Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 289



As Ilfang the Kobold Lord was defeated, Ruin Kobold Sentinel also disappeared. Even the brightly lit room returned to its former state, a dark and dull room, making everything that has just happened looked like a dream.

However, this was definitely not a dream, because in front of all players, a window popped up showing Exp, Cor, and drop items.

The Players who were silent at first immediately cheered and even hugged with each other, filling the Boss Room with joy.


Rainbow Butterfly that was probably being drawn to the celebratory atmosphere danced happily in the air, and discharged glittering powder. Of course, it was just an ordinary glittering powder, not its skill.


Rozen also breathed a sigh of relief as he was no longer in the state of using Eye of the Mind, revealing a sincere smile.

It was a surprise even for Rozen since it only took him a few seconds to activate Eye of the Mind, and he managed to maintain it for a few minutes.

Although he neither got the last attack on Ilfang the Kobold Sentinel nor the Ruin Kobold Sentinel to add them to Rozen’s familiar collection, he didn’t feel that disappointed since Ilfang was technically the weakest Floor Boss in Aincrad.

Rozen then approached Kirito and extended his hand to help Kirito get back on his feet. Kirito took Rozen’s hand and smiled wearily and fist-bumped with Rozen.

“Clap Clap…”

A burst of applause sounded behind the siblings, drawing their eyes to where the sound came from.

“You guys really are amazing, I’m impressed, really, Kirito, Rozen.”

Argo clapped while laughing.

Even though Argo’s sense of presence may seem weak, this agile information broker contributed quite a lot to the success of this Floor Boss Raid. She’d give potions to players who were low on potions, and drawing Ruin Kobold Sentinel’s aggro.

Agil, who was beside Argo, also gave a thumbs up to Rozen and Kirito.

“I didn’t think you’d be this strong, your flawless cooperation, especially the way you use Sword Skill. It’s so magnificent that it left me speechless.”

Agil rained them down with praise.

Of course, the players in the beta period also cheered and hailed them.

“Way to go!”

“Aren’t you two much stronger compared to closed beta?”

“Don’t tell me you’ve been holding back this whole time!”

“Don’t keep it to yourself, share with us your secrets, will you?”



The beta testers all laughed happily, and joy was apparent on their faces. On the contrary, although they were also happy that the Floor Boss was defeated, they realized beta testers deserved the most credit for this victory. Meanwhile, they barely did anything. However, it all went well in the end.

“With this, we should be able to go to the second floor.”

“And the news about our victory should reach Town of Beginnings, right?”

“Yeah, and they should be a little more positive about clearing this game.”

“That’s right.”

The players said one after another.

There were only three people who were not particularly happy with the current situation.


Asuna, who was standing in a corner where no one noticed, gazed at Rozen being surrounded by the crowd, muttering to herself.

“I can’t believe beta testers would take the spotlight…”

Kibaou said in disbelief.


Diavel who was drinking healing potion remained silent.

“Isn’t it about time you explain yourself?”

Rozen approached Diavel and asked him such question.

This surprised all players in that room.

“What happened?”

“What else is there to talk about?”

“Is it loot’s distribution?”

“Didn’t we already agree with finders keepers rule?”

The players made a fuss since they were confused.

Only Kirito, Argo, Agil, and Asuna seemed to notice something, and they just stared silently at Diavel.

The atmosphere in the room slightly changed.

“What are you planning to do?”

Diavel stood between Diavel and Rozen to cover him.

“Just because you contributed a lot in this Floor Boss Raid, you think you can look down on us?”

It seemed that Kibaou thought Rozen and the rest of the beta testers would take advantage of their contribution to make unreasonable demands, for example forcing the normal players to hand all the drop items they just got.

Kibaou still believed that beta testers were a group of selfish people who only cared about themselves. Even if they were no longer hostile toward the testers, he still has not acknowledged them.

However, Kibaou didn’t realize what just happened earlier.

“Looking down on others because I contributed a lot? Did you speak for yourself?” Rozen said sarcastically, silencing Kibaou.

Seeing this scene, the players started to realize that something must’ve happened without them knowing.

“What the hell is going on?”

Argo asked on everyone’s behalf.

Kirito, Agil, and Asuna, who was standing in the corner, turned their attention to Rozen.

In this regard, Rozen only said one word.

“Do you know that Diavel rushed earlier because he wanted to snatch the LA bonus?”

Rozen’s straightforward words changed the looks on everyone’s face.

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