Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 251


As mentioned before, in SAO, female players were scarcer than rare monsters. Not only in SAO, of course, in any kind of online game, female players were also hard to find. But no matter how hard they were to find, they did exist.

At least, Rozen has never seen any female player other than Argo.


“Although SAO does have some female players, but the beautiful one is pretty rare, no? That’s a topic that the clearers have been talking about recently.”

It was a rumor that only began to spread a few days ago.

When one of the clearers was leveling in the labyrinth area, he saw there was someone else nearby, and since it was a green cursor, obviously that was a player.

However, this player wore a full-bodied cloak. So he couldn’t see that player’s face, all he knew was that player got a very powerful rapier.


Rozen frowned slightly.

Rapier was a weapon with a particularly thin blade and quite light giving players a huge advantage in terms of speed.

Players who used rapier usually will prioritize allocating their stats to AGI, and most of the rapier users were female players. Male players were more inclined to use a heavier weapon.

However, Rozen wasn’t really concerned about the fact that most rapier users were female, what concerned him was…

“Is it very powerful?” Rozen asked curiously, “How powerful is it to be exact?”

Argo answered Rozen’s question with another question.

“Have you seen a meteor?”

This question confused Rozen.


“I have never seen it…”

Rozen muttered, which now confused Argo.

“Yeah right…”

Argo just looked at Rozen as if he was someone who had no dream and never enjoyed his childhood and just stayed in his room all day to study.

But that was actually half-right.

Rozen had no leisure time to see a meteor because he was busy honing his magic and playing games.

However, the look on Argo’s eyes ticked Rozen off.

“Yeah, I know I’m just a boring person who never seen a meteor, so what then?”

Argo just shrugged in the response of Rozen’s tantrum.

“I am not making fun of you. That’s the only word I could find to describe that girl’s attack.”

In other words…

“In other words., her each attack of her rapier looked like a meteor strike, or so I’ve heard from the witness ”

Argo explained this.

This piqued Rozen’s curiosity.

“A meteor-like rapier?”

What was it like?

Seeing Rozen getting interested all of a sudden, Argo continued to explain.

“Some players who noticed her tried to talk to her and invite her to a party, but she ignored them and left.”

This led Rozen to a certain conclusion.

“So, she’s a solo player?”

Rozen tried to make sure.


Argo nodded.

This whole story became more and more strange.

Since SAO has become a death game, it made sense if beta testers monopolize all the resources for themselves because they knew how to level up efficiently. Yet, even those beta testers rarely went to Outer Field alone, not to mention labyrinth area, and now there was a rumor about a beautiful girl leveling in the labyrinth area all by herself?

“She sure is brave. Even if she not afraid of monsters, there’s a chance that a player might harass her.”

After saying that, Rozen felt that there was something else that didn’t make sense.

“Wait, you said that she wore a full-bodied cloak, right? Then how could you know she is beautiful?” Rozen pointed out the contradiction

“About that…” Argo further elaborated on the story, “The players she ignored earlier used tracking skill on her because they were pissed off for being ignored, they planned to steal her next prey after tracking her whereabouts. However, she stopped leveling and headed into a safe area to take a rest.”

A safe area here referred to an area in the labyrinth where no monsters will spawn or attack, allowing the Players to take a break inside, once the Players entered, they didn’t need to worry about being attacked by the monster.

“Those players who secretly followed her found that she fell asleep while leaning on the wall, so one of them opened her cloak and saw her face, which ended up surprising them.”

When Rozen heard Argo’s explanation, Rozen finally understood.

However, Rozen couldn’t bring himself to like what those people did.

“Sneaking up on a player and open their cloak when they were asleep? I can’t say that’s commendable.”

Rozen voiced his concern.

“Well, men are all idiots, no wonder women hate them.”

Argo shrugged her shoulders.

“And then what happened next?” Rozen asked curiously.

Argo smiled and said, “Because those players were too loud, the female player was awake, and instantly used sword skill on one of them, reducing about one-third of his hp.”

“What?” Rozen suddenly interrupted, “Are you serious?”

Attacking players outside the safe zone?

“Is she not afraid of becoming a red player?”

The red player was the term used by the players for those who committed a crime, they were called red players, but their color cursor was actually orange because only the monster had red cursor.

Argo’s face suddenly became serious when she heard Rozen’s question

“That’s the problem. That girl didn’t even know about the red player. Now, before you ask me how I know about that, let me explain. After one of them was attacked by that girl, he shouted whether she wasn’t afraid of becoming red players, and she instead asked what red player meant.”

“A newbie?” Rozen was stunned.

Not only was she a female who leveled up in the labyrinth area alone, but she was also a newbie.

Was she not afraid of dying?

“There must be more to it, don’t you think so?” Argos said,  “But at this rate, she’ll be in danger if she returns to the town, guards NPC will beat the hell out of her.”

Argo then looked at Rozen.

Rozen finally understood what Argo was trying to do.

“Do you want me to get in touch with that female player?”

Rozen saw through Argo’s thoughts.

Argo did not deny it.

The reason is simple.

“Something big will happen in a few days, so I am now being requested to bring together all the potentially top players, including that powerful female swordsman, and you too actually, geez.”

Argo looked at Rozen meaningfully.

Next, Argo told Rozen an important piece of information, so that Rozen became more motivated.

“It’s finally happening.”

After hearing that, Rozen finally accepted Argo’s request.

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