Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 280


Afterwards, the players set off from Torbana to the labyrinth area.

Usually players would have to remain cautious, even on their way toward the labyrinth area, but that was not the case this time. With 60 players in total, any monster in these players’ path will be surrounded in an instat and turn into countless polygon shards several seconds later.

The players seemed so carefree that they even talked with each other.

Rozen yawned and casually bit a piece of white bread and sometimes fed the bread crumbs to the Rainbow Butterfly. It was as if he didn’t realize he was one of the commanders for the upcoming Floor Boss Raid. He was more like someone who was about to go on picnic rather than risking his life.

Kirito and Argo just watched Rozen from behind helplessly.

“Although i already knew this is just how he is, would it hurt him to be slightly nervous?”

“Well, on the bright side, the rest of the players are not worried thanks to him.”

“I knew he’s very smart and he might do this on purpose to ease the rest of the players, but that listless face of his doesn’t seem to be part of the plan

“……I have to agree with you on that one.”

Kirito and Argo had such a dialogue, and finally they let Rozen go.

However, only Argo and Kirito who understood Rozen this well. This didn’t apply to others.

“To think that you can be this be this carefree even though we’re about to fight a Floor Boss.”

A voice said from Rozen’s back.

Rozen already knew whose voice was that without even looking back, who else was it beside a rapier user that he was familiar with?

As Rozen shifted his gaze towards where the voice came from, a full bodied-hood player walked beside him casually, as if she never said a word to begin with.

Rozen didn’t care about what this rapier user just said and looked at the rapier hung around her waist instead.

The gray rapier that used to be hung there was replaced by a rapier with green scabbard.

That was the Wind Fleuret that Rozen gave Asuna yesterday. Turns out she decided to use this rapier after all.

However, Rozen raised his brow slightly as he noticed that there was a slight change on the rapier. To be more precise, there was a faint brilliance that shrouded the rapier.

This light was clearly…

“Enhancement?” Rozen looked at Asuna with a frown, and said: “Did you enhance the Wind Fleuret?”

This question was responded by a very calm answer.

“Is there any problem with it?” Asuna said indifferently: “Weapons can be strengthened, right? I’ve seen the enhance option when i went to the blacksmith, and even i know that is an option to strengthen a weapon. And i happen to have all the necessary materials for the enhancement, so i figured out, why not?”

Obviously Asuna didn’t know this was a big deal, because there’s a limit to how many times a weapon or an armor could be enhanced whether the result was success or failure.

Knowing this fact, who in their right mind would risk enhancing the rare weapon in their possession just like that? What if it failed?

Although using certain additional materials could boost the success rate, the commonly known Blacksmith NPC in the first floor didn’t have that high proficiency in their Blacksmith Skill, it was safe to enhance a weapon untill +3, but from +4 or above, the failure rate increased dramatically. That was the reason why Rozen went through all the trouble to search the hidden Blacksmith NPC. Even Kirito could only enhance his Anneal Blade up to +6 due to the low

And Asuna all of a sudden told Rozen that she just enhanced the rapier she got from Rozen simply because she once saw the enhance option on an NPC. Of course it drove Rozen crazy

“You… how many times did you enhance it?”

Rozen stuttered.

Asuna frowned at first after hearing Rozen’s question, but answered it anyway.

“I enhanced it up to +6, the system says it can no longer be enhanced any further.”

Rozen was instantly at loss for words.

“… If I remember correctly, the Wind Fleuret’s maximum enhance attempt is 6, right?”

In other words, Asuna enhanced Wind Fleuret to the limit without failing even once?

Even though Asuna used additional materials and achieved 95% success rate, if the one in charge of enhancing it was a common Blacksmith NPC, the success rate will be reduced to 50% when she enhanced it to +5, and will be reduced to 20% by the time she enhanced it to +6.

And Asuna actually pulled it off?

“What’s with her luck?”

Rozen just sighed heavily, baffled by this fact.

Rozen then asked Asuna once again.

“Which parameter did you enhance?”

“Accuracy +3, Durability +3.”

“So 3a3d, huh?”

“3a3d? What is that? The score of a math test?”


Rozen was once again dumbfounded hearing Asuna’s response.

“Is this the so-called beginner’s luck?”

“What did you just say?”

“…nothing, just saying that Asuna was amazing that i can’t hold a candle to you.”

This is the truth.

Although it was just a beginner’s luck, Asuna did manage to enhance the Wind Fleuret to +6.

Even though Asuna didn’t enhance its sharpness which could improve its attack power, rapier itself was not a weapon that bolstered attack power. It was a weapon that bolstered attack speed and lightness. So, enhancing sharpness, quickness and heaviness was unnecessary, meaning Asuna’s decision to enhance durability and accuracy was indeed the best option for enhancing rapier.

Rozen didn’t even dare to imagine how much damage Asuna could dish out with her superb Sword Skill paired with +3 enhancement in accuracy which could increase critical rate.

Not to mention thanks to the +3 in durability there should be no need to worry that the weapon’s durability would be exhausted during battle.

Seeing all this coincidence and Asuna’s skills, there was a feeling welling up in Rozen’s chest.

“I’m afraid this young lady will outdo any male players, even Kirito later during the Floor Boss Raid.”

This made Rozen somewhat brimming with expectation.


“I have been meaning to ask you this for a while.”

Asuna suddenly pointed to the Rainbow Butterfly on Rozen’s shoulder.

“That’s a monster, right? Why is it following you? Although it’s cute, if it’s a monster, can I attack it?”

That sentence wiped out every last trace of expectation in Rozen’s face.


The Rainbow Flower butterfly shivered.

Another thought popped out in Rozen’s mind.

“Guess i’ll have Argo teach her some basics of the game first…”

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