Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 247


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+8 weapon, not to mention it was the strongest One-Handed Sword on the First Floor.

If other players found out about this, it will definitely cause an uproar.

Not only luck, being able to obtain that weapon and enhance it to the maximum level required perseverance.

Because there were several conditions to enhance a weapon to +8.

First of all, a player must have the weapon with at least eight maximum enhancement attempts, which was scarce in this First Floor. It was said that there were only five weapons that had at least eight maximum enhancement attempts.

Secondly, there was no such thing as 100% success rate in enhancing weapons, there was at least 5% failure rate in each enhancement attempt even though players used additional materials to boost the success rate, and once the enhancement failed, that consumed the maximum enhancement attempts along with the enhancement materials. As a result, the weapon couldn’t be enhanced to the maximum level.

Finally, since SAO became a death game, no one improved their Blacksmith Skill because it was not directly related to their survival rate. As a result, players have to rely on NPC to enhance their weapon, but NPC’s Blacksmith proficiency was not that high, especially on this floor, so the failure rate was higher after a certain amount of enhancement.

For these reasons, a +8 weapon was enough to make any player drool. Even if they initially chose other weapons and already increased the Sword Skill that suited their weapon to a certain level, they wouldn’t mind sacrificing it all if they could get a +8 weapon, although it was a different type of weapon.

To put it bluntly, there may not be another +8 weapon at the current moment other than Rozen’s.

Even Kirito could only enhance his Anneal Blade up to +6. It was conceivable how bold and reckless Rozen was.

Rozen enhanced his Anneal Blade for 4S2Q2D, meaning +4 sharpness, +2 quickness, +2 durability. He didn’t just focus it on the attack power, he also enhanced the attack speed and durability

That weapon might fetch a bunch of Cor in the market, maybe around 4 to 5 thousand Cor.

Of course, Rozen was not that stupid to sell it.

Anneal Blade +8 was a splendid weapon that will help him breeze through the third layer. Rozen won’t sell it before he reached the fourth floor.

Rozen killed countless materials just to obtain the additional materials to make sure the success rate was always 95%. And he managed to find a hidden blacksmith NPC who had the highest Blacksmith proficiency on the entire floor, he finally could use that NPC’s service after completing the quest he provided.

Thanks to that weapon, Rozen became the first one who could enter the labyrinth area filled with a higher leveled monster that gave more exp and better drop items. Rozen even got a rare armor when he killed a mini-boss in the labyrinth area with a 0.1% drop rate. As a result, his defense rose exponentially.

Not only high attack power, Rozen even had decent defense at the moment. His HP won’t be reduced even if he was hit by a level 5 monster at this point. He was definitely one of the top players, if not the top player himself.

In addition, Rozen had the Rainbow Butterfly, which was absolutely unique and he could use the Eye of the Mind during the fight from time to time. There wasn’t that many players who could stand their ground against Rozen at this point.

But because of all these advantages, Rozen did not overlook a certain aspect.

That was another player’s greed when they saw Rozen’s weapon and Rainbow Butterfly.

So in his current circumstances, Rozen could basically predict what these players were about to say.

As predicted…

“Anyway, you managed to get that weapon, armor, and tamed beast because you’re a beta tester, right?”

One of them said.

“We are also fellow players, how could you monopolize all the resources for yourselves?”

Another one followed suit.

“Yeah, he’s right!”


“Just because you are a beta tester!?”

“Do you know how many people are eager to get better weapons and armor?”

“Hand it all over!”

“Hand over your weapons and armor!”

“And don’t forget that tamed beast!”

“Yeah! That’s right!”

As one of them started to voice their dissatisfaction, the other followed suit and demanded Rozen to hand over all his items.


“Are you done with your nonsense?”

Rozen has had enough with their nonsense, he didn’t go through this just once or twice. He knew where this was going.

“If you do, then let me pass, or else…”

Rozen’s threat flustered them slightly.

But one of them then insisted on keeping going.

“Are you sure you want to do that? If your player cursor becomes orange, do you think you can enter the main settlement?”

When a player committed a crime outside the safe zone, a player’s color cursor will turn orange.

If a player with an orange color cursor entered a city, NPC guards would attack them until they left the city, which was bad news if they wanted to repair equipment or buying supplies.

More importantly, other players who saw a player with an orange cursor will not just sit idly.


“Don’t you know?”

Rozen suddenly smiled.

“As long as I don’t attack you myself, my cursor won’t turn orange.”

Right after Rozen said that…


The Rainbow Butterfly, which has been perching on Rozen’s shoulder, suddenly flapped its wings and flew on top of the players’ heads.

Before these players could react, the Rainbow Butterfly already discharged shining powder from its wings.




As these players were taken aback, they suddenly fell one by one to the ground.

At the end of their HP bar, there was a paralysis symbol.

Of course, that was the skill of the Rainbow Butterfly.


One of them glared at Rozen helplessly on the ground.

In response, Rozen only said.

“Rest assured, paralysis will not last that long considering your level, I will not attack you. After all, I still want to enter the town.”

Rozen grinned.

“But if you do this again, there’s no guarantee that things will go the same, even though this little guy can’t attack the player, but if you’re paralyzed and surrounded by monsters, you should know what’s gonna happen, right?”

These players suddenly turned pale.

“Glad to know you.”

Then Rozen left, he didn’t have time to deal with these guys. He still had other stuff to do after all.

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