Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 261


As the rapier user rushed toward one of the players’ back with his Sword Skill Linear, Asuna also did the same thing. However, Asuna’s target was the rapier user, not the player’s back.

However, their Sword Skill was a world apart, even though the rapier user’s Linear packed a punch, Asuna’s Linear was, on the whole, another level. Therefore, even though the rapier user rushed earlier than Asuna, Asuna managed to catch up, and both of their swords collided with each other.

The light of their Sword Skill illuminated the labyrinth area, followed by the sound of their weapons colliding that also reverberated through that place.



The real culprit was surprised, he didn’t see this coming.

“Wh.. what!?”

“What happened!?”

The rest of the players in that place were startled by the sudden occurrence.

And the player behind Asuna, who was the real culprit’s target, seemed overwhelmed that he couldn’t move.

“Quick! Go!”

Asuna said in a hurry to the player behind her. The player snapped back to his senses and quickly ran toward his teammates.

The two rapier users jumped back at the same time as they had to remain cautious. The atmosphere was so tense.

Both rapier users looked at each other and paid attention to any slight movement their opponent made.

“It’s that player killer with rapier!?”

“She’s here!”

“But….. why are there two of them??”

“What the hell is going on!?”

The players were dumbfounded when they found there were two red players with the exact same appearance as the rumored player killer.

Rozen, who was following Asuna, couldn’t help but cope with those players’ confusion when he saw what happened.

Once the players saw there was two rumored player killer with exactly the same appearance fought each other, they will surely think that the player who has been ambushing players from behind and the beautiful female player who accidentally attacked other players because her privacy, because those players disrupted her privacy, was not the same person.

Although they still couldn’t process what they saw in front of them, at least these players didn’t decide that Asuna was the real culprit outright.

“The only thing left to do was for Asuna to defeat the real culprit by herself.”

Rozen was focused on seeing the showdown between Asuna and the real culprit, then he murmured.

“But can she do it…?”

Rozen said as if he already knew what will happen

At the same time, the two rapier users also started their own dialogue.

“…Who are you?” Asuna broke the silence and asked in a low voice, “Why did you attack other players?”

That was the first question that Asuna wanted to ask.


“……Tsk, meddlesome woman.”

A hoarse voice was heard under the hood, it clearly sounded like a male voice.

In other words, the rapier user that has been attacking the player was a male.

The real culprit who seemed to realize that he was being set up looked at Asuna with murderous intent!

In other words, the other party wanted to Asuna.

Asuna has never faced someone brimming with murderous intent like this. The girl who seemed cold toward Rozen suddenly became talkative.

“If you refuse to surrender, then don’t blame me for what’s gonna happen.” Asuna said calmly.

The real culprit ridiculed Asuna right after she threatened him.

“Is that supposed to be a threat?” The real culprit stared at Asuna’s hand that was holding her rapier and asked again, “Can you do it?”

Obviously, the real culprit noticed the fact that Asuna was just forcing herself at the moment. She was not as calm as she seemed.

Even when Asuna used her Sword Skill earlier, her hand trembled a little.

Perhaps this girl no longer cared about her life, but it was different when it came to another person’s life.

At the end of the day, Asuna was just an ordinary young girl, she was neither a magus nor a Servant.

Even Mashu would hesitate when she fought someone, let alone Asuna. When she thought that her rapier pierced the real culprit’s body, her breathing was no longer stable, and her vision became dimmer. She felt her strength left her body.

This was not just a game.

Once Asuna’s rapier pierced the real culprit’s and his hp became zero, that person will die too in real life.

How could Asuna keep her composure when she thought that she would end up killing someone?

“You can’t do it, Missy.”

The real culprit said in a sarcastic tone while raising his rapier.

“If you’re able to do it, you would remain calm at a time like this.”

The real culprit rushed toward Asuna as soon as he was done mocking her.


Asuna who was overwhelmed quickly backed away although she was faster and stronger than the real culprit.

This convinced the real culprit’s guess, and he swung his rapier relentlessly toward Asuna, aiming her thigh.


As the virtual gashes were formed where the real culprit managed to land a hit, Asuna’s hp was immediately reduced as a result.


Asuna groaned.

In SAO, although the players wouldn’t feel pain, but they’ll feel the uncomfortable tingling sensation when they were attacked.

That uncomfortable sensation paired with Asuna’s fear of killing another player stopped her on her tracks.

“This is called PK, Missy.”

The real culprit smirked wickedly and used a Sword Skill, shrouding his rapier in light.

Asuna was forced on the defensive, she could only parry the real culprit’s attack.

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