Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 254



Rozen zoomed through the labyrinth area with amazing speed.

“If only I could run this fast in the real world.”

Rozen sighed while continuing to speed up.

In terms of movement speed alone, Rozen was currently as fast as the players with full AGI build.

That was not because Rozen changed his stat allocation, but because of a certain skill.

Since Rozen has reached level 14, he has already unlocked two additional skill slots, and after thorough consideration, he decided to equip Sprint skill on one of the skill slots.

As the name suggested, it was a skill to boost the player’s mobility. It has been popular ever since the closed beta, even among tankers.

But one a monster suddenly came out from a rock that Rozen was about to pass.


A monster named Ruin Kobold Trooper jumped right at Rozen with an axe in its hand, that monster was at level 6.

Unexpected phenomenon suddenly occurred, the axe in the monster’s hand glowed.


Yes, the Ruin Kobold Trooper jumped at Rozen while using Sword Skill. This was one of the features in SAO, demi-human monsters were capable of using Sword Skill, just like Players.

Some of them had armor and weapons, which meant they had additional defense plus they could use Sword Skill.

Even if the Ruin Kobold Trooper only used a basic Sword Skill, just like Players, using Sword Skill packed more punch, if their Sword Skill successfully landed on Players, their hp will be reduced by quite a lot, therefore even if they were just a Kobold, they might prove to be quite a threat to Players.

Even Rozen, who had good armor and a much higher level compared to this monster, wouldn’t risk taking their attack head-on.


“Using Sword Skill right off the start? How stupid!”

Rozen didn’t falter, he quickly drew his Anneal Blade +8 while watching the Ruin Kobold Trooper’s movement.


The Rainbow Butterfly moved away right when Rozen drew his weapon.

Of course, Rainbow Butterfly couldn’t take the Ruin Kobold Trooper head-on. It had a very low hp. However, in exchange for the low hp, it was quite nimble.

The Rainbow Butterfly quickly flew above the Ruin Kobold Trooper and discharged colorful powder from its tail.

That was not the “paralyzing powder”.

There was no point in inflicting paralysis to an opponent who has completed a Sword Skill pre-motion because once the pre-motion was confirmed, the system will take over until the Sword Skill was executed. Therefore, even if the Ruin Kobold Trooper was inflicted by paralysis, its Sword Skill won’t stop.

However, Rozen did say that the Ruin Kobold Trooper was stupid.

After all, once the Sword Skill was used, it couldn’t be stopped even if it missed, and the user will be vulnerable to counterattack due to the post-motion of the Sword Skill.

So, it goes without saying that Players would be better at using Sword Skill since they could determine when was the best timing to use Sword Skill. Meanwhile, monsters just used it because they were programmed that way.

Back to the current situation, the skill that Rainbow Butterfly was using was called Blinding Powder. It was unlocked when it reached level 10.

As the name suggested, it could inflict Blindness on the target.


The Ruin Kobold Trooper’s vision was blurred and panicked in the air, but he still fell straight to the ground with the Sword Skill still executed.

However, it hit the ground instead of Rozen.


The Ruin Kobold Trooper’s axe hit the ground, followed by iron sound and spark on the ground.

Meanwhile, Rozen was ready with his stance, with his eyes closed. The world that he saw changed his perspective when he used the Eye of the Mind.

“Right here!”

Rozen’s swung his sword swiftly.

The sword called “Slant” slashed the Ruin Kobold Trooper’s throat, which was its weakness.

Even though the Ruin Kobold Trooper had a fairly high defense due to its armor, but because of Rozen’s high level, attack power plus the hit right in its weakness, causing critical hit, the Ruin Kobold Trooper’s hp instantly turned into zero.


The Ruin Kobold Trooper turned into fragment polygon shards and disappeared.

The window showing Cor, Exp, and other item drops popped up in front of Rozen.

Right at this moment…


The Rainbow Butterfly suddenly stopped moving and let out a cry.

Rozen was stunned at first, but then he understood what happened.

However, it was already too late because Rozen couldn’t move because of the Sword Skill’s Post-Motion.

A black shadow suddenly rushed in from behind Rozen.


The light of Sword Skill activation shrouded a long sword with a thin blade.

That was the weapon called rapier.

The player with the cloak rushed toward Rozen while using Sword Skill.

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