Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 274


That night, Tolbana was more lively than ever.

This was the time where players usually returned to this town to kick back and relax after hunting monsters for the whole day.

That day. A total of 60 players gathered in a fancy restaurant to psych themselves up for tomorrow’s strategy meeting.

Although there was still beef between beta testers and normal players, it was not as bad as before.

Even Kirito, who has always been playing solo, and Argo who never showed herself among the crowds, were having a blast with the rest of the beta testers.

Of course, Rozen was also with them.

“I am sorry, Rozen.”


“You had to go through all those threats and harrassment in our place.”

“I’m really sorry.”

The beta testers apologized to Rozen one after another, but Rozen just brushed it off with one sentence.

“If you guys really feel sorry, then I expect you to work harder tomorrow.”

All beta testers just laughed hearing Rozen’s response.

Obviously, beta testers have had it rough because of normal players were constantly trying to find them, they had to do their best to hide. Now, that the load off their chest has finally disappeared, some of them even shed tears.

“Those who didn’t come will definitely regret it.”

“They’re too afraid, now they can only watch as we gain our freedom.”

“Don’t be too hard on them, they had it rough too.”

“Sigh, i know.”

Such conversation was heard among the beta testers.

Rozen understood their feelings. As Argo said earlier, not all beta testers were good in this game, some of them were good and tagged along with Rozen, clearing up to the 10th floor, some were mediocre and even some of them were bad, and they only played around the 1st floor. As a result, these players didn’t really get any good information during closed beta.

Therefore, among the list of beta testers that Rozen handed to Argo, some of them got the knack for this game, thus became stronger. But, among these players, not all of them was brave enough to use the information they got from closed beta, as they feared other players will find out that they were beta testers, so they just blended with normal players.

In any case, those players will definitely regret not coming today.

Because, after what happened earlier this afternoon, the beta testers will not be mistreated any longer. At the very least, they could still walk peacefully in front of the normal players who attended the strategy meeting this afternoon.

“We must make the Floor Boss Raid tomorrow a success!”

Argo declared.

Kirito and the rest of the beta testers nodded in agreement.

The beta testers seemed more relaxed than the normal players, and there was a reason for that.

“With Rozen on our side, the first Floor Boss shouldn’t be a problem.”

“The Rainbow Butterfly is currently at level 13. It could inflict paralysis and blindness to enemy, that should be enough to deal with the first Floor Boss.”

“It’s all on you, little guy.”

“We’re counting on you.”

The beta testers complimented Rozen’s Rainbow Butterfly and gave it precious nectar, juice, dew and other foods.

“Goo! Goo!”

The Rainbow Butterfly flew around happily in the air. It flapped its wings and basked in glittering powder.

Seeing the Rainbow Butterfly, the beta testers rewarded him with applauses. Meanwhile, the normal players were looking at Rozen with envy.

Rozen realized their eyes were focused on him, but he ignored it completely. He then slightly moved away from the crowd, letting the beta testers had fun with the Rainbow Butterfly, and he leaned on a wall.

“Tomorrow… huh?”

As Rozen realized that the Floor Boss Raid will be conducted tomorrow, he tried to recall his memory during the closed beta.

“If i remember correctly, the boss of the 1st floor is…”

Rozen immediately formulated the strategy based on the information he had about the 1st Floor Boss, when suddenly…

“Is it okay if i stand next to you?”

That voice snapped Rozen back to his senses as he was so absorbed in formulating the plan for tomorrow.

“Ah, it’s you…”

After realizing who called out to him, Rozen was slightly surprised.

It was Diavel.

Another commander in the upcoming Floor Boss Raid, and the one who initiated the strategy meeting raised the cup in his hand and smiled at Rozen.

“Sorry, seeing you alone here, I can’t help but want to come over and talk to you.”

Diavel then turned his head and looked at the beta testers who were having a blast, dancing, clapping their hands with the Rainbow Butterfly,

“You really are something else.”

Diavel suddenly said such a sentence.

Rozen just listened to Diavel without saying a word.

Because Diavel no longer looked charismatic and prominent, he looked bitter and frustrated.

“I always thought that I would be able to lead the players to clear the first floor, and tell everyone at Town of Beginnings that this game is not impossible to clear.”

Diavel might seem noble at first glance.

“However, it never occured to me to invite the beta testers for the Boss Raid, it didn’t even occur to me to solve the problem between beta testers and normal players. I even let Kibaou said whatever he wanted to say without saying anything, and i sure never expect that it would turn out like this.”

Diavel said honestly, as if Rozen was not there.

“I am nowhere as good as you.”

This short sentence caught Rozen off guard.

“Don’t sell yourself short.” Rozen wondered what was this all about, and then added: “You have leadership skills that most people don’t have. I can see it when those players decided to follow you.”

This was not the first time Rozen complimented him, although Diavel didn’t hear it the first time Rozen complimented him.

“I am nowhere as good as you.”

Diavel just repeated it again.

Diavel’s expression then returned to usual, cheerful and charismatic, and before Rozen could say anything back.

“I’m counting on you tomorrow, Rozen-kun.”

Diavel then left.

Looking at Diavel’s back, Rozen pondered.


“I guess i’ll talk to Argo.”

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