Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 246


Rozen knew that he should be alright as long as he was in the safe zone because the criminal act was prohibited there.

If PK or other criminal acts were allowed in the safe zone, Town of Beginnings would have fallen into chaos right after Kayaba Akihiko’s announcement

Due to the prohibition of a criminal act in the safe zone, players had no choice but to accept reality.

However, it was natural for the players to be afraid of leaving the safe zone as they may die, so they just stayed at the Town of Beginnings while waiting for help from the real world.

Since there were up to 10.000 people trapped in this game, the government will definitely do something. After all, it was just a game, so they thought they just have to wait inside the safe zone before this problem was solved.

However, there will be several problems that they eventually stumbled upon.

Players still felt fatigued and hungry, regardless of the state of their actual bodies. As a result, it was an absolute necessity for all players to eat and sleep within the game, which raised a problem.

Although there were Inns that provided players a place to sleep, they had to pay in order to stay there.

And this was also the case for food, players had to spend Cor to buy foods, even if their real body didn’t feel hunger, or their HP in the game was full, once a certain period of time passed, they will feel hungry.

Both of these needs cost Cor.

And Players will eventually run out of Cor they got from the beginning of the game if they didn’t do anything, which forced them to take action.

Players who were afraid of leaving the safe zone will probably do some simple quest in exchange for a little Cor, or rely on some other means to get through.

Some players finally braced themselves and left Town of Beginnings to hunt monsters.

And there may be some players who resorted to illegal acts like extorting other players, PK or obtain Cor with other illegal means.

Only a very small number of players have set them on clearing the game.

Rozen and Kirito were an example. They explored the world to find more resources to strengthen themselves, and it couldn’t be helped if people thought they were just beta testers who did this out of self-satisfaction since they took the resource for themselves

Thanks to this…

“You want to do something like this?”

Rozen looked around him with empty eyes.

He was outside of the safe zone, it was already 5 PM. He has been spending the whole day killing monsters, he hasn’t even had lunch yet. So after checking his storage, he decided to treat himself to delicious food in the nearest town.

However, on the way, a group of players stopped him.

“A shieldless One-Handed Sword user who has a Tamed Beast. Are you Rozen?”

One of them said while glaring at Rozen and holding the One-Handed Curved Sword on his hand.

He and his party looked at Rozen with disdainful eyes and said harsh words.

“Don’t even bother to deny it!”

“You must be one of those hateful beta testers, right!?”

“Because of you selfish beta testers, we can’t get limited resources!”

Rozen, who was bombarded with hateful remarks just sighed in his heart.

This was not the first time he went through something like this.

Recently, the players who have been cooping up inside the Town of Beginnings finally braced themselves to leave the safe zone, and as Kirito predicted, Rozen ran into these people in the safe zone

As a result, things began to get out of hand.

These common players who bore resentment toward the beta testers took it all out on Rozen because they couldn’t find other beta testers.

Even though it has already been a month since that fateful day, Rozen was still often harassed by these players.

“You are the seventh group that has stopped me.”

Rozen said indifferently.

“I don’t have that much of a time to deal with every single one of you if you don’t let me through….” Rozen then placed his hand on the hilt of his sword.

However, compared to a month ago, his Anneal Blade has changed significantly, even though visual-wise, it was only its hilt that radiated light, it was eye-catching nonetheless.

This was a phenomenon that will only occur after a weapon has been fully enhanced.

It was no longer just Anneal Blade.

At that moment, Rozen’s main weapon was Anneal Blade +8.

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