Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 237


The weapons sold Horunka were much better than the weapons sold in the Town of Beginnings.

For example, Rozen’s Bronze Sword had higher damage compared to Kirito’s Short Sword.

However, Kirito had no intention to replace his weapon for the moment.

Despite having higher attack power, Bronze Sword its durability wore down faster, and Kirito didn’t want to spend more Cor to repair that weapon for too many times later.

Therefore, Kirito stuck with his initial weapon and spent all his money on the armor and some recovery items, such as healing potions and antidote potions, which was indispensable in this death game.

Meanwhile, Rozen bought Bronze Sword because clearly he didn’t have any weapon yet. He also bought a bunch of projectiles, but he didn’t buy additional recovery items as he believed he had enough.

However, Kirito was slightly worried about Rozen’s choice.

“Are you sure about that?” Kirito frowned, “Rather than buying projectiles, don’t you think it’d be better if you buy armor and some potions instead? You’ll be safer that way.”


“Who do you think you’re talking to?” Rozen said with no anger, “Don’t forget that I’m the one who taught you to play games.”

Rozen implied that he was well aware of the risk of his choices, and despite that, he still purchased those items.

After all…

“If I’m not attacked, I don’t need to increase my defense.”

After saying that, Rozen quickly headed to an NPC’s house.


The rainbow butterfly immediately flapped its wings and followed Rozen.


Kirito couldn’t find any words to refute and entered the house together with Rozen.

What appeared in front of us was a very simple house.

There were only two notable things in the house, in a room where Rozen and Kirito heard a little girl constantly coughing, and an NPC was cooking something in the kitchen.

“Is this where we accept the quest?”

Rozen asked Kirito, who was standing beside him.

During the period of closed beta, Rozen did not do this quest, but Kirito did because he was after this quest’s reward.

Kirito nodded, then asked the NPC.

“Is something troubling you?”

This is one of several lines that could trigger a quest.

Hearing Kirito’s words, the missus slowly turned her head and looked at Kirito.

At this moment, a golden exclamation mark appeared above the NPC’s head.

This was the sign that an NPC had a quest for players.

“Hello, Mr. Swordsman.”

The missus then told her circumstances.

“My daughter had a severe illness, and she cannot be cured with the medicines from the market. The only way to cure her was to have her drink medicine procured from the ovules of predatory plants inhabiting the forest further to the west. However, plants of that particular type were extremely dangerous, and those that actually bloomed were rarely seen. Ordinary villagers like us can’t procure any. If you can take the ovule in my stead, then I will give you a sword that my family has passed on for generations.”

After telling Kirito her circumstances, she looked at him with hopeful eyes.

Kirito immediately nodded and said, “Please leave it to me.”

A window instantly popped up in front of Kirito, showing the details of the quest.

Then Rozen did the same thing as Kirito to accept the quest, and then both of them left the house.

“With this, we’ve successfully obtained the quest, all we need to do is complete it.”

Kirito said to Rozen.

“Completing this quest will give us “Anneal Sword” as a reward. Is this what you’re after?”

Anneal Sword, it was the strongest sword that could be obtained on the first floor of Aincrad.

Players won’t be able to obtain it from monsters or shops, the only way to obtain it was to complete this quest.

That sword will be so valuable for the player during the first three floors of Aincrad. Knowing this was essential for those who wished to become the best players.

Obviously, Kirito, who has decided to use a one-handed sword, will do his best to obtain this sword as fast as he could.

Rozen himself also admitted how good Anneal Sword was.

Although Rozen did not take this task during the closed beta, he ended up using a one-handed sword too because of Kirito.

However, their approach was fundamentally different. While Kirito used the one-handed sword as his main weapon, Rozen only used it to deal the finishing blow to the enemy after they were bombarded with projectiles and Rozen’s tamed beast.

Under normal circumstances, when it came to just dealing with the finishing blow, normal players would rather choose an axe or a hammer which dealt more damage than a one-handed sword. However, both of these had too low attack speed and left him vulnerable when he used Sword Skills. However, if he used lighter weapons like a dagger, the damage was not enough. Thus, to make good use of his judgment skill in figuring the perfect timing to finish the enemy off, Rozen picked one-handed sword-like Rozen.

And since he planned to use a one-handed sword again this time, he took this quest with Rozen.

The only issue was…

“We can’t complete this quest at the party, though. What are you planning to do?”

Kirito reminded Rozen of this issue.

In SAO, quests were divided into two types.

The first one could be completed with party members. Meanwhile, the other was an individual quest.

The quest they just took was an individual quest, meaning they couldn’t complete the quest at once.


“We can’t complete this quest together, but that doesn’t mean we can’t kill the monsters together, right?”

Rozen said this.

“We just need to kill every monster until we got two quest items. Besides, we can gain a lot of exp too, am I wrong?”

Kirito smiled bitterly.

The two of them headed through the dark forest right after leaving the village.


In such a quiet night, hearing the Rainbow Butterfly’s voice was really soothing.

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