Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 262



Two red players fought fiercely with the rapier in their hands. The sound of metal colliding reverberated through the labyrinth area.

Looking at the scene in front of them, the rest of the players finally realized they had to do something.

“Anyway… we should help!”

“One of them is the rumored female player, but she’s not the one who attacked us earlier, right?”

“But there’s no telling if both of them are actually player killers!”

“Just surround them and stop them by force!”

These players finally decided to make a move.


“Don’t move!”

Rozen rushed in front of them and stopped them with just two words.

“Don’t interfere, just watch.”

Rozen said, and his eyes were sharper than ever.


The Rainbow Butterfly also followed Rozen and blocked these player’s paths, as if saying that it didn’t mind getting rough if they took another step.

Rozen completely shocked these players.

Even though Rozen was mostly lazy and indifferent, he was still the most talented Master in Chaldea. He has commanded various Heroic Spirits and led them to victory. He had charisma, and this time he showed it.

Even though these players were the clearers, in the end, they were just normal humans. Seeing Rozen exceptional charisma, they didn’t dare to move.

Rozen then once again shifted his attention to the rapier users who were in the middle of a battle.

Although it was a fierce battle, it was also one-sided at the same time.

In terms of technique, Asuna was almost impeccable. Even though she didn’t use her sword skill, she didn’t panic. Her inhumane speed allowed her to parry one attack after another, avoiding too much hp loss.

The real culprit was pretty impressive too, but she was nowhere near Asuna in terms of technique and speed.

Therefore, unless the real culprit’s equipment and level were far better and higher than Asuna, there was no way that Asuna will lose.

And the real culprit’s equipment and level indeed wasn’t that high, probably because of his obsession in the player killing, he barely hunted monster. As a result, his equipment was still the initial weapon that could be purchased in the Town of Beginnings. Aside from his Hiding skill, there was nothing that particularly stood out about that guy

Asuna’s level and equipment, however, was also not that high. After all, it has only been half a month since she left Town of Beginnings, and she only ever bought the same initial weapon, and never changed it ever since.

In other words, their level and equipment were almost indistinguishable.

Then the only decisive factor between them was technique, and Asuna’s technique far surpassed her enemy.

Therefore, Asuna would’ve won, or so everybody thought…

The one who was in a tight spot was none other than Asuna.

The reason was simple.

Asuna stayed on the defense, she never attacked his opponent, not even once.

It was not that she couldn’t, but she refused to. She couldn’t bear the thought of pointing her rapier toward a living human.

On the other hand, neither the real culprit’s technique nor his level was that good. However, he didn’t hesitate to swing his rapier to Asuna’s weak point.

At this rate, Asuna will eventually lose as she couldn’t avoid every strike aimed toward her even though she managed to parry the attack aimed toward her weak point.

Asuna’s body eventually was filled with virtual gashes, and her hp was constantly falling.




Eventually, Asuna’s hp reached the red zone after constantly receiving injuries.

“Haha…! Hahahaha…!”

The real culprit laughed wickedly while attacking Asuna relentlessly.

“Die…! Die…! Die…! Everyone will die anyway in the end…!”

The real culprit seemed to have fallen into madness, and Asuna was shocked.

“Everyone is going to die…?”


Wasn’t that something that she has been thinking?

In the end, everyone will die anyway.

“You will simply die first!”

The real culprit said in a deranged tone.

When Asuna heard this, she understood.

“This person is also…”

At first, Asuna thought the real culprit became a player killer because he ran out of Cor, so he killed other players to get their Cor. It turned out that the real culprit was somehow similar to Asuna, who was desperate because they lost hope since they were trapped in this world, the only difference was, that player ended up losing himself and became a deranged criminal.

Then a question popped up in her mind…

“Will I also become like him one day?”

She couldn’t deny that possibility.

As long as she couldn’t find hope in this world, she’ll either end up dead at the hands of the monster, or lost her sanity like the man in front of her.

Will she still be herself by then?


Asuna raised her head.

“I definitely don’t want to become like you!”

Asuna finally started to fight back.

“Eat this!”

After she parried her opponent’s attack, she no longer backed away like before. She finally decided the path she took was mistaken all along and took a step forward toward change.


Asuna’s rapier glowed with Sword Skill light.

Even in the middle of such a fierce battle, Asuna still found an opening to use her Sword Skill. The light shrouding her rapier streaked at her opponent like a meteor.


The real culprit’s pupil dilated.

Even Rozen, who saw the battle from afar, was amazed. He noticed that speed was not something a human could react to.

Asuna’s rapier went straight for her opponent’s chest. If it landed, it’d cause a huge amount of damage.

Unfortunately, it didn’t land.

“Okay, that’s enough.”

A lax and carefree voice said.

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