Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 267


After one month, both Kirito and Rozen looked like totally different people.

Rozen could see in a glance that Kirito’s equipment was far better compared to when they parted ways. Not only he had replaced all his armors, his Anneal Sword also emitted faint blackish radiant.

Obviously, Kirito had enhanced his weapon.

Although they have not met each other for a month, Rozen and Kirito could send each other messages except when they were in the labyrinth area.

Therefore, Rozen more or less knew about Kirito’s level and equipment.

Rozen knew that Kirito managed to enhance his Anneal Blade up to +6 with sharpness 3 points on sharpness, 3 points for durability, it could fetch up to 30.000 Cor in the market.

In addition, Kirito has also reached level 12, 2 levels ahead of the frontline players.

That was merely the superficial strength, Rozen was also curious how much stronger Kirito has become in terms of technique, who knows maybe he has figured out something about Eye of the Mind.

Rozen deep down valued his brother highly.

In any case, Rozen was relieved that Kirito came.

“I heard from Argo that you’ve been immersed in the labyrinth area lately, how come I never see you?”

Rozen said as he remembered the information he got from Argo.

“I heard the rumor about the player killer in the labyrinth area. I don’t want to get into unnecessary trouble, so I just hunted in the 15th and 16th floor, I never went to the 17th floor.”

“How about you? I also heard from Argo that some players have been threatening you in the outer field.”

Kirito looked at Rozen with sorrowful eyes.

Even though he knew that Rozen was still alive and well, but when he thought that Rozen had to shoulder all common player’s hatred toward the beta testers all by himself, he couldn’t get rid of the guilt in his heart.

Kirito was also a beta tester, not to mention Rozen’s brother, yet Rozen had to endure common player’s dissatisfaction all by himself, he even went through some dangerous situation because of this.

“Rozen, I…”

Before Kirito could finish his sentence, Rozen immediately said.

“Don’t even think for a moment that you’re responsible for this.” Rozen patted Kirito’s shoulder, and said, “It’s true that the common players vented their frustration on me because I’m the only beta tester they knew, but the one who did it was them, not you.”

Rozen knew it was inevitable, and it was not like beta testers were innocent either in this case.

“After all, I’m the one who insisted on keeping my tamed beast, even though you did warn me back then. Besides, if I’m the type who let this kind of thing get to me, I won’t enter the town casually, I would avoid going to the labyrinth area too for sure.”

“So, don’t think too much into it.”

Rozen said without hesitation, Kirito couldn’t help but smile bitterly in response.

“You’re as unreasonable as ever. Sometimes, I felt stupid for arguing with you.”

Kirito sighed, and Rozen just smiled when he heard that.

“More importantly….” Rozen immediately asked Kirito the question he was most concerned about, “How are you doing on Eye of the Mind? Have you figured it out?”

Kirito looked even more helpless than a moment ago.

“Sigh, no luck on that.” Kirito touched the hilt of the weapon behind him, as if he was remembering his own battle so far, and added, “However, I constantly felt that I got closer to that realm, closer to being able to peer into the depths of the world.”

“… Is that so?” Rozen nodded slightly, looking composed, but he was somewhat shocked.

Why? Because it took Rozen up to one year just to reach that level.

It was true that he didn’t devote all his time to master Eye of the Mind, he had to allocate his time to open his magic circuit once again, hone his summoning magic and other magics, etc., plus Eye of the Mind was not something that he could master using magic alone. That was why It took so long for Rozen to reach that level. However, even if he did devote all his time to master Eye of the mind, he believed that he still wouldn’t be able to do it in just one month.

Yet Kirito did it.

Perhaps, Kirito really had a knack for this technique, and Rozen suddenly looked forward to how far could Kirito get.

While Rozen was looking forward to Kirito’s potential, Kirito was also slightly jealous of Rozen.

“You managed to enhance the Anneal Blade into +8, right?” Kirito looked at Rozen’s waist, where a one-handed sword that was more dazzling than his own weapon lay. And then said, “How did you do that? It took everything I got to enhance it to +6.”

Rozen wasn’t surprised by Kirito’s words and said.

“Well, I do have my butterfly to help. Thanks to her, I can kill monsters more efficiently. In other words, I can get more enhancement material compared to you, and I can ensure each enhancement has the highest success rate, 95%.”

That was the gap between Rozen and Kirito.

However, the words of Kirito made Rozen mention the heart.

“There must be a lot of players who were after your Anneal Blade +8, right?” Kirito couldn’t help but said, “Even some players have been staring at my Anneal Blade +6, Argo also contacted me and said that someone was interested in buying my sword.”

“What?” Rozen suddenly looked at the Kirito and said, “Argo was asked as a middleman to purchase your Toughness of Sword +6?”

“Yeah.” Kirito nodded and said strangely, “Is there something wrong?”

“…No, nothing.” Rozen shook his head, but ideas kept popping out of his mind.

Because Argo also offered him that deal, and her client was really weird.

Suddenly a clapping sound was heard clearly.

“May I have your attention?”

Followed by a cheerful voice.

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