the low damage output projectiles provided, most players used projectiles to aggro the monsters, not to kill them.

The reason why Rozen was able to kill the monster was because he used up all his Cor to buy the best projectiles (throwing picks) in the starting town.

Using this Throwing pick in combination with sword skill will ensure an instant kill if the target was a level 1 or 2 monsters, and he could still deal a considerable amount of damage to a level 3, 4, 5 monsters, especially in the 1st floor of Aincrad, it was in fact still viable up to the 3rd floor.

Of course, only Rozen would use a projectile like this.

After all, projectiles were only one-time use, and they were quite expensive. Even after Rozen spent all his Cor, he only got twenty throwing picks. As a result, he couldn’t buy weapons or armor. It was nothing but a waste of Cor in most people’s eyes.

Twenty “throwing picks” could kill twenty level 1 or 2 monsters. He neither will get as much Cor from those twenty monsters nor will he get enough exp to level up. Unless he got a rare drop from the monster, there was absolutely no benefit that Rozen could gain from this.

But Rozen did not care about those trivial matters.

As a beta tester, Rozen knew where to get better weapons and armor, and he knew a few quests that granted quite a lot of reward, he even knew the location of many treasure chests, and so he didn’t care about this loss.

Rozen’s current priority was reaching the forest beyond this vast grassland at the fastest speed possible, he didn’t even care if he had to spend all his resources to get there.

Rozen kept killing wolves and boars as he progressed through the grassland with the throwing picks, windows of rewards kept popping up in front of Rozen.

Rozen was really lucky; however, when he killed a beetle on his way, he got a rare material. It was one of the main materials used to forge a good weapon. According to the official website, the drop rate of this material was only 0.3%, if he sold it, let alone twenty throwing picks, he might even be able to buy a hundred throwing picks.

“I really can’t get enough of this sensation.”

As soon as he entered the forest, the atmosphere began to change.

Not only the atmosphere, but even the background music also changed, it became slower tempo music.

Rozen slowed down after the background music changed, he headed to a certain direction in the forest.

“If I remember correctly, it should be around here somewhere.”

Rozen followed the path he once went through during the closed beta while keeping his ears open.

Because the types of monsters in this forest were different, mostly insect-type monsters, Rozen paid attention to this small detail in particular.

These types of monster usually had a special skill. If he only relied on the Blade Throwing skill, he won’t be able to finish them off in one hit, unless he caught them off guard.


“My objective here is not to kill monsters, after all.”

Rozen said to himself as he continued going deeper to the forest.


After a while, Rozen heard a faint but quite distinctive sound.

Rozen immediately jumped up in excitement.

“This is it!”

Rozen followed the sound until he arrived at a bush.

Rozen saw a monster under a tree in front of the bush.

It was a beautiful butterfly that he hasn’t seen in the grassland or in the forest.

It was as big as a football. Its body was mainly black and gray, with a pair of water blue eyes and a pair of gorgeous wings.

Rozen looked at this butterfly.

The color cursor above his head was red, representing the fact that it was a monster.

The official name of the monster was Rainbow Butterfly.

Looking at this Rainbow Butterfly, Rozen smiled sincerely.

“Thankfully you’re still here, my familiar.”



Although magic didn’t exist in this world, Familiar existed.

However, they are not the kind of Familiar that the magicians often forged a contract with, it was tamed monsters in SAO.

In this world, most monsters will attack once the player was close enough to them.

On a rare occasion, a monster would take a sudden interest in a nearby player, giving that player the chance to tame it by giving it something to eat. The feeding was usually a success by giving it one of its favorite foods. The monster would then become the player’s Tamed Monster, a valuable ally that would assist the player.

Of course, not every monster could be tamed.

However, only a limited variety of small monsters can be tamed. The conditions needed to trigger the event are unclear, but it is common knowledge that the event would not trigger if the player killed too many of the monster that they are trying to tame.

During the closed beta, there was only one player who could tame a monster.

This player was Rozen.

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