Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 286


“Compared to a newbie who knows nothing, beta testers who thought they knew everything about this game was the one who was truly in danger the moment they discovered that some things have changed from the closed beta.”

That was the sentence that Rozen said yesterday, and that was the real reason why most of the beta players died this month.

And that was exactly the situation Diavel was currently in.

During the closed beta, once Ilfang the Kobold Lord’s hp was reduced to the last quarter, it would dispose of its bone axe and shield in favor of using talwar, changing its attack pattern and allowing it to use Curved Sword Skills

However, what Diavel saw in front of him was not a talwar, but a nodachi, which caught everyone off guard because even the beta testers only encountered monsters that used nodachi on the 10th floor. It was a weapon that allowed its wielder to use Katana Skills, which no player had so far.

Therefore, the beta testers were having a rough time dealing with monsters that were capable of using Katana Skills since they’ve never seen it before and the closed beta ended before they could even challenge the 10th Floor’s Boss.

And yet, the 1st Floor’s Boss suddenly had that weapon.


Ilfang the Kobold Lord roared, and it suddenly looked toward Diavel who was rushing toward it.


Ilfang used the floor to spring itself toward Diavel. Diavel who finally discovered the change stopped, but it was too late.


Diavel was surprised beyond belief. His face showed indescribable expression as Ilfang sprung toward him so low that it almost touched the ground with faint red light enveloping its nodachi.


That was one of the Katana Skills, Floating Boat.


Ilfang’s nodachi slammed Diavel’s shield.

Diavel showed his persistence as one of the clearers as he raised his shield at the last moment to block Ilfang’s Sword Skill.

However, those who have reached the 10th floor during the closed beta should know that the most terrifying part about Katana Skill Floating Boat was not its attack power, but its ability to knock the enemy high into the air, leaving the enemy vulnerable to another attack.

While Diavel was high in the air, Ilfang was no longer in the post-motion state.


Ilfang’s nodachi once again glowed red.


Floating Boat was just the opening of the Katana Skills combo. In most cases, the next Katana Skills in the combo would be Scarlet Fan, which was a three-hit combo that consisted of an upward, downward, and thrusting combo.

The beta testers who fell victim to this combo would lose half of their hp.

And of course, for the players whose hp was half or lower, needless to say what will happen to them if they took this combo head-on.


Ilfang roared and rushed toward Diavel to deal the finishing blow while Diavel himself couldn’t do a thing but watch with widened eyes

The fear of death shrouded the self-proclaimed knight’s heart.

at this time…


Diavel saw that a teenager using Anneal Blade+6 rushing toward Ilfang, who was in the middle of doing a pre-motion for its Sword Skill. The teenager used his Sword Skill,  Slant, to push Ilfang back.


Thanks to Kirito’s Sword Skill, Ilfang’s Sword Skill was canceled because Ilfang was thrown out of balance during its Sword Skill’s pre-motion.

The rest of the players looked Kirito in awe upon seeing this scene.


The enraged Ilfang shifted its attention toward Kirito and rushed toward him.

Diavel, who managed to barely stay alive, fell to the ground, and the rough landing also reduced his hp.


Diavel groaned.



The party led by Kibaou rushed to Diabel’s side and helped him.

“Are you okay, Diavel?”

Kibaou asked in panic.

“I… I’m fine…”

Diavel still felt the lingering fear, but he shook his head to ease everyone else.


“You know that you’re still alive now thanks to him, right?”

Rozen said to Diavel while pointing toward Kirito.

Rozen smiled, but there was no shred of pity in his eyes.

Seeing Rozen’s eyes, Diavel knew that Rozen has seen through him from the beginning.

“You can explain yourself after we’re done with the Floor Boss.”

Rozen cared neither about Diavel’s silence nor the normal players’ confusion.

Meanwhile, Ilfang was in the middle of a fierce battle with Kirito. When Ilfang rushed toward him, Kirito was ready to defend himself when suddenly the same sword as he used came from beside Ilfang, repelling Ilfang’s attack.



Ilfang backed off a little.

It was Rozen who came to Kirito’s aid.


Kirito was surprised, and in response, Rozen just greeted him with a smile.

As this sibling’s eyes met, they knew each other’s thoughts

“Let’s teach this boss a lesson, Kirito!”


The sibling took their stance at the same time and rushed toward Ilfang with only one-tenth hp left.

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