Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 269



Kibaou who raised his hand after interrupting Diavel loped toward him.

Diavel just looked at Kibaou without stopping him.

“Did I say something wrong?”

Diavel asked modestly.

Kibaou then answered with an annoyed tone.

“No, I agree that we have to clear this shitty game ourselves.”

“However, if we’re gonna do this Floor Boss Raid, aren’t we supposed to be more careful?”

After saying that, Kibaou looked at the players one by one, from one side to another, and he stared at Kirito and Rozen.

Then, he yelled.

“To be frank, I can’t trust some players here, I personally wouldn’t want to party with those selfish bastards!”

The atmosphere in the square instantly changed from the high spirited atmosphere, to cold and heavy…

Hearing those words, of course, other players got the gist of it and simultaneously looked at the same direction.

Yes, toward Rozen

“That’s right…Beta testers!”

Kibaou stared at Rozen as if about to swallow him whole.

“On the day this crappy game started, the beta testers disappeared, abandoning us all beginners. They monopolized the good hunting grounds and profitable quests, prioritizing themselves over others. And afterward feigned ignorance for doing so, some of them even nonchalantly walked into town as if to brag their equipment. They never cared about how hard it was for us to stay alive in this world!”

Kibaou rambled to vent his anger, unlike Diavel’s encouraging speech, his rambling was provoking.

He then pointed at the players around him.

“Now, let me ask you! Can you trust those selfish guys? Even if we reached the second floor they’d just do the same thing all over again, if you ask me personally, I can’t and won’t entrust my back to them!”

He was followed by whispering among players while staring full of hostility toward Rozen.

Under such circumstances, putting Rozen aside, Kirito was already pale, he couldn’t even raise his head.

Argo who was hiding in the corner also couldn’t breathe normally.

Of course, they were afraid, they were beta testers after all. However, no one knew this.

But it was different in Rozen’s case, everyone knew he was a beta tester.

Facing everyone’s hostile gaze, not to mention Kibaou harsh words, Rozen just sat there indifferently with his arms crossed.

Seeing Rozen’s attitude, Kibaou snapped and yelled.

“You all knew how many players have died during this last month, right?”

“Two thousand people!”

“One-fifth of the total players!”

“That many people died, no wonder most players would feel this game is impossible to clear!”

“Even though you don’t know any of the 2000 deceased players, there’s no telling when it’ll be your friend’s turn or your turn.”

The players shivered in fear when they heard Kibaou’s word.

There was a reason why he brought up this topic.

“If beta testers would tell us the information they had, those two thousand people may be alive by now!”

“If beta testers didn’t monopolize the quests and good hunting grounds, more players would’ve had higher level and better equipment, including us who gathered here!”

“In other words, even if those beta testers didn’t kill the two thousand players, they were responsible for their deaths!”

Kibaou gritted his teeth. The players in the square were also incited by Kibaou’s speech.

“You’re here right? How can you sit down indifferently even after hearing all this?”

“Beta tester!”

Kibaou finally pointed his finger to Rozen.

At the same time, most of the players in the square also glared at Rozen and shouted one after another.

“Stand up! Beta tester!”

“Stand up!”

“Don’t you dare feign ignorance!”

“You don’t even have the guts to admit what you’ve done?”

“Look at what you have done!”

“Those 2000 players died because of you!”

“Stand up!”

“Stand up!”

All players were caught up in rage.

“Stand out! Stand up! Stand up! Stand up!”

The players shouted rhythmically while raising their hands.

Rozen has become the target of the player’s resentment for being the only beta tester known to the public.

Among these players, maybe they didn’t particularly care about beta testers at first. But, after being trapped in that game for a month, they slowly built up negative emotions. It could be fear, sadness, anger, and pain.

These players used Rozen to vent their pent-up frustration.

That was just how the creature called human was.

Facing this kind of situation, Kirito was shaking, Argo could no longer sit straight, and sweat started to drip from their forehead.

Especially when Kirito witnessed that Rozen has become the scapegoat for the rest of the beta testers. His face looked as if he was being punched in the gut.

Kirito couldn’t stand it anymore, but when he was about to stand up…

“Are you finished?”

Rozen finally said something.

His voice wasn’t loud, but all players in the square heard him.

“I heard you have something to say, it turns out it’s so disappointing.”

Rozen then looked at them with a condescending gaze.

“Let me tell you then, to whom you idiots owe your life right now!”

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