Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 272


One player after another gradually came out and gathered around Rozen, startling all players in the square.

Because, even at the first glance, other players would realize that these players’ equipments were much fancier. Even the air around them seemed different compared to normal players.

There were only 14 of them

They were undoubtedly on par if not stronger than the players attending this meeting.

These 14 players looked at Rozen with shame and grateful, but more than anything, they were trying to muster their courage to stand around Rozen.

Of course after seeing these 14 players, there was a commotion among the rest of the players.

“Wh…who are they?”

“Those equipments… They must be high-leveled players!”

“But… I don’t know any of them!”

“Don’t tell me…”

These players started to realize who the 14 players gathering before them were, when they remembered what Argo said earlier.

“Th… these guys…”

Even Kibaou was taken aback.

“Beta testers…”


These 14 players were beta testers.

Argo just smiled at Rozen.

“It can’t be helped that most beta testers didn’t come. Of course they would be reluctant going to a tiger’s den out of their own will. But to be honest, even this number surprised me, and yes, they’re willing to bet everything on you.”

Rozen just smiled a little after hearing Argo’s response, he was quite satisfied seeing these beta testers.

Three days ago, Rozen handed a list of players and asked Argo to find those players for him. Those people were beta testers.

Although there were so many players in the list who didn’t come, that was still within Rozen’s expectation.

It was understandable even if none of them actually showed up, after all coming there meant exposing their identity to normal players.

There were about 40 players attending this meeting at first. The additional 14 beta testers should be able to serve as the element of surprise in this meeting.


Diavel, who was brimming with charisma at first, now was at loss for words., of course the rest of the players were no exception.

“What is going on…?”

Kibaou stepped back due to surprise, he could not believe his eyes.

On the contrary, even though Agil was surprised at first, he suddenly laughed.

“Turns out beta testers are already fully prepared to challenge the Floor Boss.”

Rozen just shrugged in response.

“Who said i would just sit still?”

That was what Rozen said to Argo three days ago.

At that time, Argo realized that Rozen was planning to challenge the Floor Boss, and she was surprised and relieved at the same time.

In other words, even if Diavel did not initiate this strategy meeting, Rozen has already planned to challenge the Floor Boss. That was why he asked Argo to find the beta testers. He couldn’t challenge the Floor Boss all by himself just yet after all

“Even though they are beta testers, they obviously wanted to clear the game and return to the real world as well.”

Argo said while looking at Kibaou.

“These 14 beta testers come here as a proof.”

But right after Argo said that, someone refuted.

“Not fourteen, fifteen….”

Kirito stood and walked toward Rozen and the rest of the beta testers.

At this moment, there was no longer doubt and hesitation in Kirito’s eyes, only determination and resolve were reflected in his eyes.

“I am also a beta tester.”

Kirito admitted that he was the a beta tester in front of everyone.

He was no longer afraid to be exposed, nor was he afraid of being judged by other players.

The fourteen-year-old boy was prepared to accept any consequences.

“I’m sorry.” Kirito patted Rozen’s shoulder, his eyes were a little teary, and his voice was a bit hoarse. He said: “I should have done this from the beginning.”

Argo then smiled helplessly.

“Well, you got me right there” she then declared out loud: “Scratch that, there are 16 beta testers including me.”

Argo also admitted that she was a beta tester.

Including Rozen, that made 17 beta testers.

There were 43 normal players there, so there were 60 players who decided to challenge the Floor Boss in total. Almost one-third of them was beta testers.

Although there were only about one-tenth beta testers out of the 10.000 total players in SAO. However, in this Floor Boss Raid, there were almost one-third who wanted to participate.

The rest of the players could only look at Rozen and other beta testers in silence.

Kibaou was the only one who decided to speak up.


Kibaou said with trembling voice.

“Why would you be willing to respond to this guy’s call?”

Kibaou found it weird that these beta testers were willing to compromise their safety since their identity was exposed, just because of one guy.

Obviously, Kibaou didn’t know because he was not a beta tester

“There are a thousand players in the beta period, but just like you guys, some was good with the game, some wasn’t. Most beta testers just played around the lower Floor , there are only a handful players who managed to reach the 10th floor during closed beta.”

Argo looked at them one by one and then told them a surprising fact.

“And the one, who led these players all the way to the 10th floor, was the only player who managed to obtain a tamed beast, which could inflict various status effects to the Floor Boss such as, poison, paralysis, stun, dizziness, etc. With superb commanding ability, that player managed to lead everyone in Floor Boss Raid without any casualties. That player named Rozen.”

That was the reason why these beta testers answered Rozen’s call.

That was the reason why Kirito, Argo and the rest of the beta players who knew Rozen were willing to bet everything in Rozen.

Rozen then took over.

“Let me make something clear first.”

“Just like closed beta, i will make sure there’s no casualties.”

“Come with me, if you believe me.”



All 16 beta testers, including Kirito and Argo, shouted and raised the weapons in their hands.

The impact was much more powerful than Diavel’s speech.

The players who sided with Kibaou earlier were silent.

Diabel was also dumbfounded.

In addition, at the edge of the square, there was a female player wearing a cloak and with a rapier on her waist.

These beta testers took over the momentum and no one could see them with scornful look anymore.

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