Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 258


Rozen felt there was something off with her.

It was as if she has given up with everything.

“I’m not here to make friends or anything.”

So, what was the girl doing in the labyrinth area?

The answer was simple.

“I just want to do my best and exhaust myself.”

The girl added.

“If I end up dead in other’s hands, then that’s fine.”

She didn’t care if she was framed or anything, she has come to terms with everything.

“I’m going to die anyway, what’s the difference.”

The girl said as she stood up and walked away.

Looking at the girl’s back, Rozen slightly understood her even though he didn’t know her circumstances.


“You remind me of my past self.”

Rozen couldn’t help but blurted out such a sentence, stopping the girl on her tracks.

If Rozen just said that she was worried about the girl’s safety, that girl will turn a deaf ear and ignore him for sure.

If Rozen criticized her due to her indifference toward her own life, the girl would also ignore him.

But if Rozen just ignored her, she’ll become the victim of this world, that was why he said that the girl was somehow similar to him.

She stopped when she heard the sentence that later changed her way of life.

“Remind you of your past self…?”

The girl murmured without looking back.

Rozen nodded in response.

“I lost hope.”

“I can’t look forward to the future.”

“The only thing that I can see is the fated end that awaited me.”

“So, I stopped trying altogether.”

“But at least before my end, I still want to try my best to struggle.”

“Kind of similar to your current circumstances, right?”

Rozen blurted such a sentence, and the girl lowered her head in silence.

Rozen didn’t know what this girl was thinking, but he could sympathize somehow.

“The same thing happened to me once, and it’s just hopeless.”

Rozen said to sum it up.


Before Rozen received the “Miracle”, he was destined to die at the age of two

Although, for some reason, Rozen completely grasped his situation back then and could think like an adult even at that age.

It was an absolutely hopeless situation, all he could do was lie in bed and waited for his end.

He did try his best in the end as his last struggle, although he has already lost hope, just like the girl in front of him.

Even though Rozen didn’t know who this girl was, it wasn’t hard for him to guess what was in her mind since she was trapped in a death game like this without any guarantee of survival, and she was just a normal girl, it was conceivable if she gave up because of all this.

Even though Kayaba Akihiko has mentioned the way to leave this world safely was by clearing this game, but it has been a month, yet the players have yet to clear the first floor, there were still 99 more floors, and each floor was more difficult compared to the previous one. Even if the players tried their best, there was no telling how long will it take to clear this game.

Can anyone really clear this game? Considering the current circumstances, that didn’t seem to be possible.

At least that was what the girl thought, that was why she lost hope.

Therefore, she chose to struggle until she exhausted her last strength and accepted her fate.

In that regard, Rozen could sympathize with her.

“Aren’t you just endangering yourself?”

Rozen didn’t say that to criticize or ridicule the girl, she just stared at her as if staring at his past self.

However, that apparently had an indescribable persuasive power.

The girl then slowly turned and looked at Rozen.

Although Rozen still couldn’t see the girl’s face, he noticed the sharp gaze the girl threw at him.

“Then how could you live up until now?” The girl asked in a low and hoarse voice, “Didn’t you give up?”

Rozen only had one answer to this question.

“Because of miracle.”

The girl was surprised when she heard Rozen’s quick answer.


“Yes, miracle.”

Rozen responded briefly and truthfully.

The girl was silent at first, and then she said.

“I can’t count on…that kind of thing…”

Hearing this sentence, Rozen laughed.


Rozen then quickly added.

“But because people keep struggling and refuse to give up, they can finally get what they want.”

The girl wanted to say something, but before she could say anything, Rozen beat her to it.

“Even if you want to do your best and die in the process, at least don’t do it like this.”

Rozen was back to his laid back and carefree tone.

“This is a death game. Killing an avatar means killing someone in real life. It might affect other player’s psychological condition in the future, even if you have given up in life, that doesn’t mean you should dirty other people’s hands, right?”

The girl was speechless when she heard that.

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