Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 255



At this moment, even Rozen’s expression changed. He couldn’t move, and the Sword Skill won’t be able to be canceled until it was executed, so there was nothing Rozen could do.


The tip of the rapier pierced through Rozen, leaving a virtual red gash on his avatar, and his hp was reduced at the same time.

This was not the first time Rozen’s hp was reduced.

He hasn’t mastered Eye of the Mind, he still got hit by monsters. His hp bar was even in the red zone a few days ago when he fought the middle boss in the labyrinth area.

However, this was definitely the first time Rozen’s hp was reduced because of a player’s attack.

Although common players looked at him with hostility, at most they just blocked Rozen’s way and threatened him to hand all his items, none of them actually attacked him.

Rozen didn’t see this coming. As a result, his hp was reduced by a quarter.


The rapier user seemed to be a little surprised.

Even though rapier’s attack power wasn’t that high, if the player used Sword Skill, the damage should be considerably high. Even if the target was a player above level 10, their hp should at least be reduced by one third or more, yet this time the damage was not that high.

Especially since Rozen used a cloth type armor, it’d make sense if Rozen was wearing heavy plate armor.

And the rapier user finally understood the fact that Rozen’s armor had almost as high defense power as heavy plate armor.

Well, it was a rare drop item from a middle boss, after all.


The Rainbow Butterfly swiftly flew above the rapier’s user head and discharged paralyzing powder.

The rapier user saw the Rainbow Butterfly’s weird movement and quickly took a few steps back and managed to avoid the paralyzing powder.

However, by this time, Rozen was no longer in the post-motion state.


When the Sword Skill’s light flashed in Rozen’s hand, the rapier user was surprised.

Obviously, the rapier user didn’t expect that Rozen would use a Sword Skill right away after the post-motion, not to mention the rapier user has already taken a few steps back, so a One-Handed Sword shouldn’t be able to reach the rapier user.

However, what Rozen used wasn’t a One-Handed Sword Sword Skill.

The Sword Skill light in Rozen’s hand wasn’t from his Anneal Blade +8, it was from his projectile, the throwing pick.


Using basic skill, Blade Throwing, the throwing pick in his hand, was thrown in light-speed followed by a screeching sound.

Evading projectiles wasn’t that hard as long as players got the timing right. However, Rozen has already used Blade Throwing skill time and time again, raising its proficiency to above 100 at the moment, plus he also used a rare projectile he found that could increase the throwing speed, The Blast Pick.

As a result, the speed of Rozen’s projectile was three times faster than normal players.



The laser-like projectile pierced through the rapier user, reducing the rapier user’s hp by a quarter.

It was just a basic Blade Throwing skill, and the rapier user’s hp was reduced by the same amount as when Rozen took the damage from the rapier user earlier.

Realizing this fact, the rapier user shuddered.

Not to mention Rozen won’t turn into a red player if he killed the rapier user since the rapier user was a red player.

Because when a green player attacked a red player, it will be considered as self-defense, thus the green player’s cursor won’t turn orange.

Rozen opened his mouth.

“You really are something, you’ve been watching me fighting that kobold earlier and snuck behind me when I can’t move, and my Rainbow Butterfly can’t detect you until you’re pretty close, your hiding skill level must be pretty high, right? Too bad, you failed.”

Rozen rushed toward the rapier user with his sword.

However, the rapier user got cold feet and quickly ran in the opposite direction.


Rozen immediately gave a chase.


The Rainbow Flower Butterfly was one step ahead of Rozen, it chased the rapier user even before Rozen started running.

Two players and one Rainbow Butterfly were in the middle of a chase.

It was clear that the rapier user was an agile player, that player at least allocated 2 points to AGI every time that player leveled up, not to mention all of that player’s equipment were light, allowing that player to run very fast.

Meanwhile, Rozen only allocated 1 AGI every time he leveled up, but his equipment was also light, plus Rozen had Sprint skill, which allowed him not to get shaken off so easily.

But Rainbow Butterfly was exceptionally fast, it almost caught up with the rapier user.


Rainbow Butterfly seemed to enjoy this as it let out a joyous cry and sped up.

The rapier user just tried to shake Rozen off by running left and right through the labyrinth area.

“Don’t even think you can escape!”

Rozen stuck close to the rapier user.

Suddenly, something unexpected happened.

When Rozen turned on a certain corner, he bumped onto the rapier user, flinging them both to the opposite directions.


The Rainbow Butterfly was surprised and stopped in its track.



The rapier user lets out a softer voice.

However, the rapier user quickly regained her posture and rushed toward Rozen.

“Eat this, hyaaahhh!”

The rapier in the rapier user’s hand glowed with pink light.

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