Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 245


Even after SAO has turned into a death game, the conflict between beta testers and common players was probably inevitable.

The beta testers will definitely use their knowledge to gain as much resource as possible and pulled ahead of the common players.

Common players who didn’t know the game’s details like beta testers couldn’t keep up with them, and that was why they couldn’t tolerate the beta testers who kept the resources to themselves.

As a result, a thousand testers became the subject of common player’s hostility and hatred.

That was why Kirito said that Rozen was in danger.

“Let alone beta testers, even normal players will know who you are once they see that butterfly of yours, are you aware of that?”

Kirito said while looking at Rozen intently.

“You won’t even be able to hide the fact that you’re a beta tester.”

Most beta testers changed their in game alias, plus their avatar has turned into their real-life appearance, making it even harder for others to recognize that they were beta testers.

But that was not the case for Rozen, even though his appearance has changed, his in game alias and the Rainbow Butterfly easily told others who he was.

“You saw the reactions of the beta testers earlier, right? Unless you hid that butterfly, they’ll find out who you are in an instant.”

Kirito said since he was worried.

“Even so, do you still want to go to the main block?”


“As I said, it can’t be helped. If they’re gonna hate, they’re gonna hate, there’s nothing I can do about it.”

“But…” Kirito hasn’t given up.

“But what? Must I refrain myself from using a tamed beast? Or never enter the main settlement?” Rozen interrupted Kirito, saying: “Since it already happened, and other players already found out, might as well stick with this and surprise them.”

Kirito couldn’t say anything back, but he still couldn’t agree with Rozen

“Okay, okay. If this can make you slightly more relieved, I won’t go to the Town of Beginnings. I’ll search for the NPC in other villages. Besides, if I’m in the safe zone, no one can touch me, and even if I’m outside the safe zone, I got this little guy to notify me if any player is approaching, so I can get away easily if some players have any sort of ill intent.” Rozen helplessly said while pointing at the Rainbow Butterfly

Rozen patted Kirito’s shoulder.

“I am actually more worried about you, Kirito.”

Compared to trying to save the world from humanity’s incineration, being stared and gossiped by some normal humans who could swing sword in this world was nothing serious.

Even if he was neither the only Master left, nor was he the prodigy in his family in this world, and he couldn’t even use magic, all he had was his gaming skill. But even so, he didn’t feel like he could lose to anyone in this world.

Meanwhile, Kirito was just an ordinary human who was good at games and other computer skills like programming.

However, no matter how ordinary he was, Kirito has become his brother for more than ten years.

This reminded Rozen of his brothers in the past world. Akabane Tenzen and Akabane Raishin.

The former was a true genius who was on par with Rozen.

The latter was a problematic child who was stubborn and rebellious.

Both of them were really troublesome.

In comparison, Kirito was much more normal, but that was why Rozen was even more worried about him.

“If you’re not that good at the game, I would’ve told you to stay at the Town of Beginnings instead of taking this thorny path.”

Rozen said so.

“…There’s no turning back.” Kirito said in a low voice: “I even left the friends I made during the beta test.”

“… Did you?” Rozen was silent for quite a while, then nodded and said: “Well, since you’ve made your resolve, then you must keep going. Otherwise, you will not be able to return to the real world.”

Loneliness and sadness were reflected in Kirito’s eyes.

Kirito then said.

“Aoga.” Kirito called him with his real name instead of his in-game alias and then asked: “How do you think Dad, Mom, and Suguha feel by now?”

Kirito finally voiced his concern about the real world.

Ever since coming out of the town, he never mentioned a word about the real world. He just pushed himself to face reality while avoiding to think about the real world.

But he could no longer avoid that topic when he spoke with Rozen like this.

“How am I supposed to know?” Rozen sighed and said: “But despite her airy nature, once she knew we were trapped here, she’ll be sad for sure, and Dad is very reliable. He’ll come back here once he knew about this, and support mom.”

“As for Suguha…” Rozen really smiled, and said: “She may hate games even more and us, she may think that we deserve this.”

When Kirito heard about this, he chuckled.

“Then, we have to go back to the real world to be properly scolded.”

Kirito uttered such a discourse with a smile while holding back his tears.


Rozen nodded.

Then these siblings finally decided to split up for the first time.

“Don’t die! Kirito!”

“You too! Rozen!”

Leaving those words as they parted ways, Rozen and Kirito ran toward the opposite direction.


The Rainbow Butterfly flapped its wings to catch up with Rozen.

Rozen looked up at the bottom of the second floor.

“Just you wait …”

Rozen picked up his pace.

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