Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 270



Rozen said bluntly without putting much thought to it.

Kibaou was speechles hearing Rozen’s remark.

Rozen then stood up and walked toward Kibaou.


Kirito wanted to stop Rozen, but Rozen patted Kirito’s shoulder.

“Don’t worry.”

After Kirito arrived in front of Kibaou, he then said.

“Let me ask you, Kibau or whatever your name is.”

Rozen asked him with a smile.

“Do you know what closed beta is?”

Hearing this, Kibaou finally snapped back to his senses.

“Closed beta is just a closed beta” Kibaou wanted to see what kind of trick Rozen intended to play: “Before the game officially starts, the game company invited certain number of people to play the game before everyone else, am i wrong?”

Rozen didn’t deny Kibaou’s answer.

“That’s right, and it also serves to boost the game’s popularity. Game companies will use this opportunity to find out the market’s reaction, and invested their money based on this reaction”

Rozen then quickly added.

“But the main purpose for closed beta is for the players to test out the game, you know this, right?”

Yes, the main purpose for the closed beta was to test the game. Because there was no game that was perfect right from the start, there must be some loopholes and mistake called bugs.

The game company would collect data, bugs and suggestion that the beta testers submitted in order to fix the bugs and make the game closer to perfect. The game will not be officially launched until all bugs and problems were solved.

That was the essence of the closed beta.

In other words…

“The information and knowledge we beta testers obtained during the beta period really were useful. But after the game is officially launched, there are various parts of the game tha has been modified and fixed, not everything is exactly the same as the closed beta.”

Rozen then shifted his attention toward the rest of the players.

“Do you understand what this means?”

This means that the information and knowledge the beta testers had was not reliable.

“A beta tester who thinks he knows everything, and suddenly encountered the situation that was different from what they experienced during closed beta is more likely to be in danger, compared to a normal player who knows nothing.”

Rozen’s voice was clearly heard throughout the audience.

“Let me tell you.”

“There are only one thousand beta testers who were invited in SAO closed beta.”

“Although these one thousand beta testers were given the opportunity to pre-purchase the game, not all beta testers bought the game, only 700 to 800 did, which is a lot.”

Of course, that was not what Rozen was trying to say.

That was just opening argument that will lead to his next argument, which was an information he bought from argo.

That was…

“Out of this 700 to 800 beta testers, 300 of them have died.”

Rozen reported this shocking news to the players in the square.

“Three…three hundred…!?”

All the players were shocked.

“Three hundred people?”

Even Kibaou who has been waiting for what trick Rozen got up his sleeve, was surprised.

Only Kirito and Argo nodded, since they already knew this.

“They are the beta testers who were confident in the information and knowledge they had during closed beta without any suspicion whatsoever that some things have been modified after the game was officially launched, and died when they encountered the situation that was different from what they knew.”

Rozen said sarcatically.

“2000 people have died after one month”

“This was a crazy number, indeed.”

“But do you know that among these 2000 people, 300 of them were beta testers?”

“Meaning, among 2000 victims so far, 1700 of them are normal players. Within a total 9000 normal players, 1700 players have died. If i put it into statistics, normal player’s mortality rate is 18%.”

“Meanwhile, among only 700 to 800 beta testers, 300 of them have died. Beta tester’s mortality rate is nearly 40%.”

“These are the selfish people that only care about themselves and made you suffer.”

Rozen then looked every single players from left to right, and his eyes stopped at Kibaou.

“You said that there are so many victims because beta testers refuse to share the information, right?”

Rozen looked straight at Kibaou and said.

“Let me tell you the most important thing. The reason why you’re still alive up until now is exactly because beta testers didn’t tell you a thing, as a result you won’t go to some area thinking you know everything, and regret it when things turn out differently!”

The players in the square were dumbfounded hearing Rozen’s sound argument.

As Rozen said, if even beta testers who ended up dying told normal players an unreliable information that happened to be modified by the game company, it will lead to more deaths.

Ignorance is bliss.

That sentence was right in this case.

Rozen then added……

“Even beta testers are still human. Even if there are ninety-nine of the 100 people who are selfish and self-centered, there should be at least one person who had conscience, no?”

Rozen’s voice reached everyone’s ears.

“But as you knew, none of them disclose this information, do you know why? That’s because beta testers knew, sharing unreliable information might lead to death.”


Beta testers refused sharing the information because they were not willing to, but because they were afraid to.

“And yet, here you are claiming to be the players who will clear this game and free everyone from this world.”

Rozen glanced at the king of teeth and then looked at the rest of the players. He then said in a scornful tone.

“Although you are not a beta tester, you managed to come this far.”

“The information you got are much more reliable, because it’s not based on the information during the closed beta.”

“But let me ask how many of you have shared the information you have obtained to average players who are not here, to those who cooped themselves uo at the Town of Beginnings?”

“Come on, tell me!”

Rozen’s words baffled everyone in the square, they couldn’t say anything back.

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