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Summoner of Miracles Chapter 284







The sound of Sword Skill, irons colliding with each other, Ilfang’s roar, and the players’ warcry filled the spacious room for quite a while.

When Diavel’s Raid Team intercepted Ilfang that was chasing Rozen’s Raid Team, they seemed momentarily unprepared.

That was nothing strange because during the beta testers have already fought against Ilfang once during closed beta. Although Agil and his party weren’t beta testers, they managed to carry out their task perfectly because they were solely responsible for drawing the monster’s aggro and endure Ilfang’s attack while the beta testers led by Kirito control the attack rhythm.

But the normal players were different.

Because this was the first time they fought against a Floor Boss, and the fact that they never cooperated with that many players, made them uncoordinated and not used to the flow of the battle compared to the beta testers, it was clearly visible by the the fact when Ilfang’s aggro shifted several times and sometimes the damage dealer who couldn’t figure out the attack rhythm drew too much aggro, causing chaos at one point.

If this was like the closed beta where the players’ average level was 5-7, this Floor Boss Raid would’ve already ended in defeat.

Fortunately, because SAO has become a death game, players tried their best to level up, raising the average level of Players to 10, and those damage dealers at least won’t die instantly by one attack.

Therefore, after several unexpected accidents, the average player finally got the hang of the ideal attack rhythm and constantly chipped off Ilfang’s health.

(If this goes smoothly, I should be able to do it….)

Looking at the situation, that was the thought that popped up in Diavel’s mind.

After that, normal players and beta testers switched several times.

Whenever the hp of the tanks from either Raid Team was slightly low, they will back off along with the damage dealer and disruption team and switched with another Raid Team.

Things went back and forth until Ilfang’s third hp slot was depleted. Whenever each of Ilfang’s hp bar was depleted, three Ruin Kobold Sentinel will spawn, but three guerilla parties were ready for them, so that was no longer a concern.

(The most important thing is I have to kill the Floor Boss myself.)

That was Diavel’s ultimate goal in this Floor Boss Raid.

Currently, it was Rozen’s Raid Team who were engaging Ilfang. But that shouldn’t be a problem to Diavel’s plan.

If there was no change whatsoever, once Ilfang’s hp bar hit the yellow zone, they would switch with Diavel’s Raid Team.

(At that point, we’ll reduce th boss’ hp into red zone in one go.)

Then that was where Diavel will finish Ilfang off

Diabel clenched his sword and shield while staring at Ilfang and Agil’s party hp bar.

Once Agil and his party’s hp hit yellow zone, Diavel will immediately propose to switch and as he’ll finish off the boss himself as planned.

(I thought we’re in a bad spot earlier, turns out it somehow goes according to plan.)

That was what Diavel thought.

If it were Rozen’s Raid Team who cornered Ilfang to its last tick of hp, of course, it would be impossible for Diavel to propose a switch.

However, if it was Diavel’s Raid Team who cornered Ilfang, it’ll be justifiable if he killed the Floor Boss or LA.

(It’ll be my victory.)

Diabel was convinced.

However, at this time…

“It’s your turn, Saihou.”

Diavel heard a calm voice, and that voice struck Diavel like thunder.


After a pleasant cry, a stream of light flew toward the Floor Boss.

Yes, that stream of light was the Rainbow Butterfly that flew in high speed while sprinkling glittering powder in its wake.

Seeing this scene, Diabel became pale and instantly shifted his gaze to his side.

There Rozen was, giving a specific order to Rainbow Butterfly while holding his Anneal Blade +8.

“Paralysis Powder.”

There were only a few instructions that a tamed monster could comprehend; if they heard a command they couldn’t comprehend, they would act on their own. Rainbow Butterfly understood Rozen’s instruction completely and sprinkled  yellow glittering powder above Ilfang.


The sound of electric shock was heard from Ilfang’s body.


After letting out a cry, Ilfang fell to the ground, unable to move, and there was a lightning-like icon beside its hp bar.

That was the symbol of a paralysis status.


Seeing this scene, Kirito shouted loudly.

“Use your sword skills, all of you!”

It is said that all the people in the player team have reacted.


All Players in Rozen’s Raid Team quickly rushed forward, including disruption party, and tanks led by Agil swapped their shield with Two-Handed Axe almost instantly and al of them bombard Ilfang with their strongest Sword Skill.


With its hp dropped to the yellow zone in almost an instant, Ilfang groaned painfully.

By this time, none of these players’ hp was low, so it was not the time to switch yet.


The paralysis effect only lasted for a few seconds before it subsided, and Ilfang was back on its feet once again.

Ilfang was a Floor Boss after all; it was highly resistant to status effect. So, it was affected by paralysis only for a few seconds and Rainbow Butterfly’s Paralysis Powder was still in cooldown.

However, Rozen immediately gave another instruction.

“Blindness Powder.”

Rainbow Butterfly once again sprinkled glittering powder on Ilfang’s face, but this time it was black powder.

Ilfang’s vision was blurred, it couldn’t see clearly, and brandished its bone axe randomly, but it couldn’t hit anyone.


Rozen’s Raid Team shouted in excitement, and once again bombarded Ilfang with their Sword Skill, dealing a huge amount of damage.

Due to the Blindness status, Ilfang couldn’t pinpoint who drew the highest aggro, so it just swung its bone axe randomly, this was another advantage that Blindness provided.

“not good!”

Seeing this scene wide-eyed, Diavel was getting anxious.

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