Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 278


The next day, morning.

Usually, by this time, players were making their way to the labyrinth area, but today was different.

Shortly after dawn, a total of 60 players gathered at Tolbana’s square once again.

They gathered there with their best equipments and weapons. They also made sure to stock a lot of recovery items with restless look on their faces, making the atmosphere even more tense.

Until suddenly…


Rozen finally arrived while yawning with a listless look on his face.

“Hey, aren’t you all early?”

Rozen casually said, still with a sleepy look on his face, irritating the players around him.

Kibaou was speechless.

“We’re about to conduct an important strategy meeting, what’s with that lax attitude…?”

It seemed that this spiky-haired One-Handed Sword user has not completely let it go.

Diavel just smiled bitterly, meanwhile the normal players were somewhat grumpy.

On the other hands, although they just sighed helplessly, the beta testers were no longer surprised with Rozen’s attitude.

“Same old, same old.”

Kirito said helplessly.

“Is this how he has always been?”

Agil asked dubiously.

“This is how he has always been since closed beta. Every time we’re about to challenge the Floor Boss, he’s always the last one to show up.”

Argo said while shrugging.

Even Asuna was worried and asked Argo.

“Are you sure we’re gonna be alright?”

Of course she’d ask since she never saw Rozen in action.

Argo just smiled.

“No problem, no one other than him could lead us without any casualties.”

Kirito even added.

“Well, despite how he looks, when the fight breaks out, he’ll be the most dedicated of all.”

Asuna decided not to pry any further.

So, there was Rozen, walking toward the middle of the square, yawning with dissatisfaction and helpless gaze around him.


It was as if even the Rainbow Butterfly was affected by Rozen’s laziness, it dozed off on Rozen’s shoulder looking all drowsy. Of course, it looked cute even when it was sleepy, unlike Rozen.

After one quick glance at this rare tamed monster, Diavel immediately reverted his attention toward all players.

“Now that everyone’s here, let’s begin the strategy meeting.”

Diabel then looked at Argo.

“Argo-san, i’m sorry to trouble you, but can you explain to us, what kind of monster is the Floor Boss of the first floor, its attack pattern, and is there anything worth noting?”

Diabel asked Argo with serious expression since she was a beta tester, so other players would focus on Argo too.

“…Sigh, alright.”

Of course, Argo who was an information broker considered this a loss since she had to provide an information for free this time. So, after a heavy sigh, she decided to do so.

“However, let me tell you this in advance, this is the information i got during closed beta. After SAO officially started, i’ve never entered the boss room, so i can’t rule out the possibility that some of the information i’m about to provide is no longer valid.”

After warning everyone, Argo then began her explanation.

“During closed beta, the First Floor Boss was a two-meter tall Kobold. The name of the monster is Ilfang the Kobold Lord.”

“It is the lord of all the kobolds in the labyrinth area. Just like other kobolds, it could use Sword Skills. The weapon it used was a one-handed bone axe, and it also had a leather shield, so this boss got it covered in both offensive and defensive, plus it has four hp bars. It’d take at least half an hour even with 6 whole parties spammed Sword Skills on it.”

The players were dumbfounded hearing Argo’s detailed explanation.

“But that’s not all.”

Argo continued her explanation.

“The most important thing is in addition to the boss, there will be up to twelve Ruin Kobold Sentinel wearing metal armor and holding halberd guarding the boss. There were 3 of them at first, and as each of boss’ hp bars depleted, additional 3 Ruin Kobold Sentinel will be spawned. So, we must make sure that we have enough number to deal with both the boss and its minions, otherwise there will be too many of them to deal with later, and we’ll have a hard time dealing with them

“And once the Boss’ hp is depleted to the last one third of its capacity, it will dispose its axe and shield and became invulnerable for a brief moment. During this time, the boss will switch weapon to the nodachi it carried on its back, its attack pattern will completely change, if we fail to deal with this, the boss’ new Sword Skill will overwhelm us for sure.

Having said that, Argo then looked at all players.

“I don’t have to explain what would happen if that happens, do i?”

The rest of the players just gulped.

Kirito and Asuna also frowned.

“This is gonna be troublesome.” Diabelle touched his chin and then looked at Rozen, who was still yawning. He asked: “What do you think we should do to deal with this boss, Rozen-san?”

Once again, everyone’s attention was focused on Rozen.

“How to deal with the boss?”

After yawning, Rozen just smiled toward Diavel who looked at him with serious eyes.

“There’s not that much difference in what we have to do, so no need to think too much about it.”

Rozen then looked toward the beta testers.

“Next, I’ll have you guys form a party according to my instructions.”

After that, Rozen began to give instructions.

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