Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 290



The abbreviation of Last Attack in SAO.

In SAO, the player who got LA especially when it came to boss, will obtain a bunch of rewards like more exp and Cor compared to other players who also participated, and they’ll also obtain rare drop items.

A good example was Rozen’s Thousand Layer Robe that he got from a Mid Boss in the labyrinth area.

Item drop from monster was rarer, thus much more powerful than average items or equipment.

Therefore, Floor Boss’ La was something every SAO players desired.

During the closed beta, there were countless disputes when it came to competing for Floor Boss’ LA.

Rozen revealed that Diavel was trying to snatch LA; that was the reason why he rushed toward the boss, and he didn’t do that out of a whim. He has been planning this for a long time.


It was not Diavel who refuted Rozen’s argument, but Kibaou.

“You think Diavel-san is like you selfish beta testers?”

Kibaou pointed and shouted at Rozen.

“Diavel-san is doing his best to free all players trapped in this crappy game. Don’t lump him with the likes of you!”

Kibaou’s passionate speech incited other normal players

“That’s right!”

“Do you think Diavel is like you beta testers??”

“Don’t you dare make a baseless accusation!”

“if Diavel didn’t rush forward earlier, it would’ve been you beta testers who were lying on the ground by now!”

“What a bunch of ungrateful bastards!”

Diavel’s party member yelled angrily.

Apparently, these people actually thought that Diavel rushed forward because he noticed the Floor Boss’ attack pattern was about to change, and he was worried about the beta testers.


“We have already known from the beginning that the Floor Boss’ attack pattern would change even without him reminding us. And even if he did want to remind us, a shout from afar will do, what is the point of rushing to the Floor Boss on his own?”

Rozen said, still staring at Diavel.

This made the players who covered Diavel even more agitated, especially Kibaou, who has been glaring at Rozen.

“So, you’d accuse Diavel-san of trying to steal the Floor Boss’ LA just because of that?”

That fact alone was indeed not convincing. There were more people who didn’t believe in Rozen’s accusation than those who did since Diavel was popular among normal players, not to mention his charismatic leader persona that captivated many players.

But Rozen wasn’t someone who would blurt out nonsense without sufficient evidence.

Rozen then shifted his attention to Kibaou.

“Kiba whatever-san is it?” Rozen said to Kibaou: “I heard that you want to buy Kirito’s and my Anneal Blade through Argo, no?”

Hearing this, Kibaou suddenly lost his composure for a brief moment, but he admitted it right after.

“Yes! Is there any problem with that?”

Kibaou asked angrily.

However, this was nothing but him putting a brave front.

Rozen just smiled.

“Didn’t you hate beta testers?” Rozen said with a smile: “Setting Kirito aside since you may not know he was a beta tester prior to the strategy meeting, but I am pretty sure most players knew I’m a beta tester. And you of all people would buy a weapon from a beta tester? Isn’t this against your principle?”

Rozen noticed this contradiction when Argo mentioned that her client was Kibaou.

“I’m afraid that’s a lie, isn’t it?” Rozen said: “You’re merely the middleman to ask Argo.”

Rozen then glanced at Argo and quipped.

“A certain information broker should have realized this possibility long ago.”

Argo just smiled awkwardly in response.

In other words, there was someone else who wanted to buy off Kirito and Rozen’s Anneal Blade. But since that person knew Argo could sell his identity and information to Rozen, that person decided to use a middleman, which was Kibaou.

The reason behind it was also very simple.

“The one who asked you to be a middleman wanted to prevent us from getting LA by trying to buy our weapons to weaken our attack power.”

Rozen said convincingly.

“As for the reasons for targeting us, it is also very simple, because Kirito and I are famous during closed beta.”

Rozen was the leader who led the frontline players all the way to the 10th floor during the closed beta, but it was not like he just gave instructions and left the fight to the rest. In order to hone his Eye of the Mind and add the Floor Bosses to his familiar collection, he was also in the frontline, as the result he got quite a lot of LA.

Although Kirito was not as good as Rozen, thanks to his exceptional game skills, he also performed extremely well in the Floor Boss Raid. He got a fair share of LA too, as if competing with Rozen.

The person asking Kibaou to be the middleman knew how strong Rozen and Kirito was. Knowing these two will definitely be a thorn in his side to get LA, he immediately took certain measures.

There was only one person who could do this kind of thing.

“That person tried to buy our weapons before the strategy meeting. Meaning, that person wasn’t someone who participated in the meeting without knowing the Boss Room has been discovered. Only one person could do this, and it was the one who held the strategy meeting in the first place and the one who discovered the Boss Room first.”

Rozen looked at Diavel, who was still silent and said slowly.

“That person is you, right?”

As soon as Rozen said that, everyone present was in dismay.

Kibaou, who was about to refute Rozen’s statement, couldn’t even say a word as Rozen beat him to it.

“I’m sure you want to say this is just a slander I fabricated, right?”

“Then let me ask you one thing, have you ever wondered, setting me aside, but how did Diavel know Kirito was a beta tester? And how did he know what we’ve achieved during the closed beta?”

This question silenced Kibaou along with everyone else in the room.


Rozen was one thing, but why Diavel know that Kirito was a beta tester and the fact that these two got a lot of LA during the closed beta?

There was only one reason for that.


Rozen then asked faintly.

“You’re also a beta tester, right?”

The statement that shocked everyone in the room.

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