Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 241



Rozen could hear the monster’s footsteps clearly even under cover of the dark night.


The Little Nepenthes was angered when it saw the player in front of it closed his eyes.


Kirito yelled.


Even the Rainbow butterfly also flew around Rozen anxiously.

But these voices have been shielded from their own consciousness by Rozen.


“Let’s see if I can do this.”

To this end, Rozen let his consciousness fade away and completely separated from his body.

Even without opening his eyes, Rozen could see what happen around him.

Of course, it was not like Rozen had any mana and could use magic.

However, this was the only technique among the Eight Great Steps. This was the only technique that didn’t require mana, so even those who weren’t magus could still master it.

However, it was such a hard technique to learn that basically those who could master it was no longer considered as human.

A good example was Skylark, he was not a magus, he was a sword master, but he has mastered this technique.

People like Skylark have grasped the law of this world and exceeded their limit.

Of course, if they didn’t reach this level at the very least, they won’t be able to master this technique.

That was why it took Rozen ten years to learn it.

After all, Rozen’s talent in magic was top notch, but other than that, he was absolutely no good.

Because of this, many magicians couldn’t reach this level. Therefore they couldn’t master this technique.

It was the final step of the eight steps.

There were less than a hundred people who could master it in the world.

Now, Rozen wanted to master it in this world.

“Since being a magus alone is not enough, then I’ll grasp the knack to this technique.”

Although he hated to admit it, it really was easier for a swordmaster like Skylark to master this technique, but Rozen really wanted to master this technique.

“Don’t rely on magic, I have to rely on myself alone.”

That was one of the tricks to master this technique.

“Come on!”

Rozen encouraged himself in his mind.


At this moment, the Little Nepenthes was already in front of Rozen, raising its vine, ready to smash Rozen.


The Rainbow Butterfly covered its eyes. It didn’t dare to see what was about to happen.

Kirito planted his feet on the ground and was about to rush to Rozen’s aid.

However, neither Kirito nor Rainbow Butterfly knew…

“This is…!”

At this moment, Rozen felt the changes in the world.

It is not an external world, nor an internal world. It is not an imaginary world composed of virtual data, but a deeper, smaller, and meager world.

In this world, Rozen could perceive a certain wave that was invisible to the naked eye.

As Rozen sensed a fluctuation to this wave, his body instinctively moved.


The Little Nepenthes’ vine struck at Rozen, but it missed.

As if seeing the attack, Rozen dodged the attack with minimum movement.


Kirito, who was ready to rush straight toward Rozen, couldn’t believe his eyes.


Even the Rainbow Butterfly that slowly opened its eyes was surprised.

They saw Rozen was like a different person all of a sudden. He was so calm and collected.



It was as if he has already predicted this outcome, right after dodging Little Nepenthes’ attack, Rozen already did the Pre-Motion for the Sword Skill, and his Bronze Sword glowed.

As a game enthusiast, Kirito naturally knew what kind of Sword Skill Rozen was about to use just from the Pre-Motion.

It had an almost similar Pre-Motion to the One-Handed Sword called Horizontal, but it was slightly different. The Sword Skill Rozen used this time was called Horizontal Arc, it began with a horizontal swing from left to right. The user then flipped their wrists and completed the skill with another horizontal swing in a reversed path from right to left.



The Little Nepenthes groaned in pain.

Its hp was instantly reduced to zero from full.


The Little Nepenthes turned into countless polygon shards before finally disappeared.

Seeing this scene with his own eyes, Kirito froze with his mouth wide open.

“Weak-Point critical hit…”

This happened quite often when a player managed to land a hit on the enemy’s weak point, resulting in 1.2 times normal damage, sometimes even more than that.

That was how Rozen could kill the monster with a higher level than him in one hit.

Not only that…

“The power of Sword Skill also increased…”

Because Rozen’s movement had no flaw, it was so smooth, and there was no wasteful movement at all, resulting in the system to increase the damage.

While closing his eyes, Rozen could avoid the attack so easily and quickly counterattack using Sword Skill.


Kirito was at a loss for words.

Kirito has never seen Rozen looked this strong before, not even during the closed beta.

Well, that went without saying, because Rozen never showed this technique to Kirito.

 “The final step of the Eight Great Steps.”

Rozen slowly opened his eyes and murmured.

“This one can be used in this world.”

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