Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 271


Human were selfish.

It was understandable that the beta testers wanted to get a head start and strengthened themselves for their own sake.

But, were all average players a saint or something?

During one month since SAO officially started, the players gathered in this place managed to reach considerably high level, and they were ready to challenge the Floor Boss, meaning they have gathered no less information than beta testers. However, how many among them would share the information they got to a lower level players or players in Town of Beginnings?

The beta testers sure were selfish, but these players were no different either.

“After all, it’s the information we worked hard to get, be it map scroll, good hunting ground, monster’s attack pattern, the probability of an item to drop, quest and NPC’s location, etc. Sure you can also sell this information, and it will fetch a high price for sure, but let me ask you, how many of you are willing to share the information you have for free?”

Rozen said challengingly.

“You can’t even do it, yet you demand others to do so? Aren’t you being unreasonable here?”

This was why Rozen didn’t take the players who shunned him seriously.

“Don’t think that you are any different from the beta testers, idiots.”

Rozen’s blunt answer silences everyone, these players were angry, but they couldn’t say anything back.

Kirito and Argo breathed a sigh of relief when they saw what happened. They have been living in fear too in this world after all.

Argo never told anyone that she was a beta tester. However, she must be quite annoyed too when she sold information that she got during closed beta to a player who insulted beta testers.

Not to mention even though Argo may seem like a person who was would be willing to sell almost anything in exchange for money, she actually provided free information for newbies in a form of a guidebook that every players could get for free.

Argo made these books using the Cor she accumulated from selling information to players, including Rozen.

This was the reason why Rozen didn’t really care about sharing the information he got with Argo.

Therefore, Argo has done everything she could to the players, and she didn’t deserve to be condemned like this.

Although Kirito didn’t contribute as much as Argo, the rest of the players were no different from him, it was not their place to blame him.

Even though Rozen didn’t feel Kirito did anything wrong, Kirito didn’t feel the same way.

At least, with this Rozen should be able to relieve some of Kirito’s guilt.

“Doing a good thing is not necessarily right, doing the right thing is not necessarily good.”

“Saying no is not a sin.”

“We would neither let other players die in front of us, nor harm other players.”

“Yet you still blame us?”

“Isn’t that strange?!”

Rozen’s argument silent these players once again.

Even Kibaou was silent. As unwilling as he was, he couldn’t argue with Rozen.


“Even if what you said is true, that doesn’t change the fact that the beta testers would use the information they got and manage to secure good resource for themselves, am i wrong? Even after we defeat the Floor Boss, those bastards will just do the same thing all over again.”

“So, I absolutely don’t trust the beta testers!”

This time, he didn’t do it to blame the beta testers, he just voiced his concern, and this seemed to be the same to other players as well.

“After we reach the Second Floor, those beta testers will just hoard all resources for themselves, right?”

“Are we supposed to just sit idly and accept that?”

“That’s right!”

The players started to voice their concern.

Much to their surprise, the one who responded to their complaint was not Rozen at all, it was a huge player sitting on the side.

“I can’t agree with your opinion.”

A two-handed axe user named Agil raised his hand while saying that.

“As the young man over there said earlier, the testers did have more knowledge and information about this game, but it came with greater price, even if the beta testers did the same thing in the Second Floor later, wouldn’t that be dangerous?”

But these players immediately refuted Agil’s opinion.

“Now that the testers have already learned that not everything is the same as closed beta, they will definitely be more careful.”

“That way, they can still use the information they had to some point.”

“If they’re careful, at least they wouldn’t be too surprised when they encountered some changes in the game.”

“The main problem is, they didn’t even bother to contribute in this Floor Boss Raid, yet they they quickly jumped at resources with no second thought.”

“We can’t let this happen!”


The players once again voiced their concern.


“Who said that the testers have no intention to contribute?”

This time, it was Argo’s turn to talk.

The information broker who has been hiding in the back, approached Rozen.


Kibaou was startled when he saw Argo approaching, even Diavel who was behind him also frowned.

But Argo did not care, he then shouted.

“How long are you guys planning to hide?”

The players in the square were confused.

However, in the next second, these players saw some players approaching from all directions.

The square was filled with whisper and chatter when they saw these players approaching.

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