Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 230


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Rozen was really one lucky guy.

Back when he first tried the game during the closed beta, while the rest of the players went to the weapons store, armor store, etc., and killed monsters in order to level up, Rozen just leisurely walked around, he just wanted to savor the experience in a virtual world, and that was when he stumbled upon the Rainbow Butterfly by chance.

At that time, no one knew there was such a thing as tamed monsters.

Rozen, at first thought Rainbow Butterfly, was a very rare hidden monster, which will grant a lot of rewards upon killing.

Unfortunately, at that time, Rozen didn’t purchase any weapon, so the best thing he could do was use Blade Throwing skill, but he didn’t get any projectiles on him at that moment, so he just use the stone he found on the ground.

As a result, it lacked damage, and he couldn’t instantly kill the Rainbow Butterfly, which led Rozen to discover two things.

One: Rainbow Butterfly had very little hp, had he used a proper projectile instead of a stone, he would’ve killed the Rainbow Butterfly instantly.

Two: This monster was different from normal monsters.

By relying on this discovery, after some twists and turns, in the end, Rozen successfully tamed this Rainbow Butterfly and made a name for himself in SAO as the only beta tester who discovered this.

It was only until much later that Rozen found out that Rainbow Butterfly was a rare monster which could be tamed, and there were only a total of seven monsters like these across the whole Aincrad, and their location was random, and there will not be more than one of these monsters in one floor.

All of these monsters were at level 1, and they’ll die easily to a single Sword Skill that a level 1 player used on them, only a low damage type attack like what Rozen did, won’t kill them instantly.

While it wasn’t wrong that Rainbow Butterfly was a rare monster that will grant a lot of rare drop items, players could also tame it, of course, with a low probability of success.

There are three conditions to trigger the event.

One: Don’t kill the same type of monster as the monster certain player wished to tame, in this case, insect monsters.

Two: No weapon equipped.

Three: don’t kill the monster you wished to tame.

Only two people knew about this.

One was Rozen, who happened to discover all these.

Another one was Kirito, and he also knew it from Rozen, who asked him to try the same thing as him, but he couldn’t find other Rainbow Butterfly within the first ten floors of Aincrad. Kirito has already killed insect monsters at some point, and when they arrived at that place, he has already equipped a weapon, which disqualified him from taming Rainbow Butterfly at that point.

That was the reason why Rozen came all the way to that forest without buying any weapons.

Looking at the Rainbow Butterfly, who was hovering below the tree so beautifully, Rozen secretly told himself.

“This will be my first step in SAO.”

Since the day Rozen tamed the Rainbow Butterfly during the closed beta, Rozen has already found his role in this game.

Every player decided what role they wanted to play, whether it’s the DPS, or tanker, and other roles, and once they decided on a role, they’ll improve their avatar according to that role.

Kirito, for example, he decided to use a one-handed sword as his main weapon, so he’ll focus his Sword Skills and allocate his skill points accordingly.

Rozen was prepared to build his character as a beast tamer.

“I was good at controlling familiars and make decisions. Even though I’m pretty good at using Sword Skills, but I believe I’m more talented as a beast tamer.”

Therefore, Rozen won’t stop after just taming one monster.

“In the future, I will tame more monsters in order to increase my arsenal.”

“Be it in the real world or in the virtual world, I’ll always be myself.”

With such determination, Rozen came out of the bush to approach the Rainbow Butterfly.


Rainbow Butterfly was alerted by the sound coming from the bush and looked at the direction where Rozen was.


Rainbow Butterfly let out a sweet cry, but it didn’t attack Rozen, instead, it tried to escape.

But before it could get away, the light signaling Sword Skill usage was shining right behind it


In the next second, a stone was launched so fast toward the Rainbow Butterfly and hit its wings.


Next to the Rainbow Butterfly’s red cursor, Rozen could see as its health bar, which was originally full, decreased slightly.

Both player and monster will have green colored hp when it was full, then turned to yellow once the health bar was reduced to half, and then it will turn red if only a small amount of hp left, and once it hit zero, they’ll die.

Rozen kept throwing the stone using Blade Throwing skill and stop once the Rainbow Butterfly’s health bar turned red.


The Rainbow Butterfly suddenly cried and fell to the ground.

Rozen then approached the Rainbow Butterfly.

“Woo! Woo!”

The Rainbow Butterfly immediately let out a soft cry, it tried to get up but failed.

In this world, as long as players weren’t affected by certain status effect and their hp has not hit zero yet, they’ll still be able to move, but that was not the case for Rainbow Butterfly, it got weaker and weaker as its hp reduced.

That was the hint that the game provided to the player.

“Luckily, I notice this quirky sign during the beta test. Otherwise, I would’ve killed this monster.”

Rozen squatted in front of the Rainbow Butterfly and turned the Rainbow Butterfly’s body over.


Rainbow Butterfly cried once again, but Rozen paid it no heed.

At this moment, Rozen saw there was something on the Rainbow Butterfly’s neck.

It was a collar.

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