Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 291


“Diavel is a beta tester.”

Rozen arrived at this conclusion when Argo gave him the information about Diavel.

Back then, Argo said…

“Diavel was one of the players who took an early start after this death game officially started. He even convinced his party members to muster their courage to leave the Town of Beginnings. Thanks to him, his party managed to reach all the way to the labyrinth area, and they might be one of the strongest if not the strongest party in SAO at the moment. Perhaps it’s because Diavel has played various games before SAO, he seems quite skilled and experienced in leading a large team. But he’s really bold, just like a beta tester, he led his party to an area with high-level monsters and villages with a limited and hidden quest right from the start, racking a lot of exp and Cor.”

That fact alone was quite strange.

Diavel being one of the players to leave Town of Beginnings was nothing strange. It was not uncommon for normal players to realize that they had to become stronger in order to survive in this world.

However, leading his party boldly to an area with high-level monsters and villages with a limited and hidden quest right from the start seemed a bit off.

“Even if he is a bold person, unless he had the information and knowledge about the closed beta, players wouldn’t risk going to areas with high-level monsters under normal circumstances, even if they were skilled enough in the game.”

“At least it’d be understandable if he’s going solo.”

“But, if he was leading his party, and if he really is an exceptional party leader, he would never do something that stupid.”

That was what Rozen thought.

Not to mention, Diavel and his party managed to complete a bunch of hidden and limited quests before most beta testers, which was even more baffling.


“You were a beta tester all along.”

Rozen said once again, ignoring the shock on everyone’s face.

“You must’ve used a different nickname after the game officially started, and since everyone’s avatar now resembled our appearance in real life, you managed to turn into a completely different person than your closed beta’s avatar.”

Using that method, Diavel concealed his identity like the rest of the beta testers and convinced a group of players to team up with him and led them out of Town of Beginnings with his knowledge as a beta tester. That was the reason why he was confident in going to an area with higher-level monsters and able to complete hidden and limited quests

That was also why Diavel knew who Rozen and Kirito were. So, after he found the Boss Room, he quickly asked Kibaou to procure their weapons to prevent them from getting LA bonus. 

“The reason why you didn’t stop Kiba whatever-san’s hate speech during the strategy meeting yesterday was because you guys already knew each other, right?”

Rozen said indifferently to Diabel.

“In return for your request to Kiba whatever-san, you let him vent his anger during the strategy meeting.”

In other words, Diabel not only concealed the fact that he was a beta tester but also lied to Kibaou for his own benefit.

Kibaou himself didn’t notice that Diavel was a beta tester. If he knew, he wouldn’t comply with his request.

Diavel must’ve pretended as a normal player who disagreed with the beta tester’s way of doing things and told Kibaou that Rozen and Kirito were beta testers who will steal the Floor Boss’ LA.

That was the reason why Kibaou helped Diavel and covered him all the time.

“Am i right Diavel-san?”

Rozen asked, still sounded indifferent.

“If you want to deny, then please tell everyone here, how do you know that Kirito is a beta tester, and how do you know that Kirito and I are experienced in taking LA?”

Diavel obviously heard that, but he remained silent.

“This is… a lie… right…?”

Kibaou looked at Diavel in disbelief.

“Diavel is a beta tester…?”

“That’s a lie, right…?”

“That must be a lie…”

Diavel’s party members and other normal players were also shaken.

If Diavel denied Rozen’s accusation, these players will definitely stand up and cover him.

Unfortunately, Diabel couldn’t deny any of Rozen’s accusations because he couldn’t explain why he knew all those things if he was a normal player.


“…Floor Boss’ rare drop items are the best equipment in this world. Since SAO has become a death game, better equipment equal to a higher chance of survival in the future, and I’d use any means possible to obtain it, even if it meant deceiving other players.”

Diavel finally said bitterly. That was basically admitting to everything that Rozen just said



Diabel’s party members and other normal players were shocked in disbelief.

Kibaou trembled and walked toward Diavel staggeringly.

“Why… why did you lie to me…!”

Kibaou roared hoarsely.

“I trusted you! I believe that you are the one who can lead us against beta testers and this game!”

Kibaou drew his sword and impulsively tried to attack Diavel.


“Stop it!”

“Do you want to be a criminal?!”

The players around Kibaou stopped him.

Seeing this scene, Rozen’s Raid Team didn’t say a word.

Amidst the chaos, Kirito asked Diavel.

“Is it really worth it?”

Diavel couldn’t answer that question.

“I betrayed everyone, not only the average players who trusted me, but also the beta testers who have played this game together with me, sorry everyone.”

Now, only this fact remained.

“I told you, right?”

Diabel looked at Rozen with a forced smile.

“I am nowhere as good as you.”

Unlike Rozen, who stood up for the beta testers and took matters to his own hand by confronting other normal players through fair arguments, Diavel was also a beta tester, but he took the path of deceit and betrayal.

Now, the deceiver will have to bear all the consequences.

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