Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 283


At this moment, there was only one word to describe Asuna’s feeling at this moment.

“Feels good…”

Not only physically, but also mentally.

Of course, it was not like Asuna enjoyed fighting. Asuna has always been sick, tired, and disgusted at fighting, and she never felt the slightest happiness while fighting in this world.

Fighting was only a means to achieve a purpose. If there was a person in the world who truly enjoyed fighting deep down, then that person must be crazy.

That was what ​​Asuna thought.

However, at this moment, Asuna really felt good during a fight, and that was all because of the weapon on her right hand.

Even though Asuna only got that sword yesterday, the moment she held it in her hand, it just felt right.

As a result, Asuna’s effectiveness in battle has reached a whole different level. Not only did she have a much more defined feeling when she used a Sword Skill, but it also made Asuna even more agile, as if her body became lighter, all thanks to the degree of speed and power the Wind Fleuret provided.

And Asuna couldn’t really put that feeling to words other aside from incredible.

“I only changed my weapon, what’s with this massive change?”

Of course, Asuna wasn’t aware of the fact that the store-bought rapier couldn’t keep up with her speed and techniques.

As Players leveled up, their strength and agility also increased, and they would be able to use weapon that required more strength and agility. As a result, weapons that were too far apart from a player’s level could hinder the players since it was too light and threw off the Player’s rhythm.

Therefore, players had to replace their weapons according to their levels constantly. Other than for the reason that the higher level weapons would grant more attack power, it was mainly to maintain the weapon that felt “right” on the Player’s hands.

The reason why this was important was that SAO emphasized on somatosensory, that was the reason why the “right” sensation was crucial.

In other words, the Iron Rapier Asuna had been using, dragged her down.

That was why only after Asuna used the best rapier on the First Floor that she finally could show her true abilities.

Not to mention Asuna managed to enhance the Wind Fleuret to +6 due to sheer luck, which allowed her to wield that weapon even more comfortably.

“Is this how I’m supposed to fight all along… Then what i’ve been doing this whole time?”

Upon discovering the comfortable sensation, such a question popped up on Asuna’s mind.

At the same time, she recalled what someone said to her last night. It was the person who gave her the rapier she was currently using

“This game is not so easy that you can survive simply by using store-bought weapons.”

“If you really don’t want to lose to this game and to the world, then you must face it and acknowledge it, instead of rejecting it.”

“Use it to fight and see, and when the time comes, you will understand.”

After using the Wind Fleuret firsthand, Asuna finally understood what Rozen said. So, Asuna looked toward Rozen, where she noticed that Rozen also looked at her with a smile, as if already predicting this would happen, and then immediately looked away.

Asuna then looked toward the direction where Rozen’s eyes were focused on, and she saw the Floor Boss there, Ilfang the Kobold Lord swung its axe toward the tanks as two parties surrounded it.

The third party led by Agil used Intimidation skill to constantly draw the monster’s aggro, while the second party led by Kirito was attacking the monster with everything they got. Once Ilfang used its Sword Skill and unable to move right away afterwards due to the Sword Skill’s post-motion, that was where Kirito and his party used their Sword Skill to deal as much damage as possible to Ilfang. As a result, the enraged Ilfang turned its attention toward the damage dealers. However, this was the moment where the fourth party with long reach weapons shone, using their Sword Skill to inflict Delay on Ilfang, so it couldn’t attack the damage dealers in time, and once Ilfang was no longer affected by Delay, the tanks will draw Ilfang’s aggro once again.

Rozen’s Raid Team consistently reduced Ilfang’s health, and not long after, the first slot of Ilfang’s hp finally depleted.

At the exact same time, three new Ruin Kobold Sentinel spawned and rushed toward the players.

The three guerilla parties led by Asuna immediately rushed to intercept the Ruin Kobold Sentinels.

The Floor Boss Raid seemed to go smoothly so far. Aside from the two parties that intercepted the Ruin Kobold Sentinel, the rest of Players from Diavel’s Raid Team could only watch.

Kibaou, in particular, was getting antsy.

“Diabel! It’s not our turn yet!?”

Kibaou shouted. Meanwhile, the rest of the players in their Raid Team were anxious.

After all, if they didn’t contribute anything to this Floor Boss Raid, at most, they’ll only get Cor with no chance of getting drop item or Exp.

Diabel couldn’t help but ask Rozen.

“Rozen-kun, is it time to switch yet?”

The so-called switching allowed a fellow party member to take the lead spot against an opponent at any time.

In order to prevent players from getting in each other’s way while executing a Sword Skill, they usually needed to switch. Besides that, it also allowed the players to recover their hp in the meantime and also ensured other party members could cover them during the post-motion state where they were unable to move.

Although, to deal with ordinary monsters, switching two players consecutively should be enough. It was different when it came to the Floor Boss. Since the number of Players participating was far different, switching was also possible to be executed between parties, not only between players.

In other words, Diabel wanted to tell Rozen that it was about time for normal players to engage the Floor Boss.


Without looking at how much hp his second and third party, Rozen immediately issued an order.


The players who were engaging Ilfang were shocked.

“Okay! Switch!”

Kirito led his party and stepped back.


Agil also led his party to step back.

The second and third party retreated in an orderly manner.


Kibaou cheered up because it was finally their turn.


Diabel ordered one of his damage dealer party and his tank party to stop Ilfang that was charging at the beta testers.

“Steadily draw the boss’ aggro, don’t worry, you can do it!”

Diabel commanded loudly while staring at Ilfang with eyes brimmed with expectation and anxiety.

Diavel didn’t notice at all that Rozen was staring at him.

“I’ll see for myself when you how your true colors…”

Rozen muttered.

Little did Diavel know that he has already fallen for Rozen’s trap.

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