Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 231


Back during the beta test, after Rozen tamed Rainbow Butterfly, he happened to learn about a legend from an NPC on the fifth floor of Aincrad.

According to legend, a long time ago, there was a princess who kept seven very beautiful butterflies.

The seven butterflies played around in the flower bed every day, eventually attracting many nobles, and they praised the princess due to how beautiful these butterflies were.

The princess who was drowned in vanity put a collar on these seven beautiful butterflies to prevent them from flying away.

Later, the kingdom perished, and the princess deserted the kingdom, leaving the seven beautiful butterflies in the garden’s castle, they managed to escape, but it was not until much later.

However, the collar on their necks still remained.

This was the background story about the Rainbow Butterfly, which was considered as rare monsters.

And this collar was the trigger to start Rainbow Butterfly’s taming event.

For the Rainbow Butterfly, the collar around its neck was undoubtedly the psychological shackle that has been oppressing them. Being restrained by the princess was their nightmare, that was the reason why they will not fight the players and immediately escaped instead.

That was the reason why the player who wished to tame the Rainbow Butterfly must not kill insect monsters, and may not equip any weapon since that was a sign of hostility, and the player may not kill it when it escaped.

Then, only one more thing left to do.

Since Rozen has already done this during the closed beta, he knew full well what had to do next.

Rozen reached out and tapped on the chain around its neck, and a window popped up in front of the chain, showing the description and durability of the chain.

Most items be it weapons, armor, projectiles, or other tools, had something called durability on them.

Durability will gradually decrease as the player used the item or even just kept it in inventory, once it reached zero, just like monster or player who died, those items will turn into polygon shards, and shattered, completely destroyed.

Of course, items with durability can be attacked, and the durability of the item will be reduced by a certain amount depending on the attacker’s attack power, the item’s defense, and other factors. Once it turned to zero, the item will be destroyed.

Rozen was trying to destroy this chain, he took out a throwing pick from his pocket, his expression suddenly became scary and intimidating, scaring the Rainbow Butterfly.


The Sword Skill’s light enveloped the throwing pick, but it didn’t glow in greenish light like before, this time it was orangish light.

Blade Throwing skill could be used both for range and melee attack.

The former used at a long range with low damage output, suitable to aggro monsters from a distance.

The latter used at melee range with considerably high damage output, it was good to fend off monster’s attack, of course, it could be used to kill monsters as well.

Rozen’s objective was not to kill the Rainbow Butterfly but to destroy the collar.

The throwing pick hit the collar on the Rainbow Butterfly’s neck like a laser.


The throwing pick bounced off the moment it collided with the collar, and the durability of the collar was reduced.


Looking at this scene, the Rainbow Butterfly understood what Rozen was trying to do and stopped squirming.

Rozen took out the second throwing pick, ignoring Rainbow Butterfly’s expression.


Rozen once again used Sword Skill to hit the collar with the throwing pick.




The crackling sound was heard, and the Rainbow Butterfly looked bright

Rozen also grinned.

The durability of the collar hit zero.

At last…


The collar shattered into pieces.


Rozen couldn’t help but exclaim, because, during the closed beta, Rozen didn’t have such thing as Throwing Pick on him, he had no choice but to use a small stone to smash the collar for hundreds of times before its durability finally hit zero. It took him an entire hour to complete this task. Since he came prepared this time, it only took him two strikes to destroy the collar.



The Rainbow Butterfly, who was moved by Rozen’s kindness, quickly plunged into Rozen’s arms.


Rozen couldn’t help but smiled and welcomed this cute little guy into his arms.

At the same time, the color cursor above its head gradually changed from red into green.

That was the moment Rozen successfully tamed the Rainbow Butterfly.

“Congratulations for taming the Rainbow Butterfly, go ahead and name it!”

A window with those words popped up in front of Rozen.

Rozen inputted the same name during the closed beta while embracing the Rainbow Butterfly in his arms.


Meaning “colorful butterfly.”

Finally, Rozen managed to tame the same monster he did during the closed beta.

“With this, those beta testers bunch should be able to recognize me, right?”

A Player named Rozen, who tamed Rainbow Butterfly, no beta tester didn’t know that.

“Although this little guy is still level 1 and didn’t have high enough attack damage.”

It couldn’t be helped if any player thought the same thing as Rozen, this Rainbow Butterfly was just small animal-type monster

However, these tamed monsters had certain skills. For example, they could detect enemies within a certain range, or recover a small amount of its tamer’s hp, or inflict a certain negative status to the enemy.

In short, their skills were the most important factor.

Rainbow Butterfly was no exception.

However, since Rainbow Butterfly was still at level 1, it only had one skill. It will unlock more skills once it reached certain levels, and its skill level could be upgraded after completing a certain quest.

In addition, the AI of these tamed monsters were not that good, there were only about ten commands that they could process, and depended on the player’s level, they might refuse or hesitated.

Other players considered this was too much to deal with, and not worth their while

But Rozen was different.

“If I can’t even direct my familiar properly, what kind of summoner I am?”

Rozen said while looking toward the Rainbow Butterfly.

“Let’s go, Saihou.”


The Rainbow Butterfly flapped its wings and flew to Rozen’s shoulder.

Then a player and a butterfly walked together as they left the forest.

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