Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 273


The normal players in the scene could only look at each other awkwardly as they have lost the momentum.

Kibaou also couldn’t say a word. It couldn’t be helped, after all, Rozen shattered his only reasoning to hate the beta testers.

And it was Diavel who had to settle this problem.

“In any case, with the help of this many powerful players, this time the boss raid will definitely go smoother than we thought. I sincerely welcome the beta testers to join.”

Diabel said it still in charismatic tone, but this time his eyes were fixated on Rozen.

“Since Rozen-san was experienced in leading the Raid team, and brought them victory even up to the 10th floor, it was reasonable to appoint you as the commander of the upcoming battle.”

Diavel said modestly.

“But there’s one problem, the beta testers may obey your command, but how about the rest of the players?”

Diabel raised such a question.

Kirito, Argo and the rest of the beta testers couldn’t refute this statement.

Even though Rozen has established his own prestige among the beta testers beforehand, there must be some normal players who couldn’t accept Rozen just like that.

And those people obviously wouldn’t listen to Rozen’s command.

However, Rozen didn’t seem to care.

“Like i said, those who believe me can come with me, for those who don’t, i won’t force them.”

Rozen then smiled at Diavel.

“Just let them form their own party and decide whose command they’d follow.”

Meaning there will be more than one commander in this Floor Boss Raid.

Rozen will lead the beta testers.

Diavel will lead the normal players.

These two sides will cooperate to defeat the Floor Boss.

“It can’t be helped.”

Diabel did not reject Rozen’s suggestion, in fact he immediately shouted to all players.

“Everyone, feel free to form your own party, and then either talk to Rozen-san if you wish to join his Raid Team, or talk to me if you wish to join mine!”

The players then formed their party based on their respective commanders.

As mentioned before, the max number of players in a party is six, and one Raid Team at most was constituted by eight parties.

Obviously, the beta testers formed their own parties and chose Rozen.

Meanwhile, the normal players were pondering about this, and then ended up choosing Diavel, as he expected.

However, there was a party consisted of normal players that chose Rozen instead of Diavel.

It was a party led by Agil.

Looking at Rozen’s somewhat surprised expression, Agil just casually smiled.

“You can bring us victory without any casualties, right?”

In response, Rozen smiled and nodded.

“Of course.”

As a result, Diavel led a Raid Team consisted of six parties with a total of 36 people, and Rozen led another Raid Team consisted of four parties.

However, there was another small problem.

Although there were a total of 60 players in that square which should be enough to form a total of 10 parties, 17 of them were beta testers, and the rest of them were normal players, meaning if the beta testers and normal players formed their own party, the number would be uneven.

Beta tester’s party would lack one player to form a full 3 parties, meanwhile normal players could form 7 parties but one of them would be left out alone.

Under normal circumstances, one of the normal players should join Rozen’s Raid Team to even out the numbers. However, normal players and beta testers were obviously not in good terms. Even if one of normal players joined beta testers’ party, they wouldn’t be able to trust that player and vice versa.

Fortunately, the normal player who was left out didn’t side with neither of them, that player neither hated the beta testers, nor was she friendly enough with other normal players.

Rozen knew who that player was.

“It really is you, huh.”

Rozen said to a familiar rapier user, he just couldn’t hold himself from teasing this player.


Asuna remained silent, but she definitely was not happy.

“It’s mysterious how fate works.”

Argo said while smiling.

“This person is…?”

Kirito tilted his head with with curiousity.

“You guys know each other?” Diavel was relieved and said: “If that’s the case, then i’ll leave her to you.”

Diavel asked Rozen to let the girl join his Raid Team instead

“I don’t mind.”

Rozen shrugged, but he still wanted to tease Asuna.

“However, i can’t have you rushing on your own to the Floor Boss and die in vain, you hear me?”

Asuna looked frustrated, but she coudn’t say anything.

Rozen noticed that Asuna’s cursor was already green, meaning Argo did inform her about the quest to revert the player cursor.

“Let’s stop it right there, at least her skill is first-rate, no doubt about it. Welcome to the team.”

Argo had to step in to diffuse the situation. Asuna calmed down a bit, but she still didn’t say a word.

Rozen finally stopped teasing Asuna as well after Argo stepped in.

With this, Asuna joined Rozen’s Raid Team consisting of beta testers.

A total of 10 parties and 2 Raid Teams were formed, and the real strategy meeting will be held tomorrow.

In other words, tomorrow was the time to decide whether Aincrad’s first floor could be cleared or not.

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