Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 250


As of this moment, the players in the lead should be around level 10.

SAO’s development staff hasn’t notified anything about the level cap in this game.

But on this first floor of Aincrad, hitting level 10 was the player’s highest efficient point on this floor.

Players could still obtain exp from killing monsters, but it was really abysmal due to the level difference.

Even Rozen, who took a head start than the rest of the players, was still at level 14, and that was the result of solo killing several mini-bosses and completed several hidden quests that common players couldn’t possibly do in just one month.

And even among the level 10 beta testers, there shouldn’t be that many who got tens of thousands Cor on them at the moment.

That was why the amount 200,000 Cor shocked Rozen.

Even a beta tester who knew every nook and cranny about this game shouldn’t be able to accumulate that much Cor in a month.

Even Rozen couldn’t obtain that much Cor even after selling all items and equipment he currently had at the price market.

“Is this client of yours a party leader of high-leveled players or something?”

Rozen arrived at such a conclusion.

The only way to accumulate that much money in Rozen’s mind was because a party of high leveled players accumulated their money and gave it all to their leader

“Too bad, this time, you’re wrong.”

Rozen was stunned right after Argo stated that he was off the mark this time.

“So, this client of yours sold everything he got or what?”

Rozen frowned.

Was there really a player who would sell everything they had? Especially since SAO has become a death game, compared to weapons, the most player would’ve prioritized having good armors to ensure their survival. Yet, there was someone out there who was willing to sacrifice everything in exchange for a weapon and a tamed monster that they might not know what it was capable of.

Rozen could only look at Argo with a puzzled look.

Argo then smiled, and the first word that came out of her mouth was.

“1100 Cor.”

Rozen stared at Argo in disbelief.

What Argo meant by that was the cost of information. She was the information broker, after all. With the right price, she would sell anything.

Therefore, for those who wished to request Argo’s assistance, must know firsthand that she will sell anything, including her client’s information.

However, her ability to gather information was undoubtedly top-notch. Probably there was no better information broker than her in SAO. Even Rozen obtained various useful information from her, so this was nothing new for Rozen actually.

Of course, the client could pay Argo too if they wanted to stay anonymous.

However, this is also relatively speaking.

If someone was willing to pay higher than her client, then Argo was willing to disclose the information.

In other words, Argo could sit and favored the client who paid more.

Since Argo demanded 1100 Cor for the information about her client, that meant her client paid her 1000 Cor.

And if Rozen was willing to pay 1,100 Cor, then Argo will send his client a message to ask whether he wanted to keep his confidentiality in exchange for 1200 Cor and if he did, Argo will ask Rozen if he wanted the information for 1300 Cor. This cycle will continue until either one gave up.

This is how Argo the Rat did business.

“I really can’t let my guard down in front of you, huh?”

Rozen then stated his point.

“Tell your client, I won’t sell my weapon or my tamed monster, even if they offer me 300.000 Cor.”

Although the amount was really tempting, his weapon and tamed beast at the moment were indispensable.

Even though his Anneal Blade +8 only fetched about 40.000-50.000 Cor in the market, that weapon was still usable on the next floor. It even boosted his efficiency in this floor, and allowed him to kill mini-bosses, he even got his current armor, Thousand-layer Robe because of this weapon.

And Rainbow Butterfly has already helped Rozen a lot, he will level it up even further to unlock more special abilities in the future. There are only seven tamed beasts in the whole Aincrad, even if its level was still low, it was such a rare creature with high potential. Why would he trade it with Cor?

Therefore, even if he was offered such a large sum of Cor, Rozen wouldn’t sell them.

“Is that so?” Argos sighed helplessly since the negotiation ended in failure. After a brief pause, she then said, “I will notify my client about your response then.”

Argo then opened the main menu to send his message to her client.

“Oh, by the way, I heard you have been leveling in the labyrinth recently?” Argo asked while typing her message

Suddenly, Rozen suddenly looked at Argo with vigilant eyes.

“What if I do?” Rozen was full of vigilance and asked, “Do you want to sell the information about my location to the common players so they can ambush me?”

“Of course not” Argo smiled a bit and said, “You should’ve known that even I have a policy not to sell certain information, right?”

That was right.

Even Argo, the infamous information broker, had certain information he will never sell to anyone.

That was the name, location, and identity of beta testers.

Because once he leaked out this information, the consequence would be terrible to imagine.

“If I sell beta tester’s information, they’ll be hunted outside the safe zone for sure. I’m an information broker, not a sinner.”

Rozen could finally relax after hearing Argo’s word.

“So why did you ask me that question?” Rozen asked.

Argo’s face suddenly changed.

“Do you know?” Argo said with a low voice, “someone saw a very beautiful female player was leveling in the labyrinth area.”

“Very beautiful female player?” Rozen suddenly paused.

Even Rozen couldn’t believe that Argo actually would say something like this.

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