Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 249


Basically, there were only two situations where Argo, the information broker would contact someone.

First, when her client’s request was fulfilled.

The second was when she herself had a request or something she needed.

But there was another situation where she would contact someone, that was when she obtained information that should be valuable to that certain someone.

However, Rozen didn’t request anything specifically from Argo, so that left the other two reasons.

Well, Rozen didn’t think it was anything good either way.

That was why he went straight to the point.

“Come on, don’t be so stiff.”

Argo said, and then she smiled.

“I’ll treat you to a drink, what do you want?”

Argo then tapped the table, and the menu instantly popped up, then she swipes that menu to Rozen, encouraging him to order anything he wanted.

Usually, the waitress, bartender or the shop’s NPC will approach the player to ask for their order, but since the NPC in this bar was designed to be cold, they just had to make their order and pay, and their order will immediately appear in front of their eyes.

A list of drinks sold in that bar was shown on the window in front of Rozen, followed by its price.

Rozen browsed through this menu, but he couldn’t find any regular drink. All of them were alcohol.

Although he has been in three worlds, Rozen has never reached above 18 years old in any of these worlds, so he never tasted any kind of alcohol.

(Damn Argo, did he pick this place on purpose because he knew I’m underage?)

Rozen looked at Argo with disgruntled face, since it has come to this, he won’t hold back.

“I want red wine, the most expensive one.”

Those who knew their stuff about wine won’t make this kind of order, but Rozen simply wanted a payback.

Argo, who knew what Rozen was thinking, then quickly said.

“Really? Aren’t you a cute one?”

Argo snickered while Rozen seemed more and more displeased.

Rozen wanted to tell him off, but he knew that was pointless, so he just gave up.

Rozen then opened his storage and selected an item called Sweet Grass Honey, and a bottled instantly appeared in his hand.

“Come, Saitou, this is your share.”

Rozen put the Sweet Grass Honey on the table, opened the cork, and its fragrant smell quickly filled the air.


The Rainbow Butterfly that has been perching on Rozen’s shoulder immediately cried and flew down toward the bottle. Its mouth reached down inside the bottle and sucked the nectar inside.

Upon seeing it, Argo’s pupils dilated.

“Isn’t that a rare drop item from the monsters in the Valley of Flowers that can be used to make high-level recovery medicines, a bottle of super rare nectar worth 8,000 Cor?”

Argo couldn’t contain his surprise.

“Did you actually feed a tamed monster with such expensive items? It’s a waste!”

It couldn’t be helped if Argo made a fuss about it, 8000 Cor was a huge amount.

You know, in SAO, one of the cheapest bread cost 1 Cor, the cheapest weapon cost between 1000-3000 Cor, a good armor cost about 5000 Cor, Rozen’s current weapon, Anneal Blade only fetched 15,000 Cor in the market, and even it was the maximum enhanced version, Anneal Blade +8 only fetched about 40.000-50.000 Cor.

And Sweet Grass Honey’s price at the market was higher than 7.000 Cor. Argo, the information broker, even said it cost 8000 Cor, so that must be true. So five bottles of Sweet Grass Honey was as expensive as the Anneal Blade +8, yet Rozen used it as his tamed monster’s food?

Of course, Argo was surprised.

“Do you think that the tamed monster is just a pet? That I can give it some random and cheap food?” Rozen rolled his eyes and said, “Even though tamed monster’s stat is low, but it has special abilities, they’ll unlock more abilities as they leveled up. And if they’re fed with rare items, their abilities might be unlocked faster, and I might be able to discover new skills if they have any. If I’m stingy, how can I maximize my tamed monster’s potential.”

“Oh, to think that such a mechanism exists. That’s good information, I gladly accept it. I’ll sell it if someone else gets a tamed monster like you.”

Rozen just stared at him helplessly, he forgot that this lass would sell anything she could sell.

Rozen forgot that during the closed beta, after he worked so hard to obtain the information about the Rainbow Butterfly from a gardener NPC, Argo claimed that information after he carelessly blurted it out like now.

Of course, Rozen didn’t hold it against her.

“Alright then, let’s get to business since you even went as far as treating me to a drink, what did your client want from me?”

“You don’t need to answer. Your client wants you to convince me to sell my item, something like that, right? What did your client want? My weapon? My armor? Or my tamed monster?”

Argo fell silent instantly after hearing Rozen’s words.

“You got me, haha.”

Argo was surprised since Rozen easily saw through her intention.

“Both your tamed monster and your weapon.”

Argo’s statement made Rozen frown.

“Both my tamed beast and weapon?” Rozen was curious and said, “How much is this client of yours planning to pay?”

Argo raised his index finger and middle finger.

Rozen at first thought it was 20.000 Cor, but that was too cheap.

“200,000 Cor.”

“My client is willing to pay 200,000 Cor.” Argo said to affirm the price.

That was an unbelievable amount of Cor for sure.

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