Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 257


“Let’s talk about it, shall we?”

The rapier user just nodded.

It wasn’t like Rozen wasn’t curious either about the rumored beautiful female player, but he couldn’t see her face clearly. However, Rozen still showed some tact, he knew this wasn’t the time for that.

Rozen asked to make sure.

“So, let me guess, being surrounded by a group of players saying you’re the one who attacked them, this must’ve happened to you, right?”

The rapier user then answered after a brief silence.

“That’s more or less what happened to me lately.”

The rapier user said in a soothing voice, and Rozen shrugged in response.

“I think so too at first. Anyone would’ve arrived at the same conclusion as me.” Rozen said, which confused the rapier user.

“What the hell is going on?” The fine sword asked in a low voice, “Can you explain?”

Rozen answered while rubbing his nose.

“To put it simply, you are framed.”


The rapier user was silent once again when she heard the truth.

In fact, Rozen had already had some doubts when he encountered multiple parties gathered in a safe area earlier.

It was true if there was a red player in the labyrinth area, other players would be restless, so they will warn each other.

However, he remembered what Argo said before about the beautiful female player.

“That’s a topic that the players in the frontline group have been talking about recently?”

Meaning everyone in the frontline group already knew that there was a beautiful female player in the labyrinth area who has attacked another player because that player disrupts her privacy by opening her hood.

Since all those players knew was the fact that the red player was a beautiful female girl who attacked people because someone was trying to open her hood, they wouldn’t bother confirming who was behind the hood as long as it was a red player.

Rozen himself was surprised when he was attacked by the rapier user earlier, he thought the rumored beautiful girl was just a crazy woman who’d PK anyone in sight. However, after meeting this female player in person, Rozen realized he was wrong.

“I’m afraid there’s someone else behind this whole PK thing, and they just used you as a scapegoat.” Rozen said.

Both of them were equipped with full-bodied hood and rapier, no one would realize their difference at first glance. The girl in front of Rozen was indeed a red player, but she did it accidentally, but there was someone else out there who attacked other players who had the same appearance as this girl.

“No wonder…” The girl murmured.

However, she had a question.

“How do you know that I’m not the real culprit? How do you know that I’m just being framed by another rapier user?”

“There are four reasons.”

Rozen raised four fingers.


The girl was surprised when she heard there were that many reasons.

Rozen then explained without further ado.

“One: I managed to reduce the real culprit that attacked me up by a quarter, that guy’s hp bar is still green, yet when I bumped into you, your hp bar is yellow, that’s the first reason.”

“Two: When I chased the rapier user that attacked me into a certain corner, I bumped into you, if you’re really the one who attacked me, you would’ve ambushed me with Sword Skill in that corner not bump into me, this is the second reason.”

“Three: During the pursuit, my tamed beast was faster than me, if the rapier user that I was after ambushed me in the corner, my tamed beast would’ve caught up to him and used its special skill, and it should be impossible for that guy to move.”

“As for the fourth…”

Rozen reached out his hand and let the Rainbow Butterfly perched on his arm while smiling at the girl.

“Although both of you had similar weapon and appearance, both of you are also red player, but your Sword Skill was different from that guy’s, I refused to believe that criminal could use a Sword Skill as beautiful as yours.”

The girl was speechless upon hearing all those reasons. However, Rozen was not done yet.

“I don’t know who that rapier user is, and I don’t know whether he did this intentionally to place all the blame on you, I only know one thing for sure.”

Rozen said while looking at the girl.

“At this rate, it will be troublesome if you come across any player, no?”

That went without saying, the girl was a red player, not to mention all players in the frontline have already heard the news about a beautiful female player who attacked other players in the labyrinth area.

Other players might hunt this girl as they thought it was the right thing to do.

“By the way, maybe you still don’t know about this because I heard that you are a newbie, but red players can’t enter the town. If red players entered the town, NPC guards would suppress them.”

“What are you planning to do from now on?”

When the girl heard that, she just lowered her head.

Rozen thought that girl was thinking about the solution when the girl suddenly said.

“…It doesn’t matter.”

The girl said with a listless tone, Rozen frowned when he heard the girl’s response.

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