Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 256



When Rozen saw the rapier user used a Sword Skill, he was surprised. Even though he caught a glimpse of it earlier, this time, he was convinced.

That was rapier’s basic skill Linear.

Linear consisted of a single thrust straight forward by first holding the rapier in front of the body and then putting in a twist from there. Due to being the first skill in the rapier category, it had low damage, but the skill had a remarkably short post-motion delay after usage, allowing multiple Linear to be chained in together at a very short amount of time.

That was how the rapier user was able to execute the Sword Skill before Rozen could move.

However, the Linear that the rapier used this time was a bit different from earlier.

Seeing the Sword Skill being aimed at him, Rozen could only think of one thing…



That skill was like a meteor.

Normally, basic rapier’s skill won’t be that fast

The rapier user probably made his/her own improvement to that skill, causing it to be twice as fast.

In this world, Rozen has never seen such a beautiful and fast Sword Skill.

The rapier illuminated the dark labyrinth area as it made its way toward Rozen’s chest.

Rozen even gave up the thought of counterattacking when he saw how fast the rapier was. However, he was not afraid at all, he was just entranced.



The pink Sword Skill light almost grazed Rozen, he could even feel the breeze as the rapier was swung.

That was right.

The Sword Skill missed, however, the rapier user missed on purpose.


The rapier user was surprised, but still held the rapier in front of Rozen cautiously.

Rozen could finally see the rapier user’s figure a little bit clearer.

It was a slender figure wearing a dark red leather tunic with a lightweight copper breastplate and leather pants with boots up to the knees along with a hooded cape, but the player in front of Rozen looked disheveled with tattered clothes, probably because the rapier user hasn’t visited the town in a while.

But Rozen couldn’t clearly see the rapier user’s face as the rapier user was wearing a hooded cape.

Such a player is holding a fine sword and standing opposite Rozen.

However, the orange cursor above his/her head was particularly conspicuous. That player’s yellow hp slot was also bothering Rozen.

The rapier user suddenly asked as if she was confused.

“Why…didn’t…you avoid…?”

It was the voice of a nice and sweet young girl.

With this plus the mind-blowing strike earlier, Rozen was convinced that the person in front of him was the beautiful female player that Argo mentioned.


“You just attacked me earlier. Now you ask me why I didn’t avoid it. Isn’t this strange?”

Rozen said while looking at the player in front of him.

But the female player just bit her lips and said in a low voice.

“…Are you saying that as well?”

If it was anyone else, they’d be confused when they heard this. However, Rozen knew what the female player wanted to say.

“You never attack me. Is that what you’re trying to say?”

The female player was slightly surprised when he heard that, and Rozen just laughed it off.

“It seems that you are very surprised. You should be more surprised by how did things can end up this complicated.”

Rozen said so.

“In short, just come with me first. Otherwise, you’ll be chased.”

Rozen sheathed his weapon and turned back as if saying that he wasn’t worried about being attacked by the female player at all.


The rapier user was silent.


The Rainbow Butterfly tilted its head in confusion while following Rozen.

“That is…”

The rapier user saw the Rainbow Butterfly was surprised when she saw that creature. She was hesitant to follow Rozen at first, but when she saw the Rainbow Butterfly, she quickly tagged along.

Two players and a butterfly immediately left that place, and that place was quiet again.

Not long after, a group of players showed up.

“Did she escape…?”


“Don’t let her escape!”

“She must be still around here somewhere, find her!”

The players yelled in anger and left that place since they didn’t find what they were looking for.

In a certain corner, a pair of eyes witnessed everything full of madness and murderous intention.

Labyrinth area, the 19th floor.

There’s a hidden place on this floor that looked like a cave.

The entrance to this cave was blocked by a stone. Most people wouldn’t notice that there was a tiny hole showing there was something hidden behind.

“This is a hidden mid-boss’ spot. Unless someone is really in luck or something, they won’t find this place.”

Rozen led the rapier user to this place then sat on a rock.

“All right, shall we talk about it?”

Rozen smiled.

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