Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 265


“Your client really is persistent, huh….”

Rozen made a snide comment and then made an assumption.

“So, which one does your client want? No need to answer, I already knew that your client wants my tamed monster.”

Well, that made sense.

Although Anneal Blade 8 was indeed very powerful and should be still usable until halfway through the 4th floor, but that was a maxed-out weapon, it couldn’t be enhanced any further, once the players gained access to the 5th floor, they’ll easily obtain much better weapons.

Compared to weapons, the tamed monster was far better in terms of potential.

Even though the potential depended on the types or species, but just like players, tamed monsters had level and Skills which could be unlocked as the tamed monster reached certain levels. Thus, no player was foolish enough to get rid of a tamed monster once they got it.

Not to mention, there were only seven totals of Rainbow Butterflies in SAO, which was super rare. If the players who got it had the resource to nurture it, it might serve as a huge asset even in the upper floors later.

So, even though Argo’s client didn’t know how rare the Rainbow Butterfly was, he should at least know that the tamed monster, in general, was rare. Among 1000 beta testers, only Rozen, who managed to get one, it could only be imagined how much potential it had.

At least, if it was Rozen, he will definitely choose the tamed monster instead of the weapon, which was only useful in the lower levels.


“Bzzz, once again, you’re wrong.”

Argo said with a chuckle.

“What my client wanted is your weapon, not your tamed monster.”

That unexpected choice blew Rozen’s mind.

“Your client wants my weapon instead of my tamed monster?”

Rozen was completely baffled this time.

Last time, Rozen guessed that Argo’s client must be some party leader, which was why he could offer that much money, but Rozen was wrong.

And this time, Rozen was wrong once again.

Rozen who calculated everything through logic never experienced something like this before, and not only once, he was wrong twice. Just what kind of guy is Argo’s client?

Various thoughts popped up in his mind, he was so curious that he was almost tempted to pay Argo to disclose her client’s information.

However, that wasn’t wise.

If Argo’s client was adamant on keeping his identity a secret, then he’ll always pay Argo more than Rozen could, and Rozen won’t be able to obtain any information about him.

However, if Argo’s client didn’t mind his identity being disclosed, and Rozen ended up buying that information, most probably that information won’t amount to anything, therefore it was a waste of Cor.


Rozen thought.

He then looked at Argo and asked curiously.

“How much can your client offer?”

Argo answered without hesitation.

“60000 Cor.”

Argo said spiritedly while hitting the table.

That was another unexpected number.

As mentioned before, Rozen’s weapon, Anneal Blade +8 could fetch about 40.000-50.000 Cor on the market depending on which parameter was enhanced.

Rozen’s Anneal blade +8’s enhancement consisted of 4 points in sharpness, 2 points in quickness, and 2 points in durability. With this enhancement, it could fetch at most 50.000 Cor in the market.

Yet Argo’s client offered 60.000 Cor, it sounded too good to be true.

Unless Argo’s client was really an idiot or just someone who’s obsessed with Rozen’s swords, that price didn’t make sense at all.

But if Argo’s client was just an idiot, he wouldn’t be able to obtain that much Cor, last time he even offered 200.000 Cor for Rozen’s weapon and tamed monster.

So that was out of the question.

And the possibility that Argo’s client was just a weapon maniac could be ruled out too.

If Argo’s client really was a weapon fanatic, he wouldn’t be interested in buying Rozen’s tamed monster.

Therefore, Rozen asked Argo.

“Didn’t you notice that this deal was odd?”

Rozen looked at Argo with some curious eyes.

However, Argo casually answered.

“That’s what I thought at first.” Argo said in a confused tone, “But after meeting the client myself, I no longer thought so. He didn’t seem like the kind of person who would think things through. In fact, my client had a tendency to be played for fools, the type that would end up in jail once he committed a crime.”

“…What the hell?”

Rozen instantly lost his interest.

“In short, you don’t have to think too seriously about this deal since there was no trap, to begin with. Besides, if this deal posed any kind of threat to either party, I wouldn’t accept it in the first place.”

Argo said looking all serious.

Rozen breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the look on Argo’s face.

Although Argo might seem unscrupulous, that didn’t mean she didn’t have any conscience. If he deemed the request dangerous, she.

This time, Rozen was no longer adamant about finding out who Argo’s client was.

“Forget it, it doesn’t matter anymore who your client is.”

Rozen then added.

“Tell your client that I don’t plan to sell my weapon.”

Even though Argo’s client offered higher than the market’s price, but the Anneal Blade +8 was indispensable for Rozen at the moment.

“First of all, First Floor Boss Raid will be carried out soon, and I don’t wanna reduce my power just for some extra Cor. Besides, I’m not short on Cor right now.”

As a beta tester who took a head start before everyone else, of course, Rozen wasn’t short on Cor.

He got around 70.000 Cor on him at the moment, of course, his total net worth was nowhere near that amount if his weapon, items, and tamed monster was accounted.

“You have a point there.” Argo agreed with Rozen’s statement and said, “Then I will go and tell my client. See you at the Raiders meeting in three days.”

Rozen nodded.

The two then parted ways.

Little did they know that something was at stake in three days later.

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