Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 276


While the players were having fun, there was a player who isolated herself outside the restaurant.

It was Asuna, who was holding a brown bread which cost 1 Cor with a frown on her face.

She seemed to be lost in thought when suddenly….

“How can those people laugh so carefree in this situation, you’re probably thinking something like this, no?”

A voice that saw through Asuna startled her, she then raised her head to see whose voice was that.

She didn’t notice a teenager walked out of the restaurant, and threw something toward her.

Seeing something flying toward her, she subconciously raised her hand to catch it.

“It’s hot…!”

In the next second, Asuna exclaimed because she caught something hot in her hands.

It was a piping hot and delicious looking white bread.

“Eat it while it’s still hot.”

Rozen smiled mischievously, and he was not aware that his action would tick Asuna off.

For some reason, Rozen had a natural talent to tease Asuna, and Asuna always took the bait time and time again even though she was not a person who’d get angry over every little things, in fact she was actually a cold person.

Because all she ever did was follow her parents’ demands and expectation, she was calm and rational, unlike other children her age.

However, because of this, Asuna had a certain shortcoming.

That was a slightly too high self-esteem.

To put it simply, she just hated to lose, whether it’s at school, at home, even in this death game.

If she lost, she was useless, that was the idea that her parents instilled in her.

However, in front of Rozen, Asuna felt inferior in every aspect.

In addition, for some reason, Rozen always seemed to be able to see through Asuna easily, which frustrated her even more.

All Rozen had to do was tease Asuna a little, and she’d lose her temper for sure. What was more, Rozen was just so good at this.

“Let me guess why you don’t go in.” Rozen then said paused briefly and said: “It was not because you’re a girl and the restaurant is full of smelly men, but because ‘I am not here to make some friends, i’m just here to kill the Floor Boss’, something like that?”


Asuna could no longer contain herself.

“Don’t act like you know me!” Asuna said coldly “What are you here for? Don’t tell me it’s to encourage your party member?”

Rozen just shook his head and said.

“I don’t care about a party member that i barely know about, I’m here just to fulfill my little promise.”

Rozen shrugged and looked at Asuna.

To be more precise, Rozen looked at the weapon in Asuna’s waist.

“That is the Iron Rapier, right?” Rozen recognized it at the first glance, and then added: “It is the highest level rapier that can be purchased. But in the end, it’s just a weapon that anyone can buy. Therefore, it’s not that good.”

Asuna then answered without hesitation.

“So what?” Asuna said in a low voice: “Weapon is nothing more than a tool, even more so in this world. They are just a lump of data and files. I’m fine as long as i can use it, they’re not reliable anyway.”

Asuna, who refused to lose to this world arrived at such conclusion.


“Even though they’re just tools, if you treat these tools well, they’ll answer your feelings. Who cares what they are made of?” Rozen snorted and said: “Besides, isn’t using every means possible to stay alive a basic here? Don’t tell me you don’t even know that?”

Asuna was speechless.

Rozen just laughed seeing dumbfounded Asuna, and immediately took out a certain item from his storage.

“Here you go.”

Rozen threw the item toward Asuna like he threw the bread earlier.

“This is…”

This time, Asuna was stunned.

It was a rapier complete with its scabbard.

Rozen is so loud.

“This is one of the few drops that can be obtained at the first floor.”

Although there were many ways to acquire weapons and armors in SAO, it could be roughly divided into three categories.

One: Dropped from monsters and the treasure chest.

Second: rewards for completing a quest.

Three: Crafted by NPC or player who had Blacksmith Skill using certain items.

There wasn’t that big of a gap between the quality of weapons obtained through these 3 methods, at least for now.

Because later on, once players had high enough level in their Blacksmith Skill, they will be able to forge much better weapons than weapons dropped obtained from killing monsters or completing quest.

But for the moment, no player had high enough Blacksmith Skill level, so there wasn’t that much difference between the weapons and armors in this 1st floor of Aincrad, at least if it was the same level.

However, there were some exception, like The Thousand Layer Robe that Rozen got from a Mid Boss. It was one of the best armors that could be found in the 1st Floor, its defense was on par with plate armor even though it was just a cloth armor. Rozen’s Anneal Blade was another example.

The rapier Rozen gave Asuna just now was undoubtedly the best rapier that could be obtained in the 1st floor.

“It’s called “Wind Fleuret.”

Rozen mentioned the name of this weapon.

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