Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 260


Although the girl has made the resolve to unveil the real perpetrator, it wasn’t that easy.

“This labyrinth area had about 300m diameter. It’ll be hard to find that guy since this place has a lot of hiding spots, not to mention that guy had a high level Hiding skill.” Rozen explained to the girl.

Of course, the girl knew it wouldn’t go that easily

“Isn’t there a chance that the guy we’re looking for has already left the labyrinth area?”

The girl stated her opinion.

However, Rozen had his own opinion.

“Our guy has made quite a commotion among players. I doubt he can leave this floor that easily since players are on the lookout for him.”

As proof, when Rozen went to the 19th floor with the girl, he encountered a lot of players who were looking for a hoodied red player.

Fortunately, he could get past them because he has mapped the whole area in the labyrinth floor except for the 20th floor.

“And I don’t think a red player who ambushed other players from behind would take his time to map out the whole labyrinth area. At least that guy shouldn’t have the complete map of the labyrinth area like me yet, and I haven’t seen the complete map scroll of this place being sold either. So that guy shouldn’t be able to move as freely us, he should be still on this floor.”

This was Rozen’s reasoning.

The only problem was.

“How do we find the real culprit?”

The girl asked Rozen this question when they were on the 19th floor.

“If that guy had a high level hiding skill, wouldn’t it be hard to find him?”

Otherwise, other players would’ve found him long ago.

But Rozen did not hesitate to answer.

“Stay close to the weakest-looking party or player, there’s a high chance that player will ambush them, and there are two reasons for that.”

“First: Since the real culprit has caused quite a commotion, he must’ve attacked a lot of players. I think he was obsessed with killing other players, so probably he’ll stay here to find more prey.”

“Second: That guy’s used a rapier, which is not that high in terms of attack power, and the fact that deliberately increased his Hiding skill level means that guy has an advantage in terms of a surprise attack and his target should be players with low defense.”

The rapier user aimed Rozen for a reason. It was because he was wearing a cloth type armor, which was the type of armor that gave the least defense.

At least that was Rozen’s reasoning.

“I think if we stick close to a party with low defense, that rapier user will eventually show himself.”

With that in mind, Rozen and the girl went down to the 17th floor in search of players with low defense.

Of course, this was risky.

“Can you imagine if we are spotted by a party of players? Wouldn’t that be funny though?”

Rozen really couldn’t read the atmosphere, he still joked around even at a time like this.

Imagine if common players spotted a beta tester was in cahoot with a red player, wouldn’t that be a problem?

They will instantly think that Rozen and the girl were plotting something bad.

Even with Rozen and the girl’s exceptional skill, they would have a hard time facing a party of frontline players, and even if they managed to win, there was no telling if the real culprit was watching them from somewhere.

“Despite how things are, you can do whatever you want, there’s no need to hold back.”

“…you don’t have to remind me about that.”

Rozen and the girl then waited for the culprit to show himself.

“It’s okay if you’re nervous, there’s no need to hold back.”

Rozen whispered to the girl behind her without looking back.

“Who is nervous?”

The girl immediately refuted.

In addition…

“Stop calling me you, I have a name you know.”

The girl protested.

“Do you?” Rozen was not that interested, but he asked anyway: “What is your name?”

She seemed reluctant to tell Rozen her name, after a brief pause, she then sighed and said.

“Asuna, this is my character’s name.”

After learning the name of the girl, Rozen immediately said.

“Asuna? Don’t tell me that’s your real name?”

The girl named Asuna was shocked.

… She’s like an open book.

Rozen muttered in his heart.



The Rainbow Butterfly that has been hovering above Rozen’s head cried out, as if discovering something.

Rozen and Asuna immediately checked the players they have been tailing.

In the next second, the two saw it.

Behind the players they monitored, there was a figure wearing full-bodied hood holding a rapier was rushing toward those players.

As the party of players defeated a monster, they were eagerly waiting what drop item they’d get.

Taking advantage of this moment, the figure came out from the shadow unnoticed and rushed toward one of the player’s back.

The player the figure was after wore leather armor, and his health was reduced by one third after battling with the monster. If he was attacked at this exact moment, his hp would fall into the red zone for sure



Asuna, who has been holding the hilt of her rapier, rushed out without hesitation, she was so fast that she left a trail of her afterimage behind her.

Rozen was stunned when he saw this and then followed Asuna.

The two rapier users finally crossed swords.


The two rapiers collided with each other, causing sparks in the process.

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