Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 242


“Eye of the Mind.”

That was another type of superhuman sense that was different from the Heavenly Eye.

While Heavenly Eye worked like a sonar, Eye of the Mind could perceive everything clearer and didn’t require any medium.



Cells were working throughout the body.

The electrical signal from the nerve.

Anything, even fluctuations in the microcosm, will be exposed to Eye of the Mind.

Of course, this allowed the user to see through the enemy’s movement and evaded the enemy’s attack with the most effective movement, including figuring out the enemy’s weakness. That was how Rozen evaded the Little Nepenthes’ attack and swiftly counterattacked with only one hit.

This was the final and the strongest step of the Eight Great Steps.

Rather than a technique, it was more like a state because it didn’t require mana, and it was constantly active.

The reason it was the strongest step was that it could perceive through everything.

“As long as one realizes one’s own flaws, they’ll master this technique, allowing them to enhance their ability even further. In my case, I’ll be able to draw out my Familiar, Servant, and Automaton’s true potential.”

Eye of The mind also helped Rozen to conserve more mana, he could summon more Familiar with less mana, not to mention he could also amplify the effect of other Eight Great Steps.

The only thing that concerned him was…

“This technique is really hard to master.” Rozen sighed.

He did use Eye of the Mind earlier, but he hasn’t completely mastered it yet.

“Even though I don’t need mana to use this technique, but I still can’t use it whenever I want, I still need time to concentrate. Otherwise, I can’t reach that state.”

Yes, Rozen could use it, but he still failed sometimes and it took some time to reach that state. That was why Rozen decided to hone this technique in this world.

“Can I eventually master this technique after accumulating experience through a lot of battles?” Rozen murmured in a wishful tone

Rozen used to look forward to playing this game because he will be able to add the monster in that world to his Throne of Heroes while honing the Eye of the Mind during combat.

But he had a new goal now…

“Kayaba Akihiko…”

Rozen murmured.

Rozen was determined to clear this game.

He’ll clear that game using the feature that Kayaba Akihiko has created, and strengthen himself in the process.

“Just you wait …”

Rozen made up his mind.



Rainbow Butterfly’s cry snapped Rozen back to his senses, and when he did, he was really shocked.


Rozen saw Kirito was staring at him real close, he was almost right in front of his face.

“You…what are you doing…?”

Rozen exclaimed.

Kirito briefly replied.

“Teach me.”

 “What you did just now can’t be a fluke, it must be some kind of Outside System Skills or something, right?”

The so-called Outside System Skill referred to the skill that the player stumbled upon and not part of the feature that the system provided.

For example, Rozen and Kirito’s method to strengthen the Sword Skill, that was an unorthodox technique that they came up on their own.

Although Kirito did not know what just happened, he believed it was another Outside System Skill.

Well, he wasn’t wrong. Eye of the Mind wasn’t part of the system.

“Well… it’s not impossible to teach you…”

Rozen scratched his head.

As mentioned before, this technique wasn’t restricted only for Magus. Therefore Rozen could teach it to Kirito as well.

Of course…

“This won’t be easy. Even I have not fully mastered it yet.”

Rozen affirmed.

“It doesn’t matter, as long as you can teach me.”

Kirito was fired up, he really was a game-enthusiast through and through.

Rozen shook his head helplessly.

“Well, whatever will be, will be.”

After that, Rozen began his explanation for Kirito.

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