Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 232


Rozen didn’t plan to hunt some monster to level up, nor did he plan to go back to Town of Beginnings, because he has used up all Throwing Picks he got, he couldn’t just hunt monsters using pebbles obviously.

As for the reason why he couldn’t go back to Town of Beginnings was because the moment other players laid their eyes on him and his tamed monster, they’ll flock him, asking him how he managed to tame that monster, they even didn’t mind paying for that information, not to mention the female players who were enticed by the Rainbow Butterfly’s overwhelming cuteness, they kept asking Rozen to sell his Rainbow Butterfly to them.

At least that was how things went during the closed beta.

So, after taking a lot of things into account, Rozen decided to check on some treasure chests nearby that he remembered from closed beta, of course only the treasure chests that didn’t require him to fight any monster on the way.

Although the Town of Beginning was the biggest city on the first floor of Aincrad, it was not the only safe zones on that floor.

There were also villages not that far from Town of Beginnings with higher level monsters in the vicinity and NPC who provided more difficult quest and more rewarding, of course.

“Those beta testers shouldn’t be able to reach that village yet.”

Beta testers obviously knew more things than average players, they knew how to level up efficiently, which quests to take, etc. They’ll use this knowledge to pull ahead of average players in the blink of an eye, be it Cor and equipment

Rozen, who had no weapons, couldn’t compete with them at this moment. So when other players were immersed hunting and completing quests, Rozen used this chance to look for treasure chests.

Under such circumstances, although Rozen was still at level 1, but thanks to killing several monsters when he made his way to the forest earlier, he got quite a lot of exp, he only required a few more exp to level up.

After opening a treasure chest that nobody found yet, Rozen managed to get Cor, materials, potions, etc., adding more items in his inventory.

“Hmm, seems like i’m about to reach weight limit soon”

Rozen said after checking what items he got in the inventory.

The number of items a player could carry was not limited, but there was a weight limit. Once it reached the weight, the player could no longer store the item in their inventory.

The weight here didn’t just account the items in inventory, but also weapons, armor, and other equipment, etc., Players could either increase their STR (strength) parameter to increase max weight limit, or they could learn a certain skill to reduce the weight of items in their inventory.

As a result, Rozen who was still at level 1 only had the standard weight limit.

After obtaining several items from the monster and treasure chest, he almost hit the weight limit.

“Now that I’m packed, I guess I should go to nearby village and buy a good weapon, afterward I can hunt some monsters and level up.” Rozen planned his next move.


The Rainbow Butterfly flew around Rozen with powder-like stuff fell from its wings each time it flapped its wings, its whole body was shining, it was such a beautiful sight for sore eyes.

“Although I’ve known this for quite a while myself, but you really are a beautiful creature, little guy. It can’t be helped that those female players were head over heels for you.” Rozen said, teasing the Rainbow Butterfly that flew around him.


The Rainbow Butterfly tilted its head in response, making it looked even cuter.

Soon after, the sky turned reddish as the sun started to set.

Rozen who saw at the scene stopped for a moment. He couldn’t help but feel.

“If Mashu saw this scene, I bet she’d be delighted.”

Despite what he said, but Rozen knew that what he was seeing was not the actual sky.

Aincrad was a floating castle consisted of 100 floors.

In other words, the real sky could only be seen outside of the castle.

What Rozen saw at this moment was just the bottom part of the 2nd Floor in Aincrad.

Due to Aincrad’s design, Players on any floor could see the sun rose, and sunset equally.

“As expected of the virtual world.”

Rozen turned his head and looked at the other direction.

There lay a tower-like structure that connected directly to the floor above.


It was a tower-like structure that connected each Aincrad Floor to the next and could be found on every floor.

To reach the next floor, going to the labyrinth area was inevitable. The monsters in this area were far more powerful than the monsters in most areas outside the safe zone.

Player must first defeat the floor boss who was located at the topmost room in the labyrinth to gain access to the next floor.

Then the player could obtain more equipment and strengthen their character on the next floor.

Once a floor boss was defeated, the victorious party could activate the gate to the next floor by merely entering the main settlement and touching the surface of the portal.

Once the Teleport Gate on the other floor was activated, players could teleport to that floor simply by saying “Teleport” to which floor the player wished to go.

“The magus in my world would’ve fought over this Teleport Gate if they learn about something like this.”

Rozen could only laugh as he watched the sunset, then he stretched his hands out lazily.”

“Well, let’s take a quick break, have dinner so i can stay all night and play this game.”

Rozen then quickly accessed the main menu to find the “log out” menu.



Rozen frowned once he accessed the main menu.

The reason was simple.

“Where’s the log out command?”


The log out command was gone.

The option to leave the game and leave this virtual world gone.

That meant he couldn’t execute that command.


Rozen frowned.

He had a bad feeling about this.

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