Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 292


Diavel returned to the Town of Beginnings. However, unlike usual, this time, he was alone.

After deceiving his companion and betrayed the beta tester, Diavel no longer had the right to lead anyone.

However, no one imposed any kind of sanction for Diavel.

“Well, seeing it from another perspective, that’s how bad he wanted to clear this game and saved all players.”

Argo said, Agil and Kirito also nodded in agreement. But Rozen remained silent and just let Diavel head back to the Town of Beginnings peacefully.

Rozen believed that Diavel would never return to the front line.

“I will continue to hunt monsters in this world and use the Cor I got from monsters to help the players who were too afraid to leave the Town of Beginnings.”

Diavel returned to the Town of Beginnings, leaving that as parting words. Meanwhile, the normal players led by Diavel just left without saying a word, including Kibaou who gripped his One-Handed Sword firmly with his head looking down.

Thus, only Rozen’s Raid Team remained in the Boss Room, which also disbanded not long after.

“The First Floor’s Boss has been defeated, and the second floor is opened. I’ll go back ahead of you guys, i’m leaving the activation of the teleport gate to you.

Argo then left by herself.

“A lot has happened, but overall, today was really an eye-opener for me, and I’m looking forward to learn more from you.”

Agil then immediately led his teammates back to tolbana after saying those words to Rozen. He said that he had to reorganize some stuff before heading to the second floor.

The beta testers then gathered around Rozen and Kirito, asking for their next plan.

“Are you guys going straight to the second floor right away?”

“Are you going solo again?”

“Aren’t Rozen and Kirito really close? They’d form a party together, no?”

“How about forming a guild with these members?”

“That’s a great idea!”

The beta testers were so excited about this idea.

Once a Player reached the third floor and completed a certain quest, they’ll be able to form a guild and invite other players to join.

Joining a guild will give players several benefits, for example, increasing leveling speed, granting additional stats if a party consisted of the players from the same guild, and the most important of all, giving the sense of unity and security. The only demerit was guild members would be taxed whenever they earned Cor, and it was sent right to the guild’s vault.

However, in general, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Joining the guild was undoubtedly a good thing. And since SAO has become a death game, it was extremely dangerous to go alone. There was a limit to how much a player could go solo after all

Therefore, after reaching the third floor, guilds will be formed one after another. Knowing this fact, the beta testers made this suggestion.

“Rozen would be a perfect fit as the guild leader.”

“No objection.”


“I’m also in favor.”

The beta testers voiced their agreement one after another.

Knowing what Rozen was capable of, the beta testers must’ve wanted to stick close to him.

Besides, they have been enduring all sorts of hardship during that month. It was rare for the beta testers to stand out, so it was understandable if they wanted to band together.

The beta testers knew that even if they banded together and formed a guild, the conflict with normal players who hated them was inevitable. But seeing what Rozen was capable of, they decided to gamble on Rozen.

Everyone looked at Rozen with hopeful eyes, including Kirito.

It went without saying that Kirito actually didn’t want to go solo. Kirito once decided to abandon everyone in order to become stronger. But deep down, he has been longing to have a partner.

This was the only chance for Kirito to leave behind his solo player identity. If he missed this chance, most probably, he’ll remain a solo player until this game was cleared. Of course, it went without saying that it was dangerous.

Even with Kirito’s exceptional technique, there’s always a risk when going solo, and Rozen didn’t want any sort of accident to befall his only brother in this world and he hesitated.

Soon after, Rozen finally made his decision.


As the beta testers went to the deepest part of the Boss Room, they saw a door. Once they passed through that door, they’ll instantly reach the second floor. Their job next was to go through the door and activate the teleport gate located in town, connecting it to the first floor, and once they did, players could teleport from the first floor to the second floor and vice versa, including the players who were too afraid to leave the Town of Beginnings.

When Rozen was close enough to the door, someone stopped him.

 “Do you really think this game will be cleared one day?”

A voice asking such a question behind Rozen stopped him.

Rozen stopped and answered without looking back.

“Of course.”

Rozen’s confident answer made the girl look down helplessly, and she once again asked with lower voice.

 “What If nobody can do it?”

Rozen’s answer was once again, brief and casual.

“I will do it.”

Rozen said casually. It was different from confidence or pessimist. He was so carefree as if it was no big deal.

“This is the decision I made on the day I stepped out of the Town of Beginnings.”

Rozen added.

“Clear this game and teach Kayaba Akihiko a lesson. That has been my goal ever since this death game officially started.”

Rozen finally turned around and said.

“What about you?” Rozen, who barely developed any interest in most people, asked: “What are you planning to do next?”

This question left Asuna in silence, but not for long.

Asuna raised her head and looked straight at Rozen.

Although she still couldn’t bring herself to be optimistic, but…

“I also want to fight.”

Asuna said sincerely.

“Fight like you guys.”

This was the answer Asuna arrived at during the Floor Boss Raid.

Rozen just smiled, the smile was laid back and easy going.

“Then, you will able to do your best.”

After that, Rozen turned around and went after Kirito and the rest of the beta testers.

Asuna’s eyes were fixed at Rozen’s back for quite a while.


“That’s right.”

On their way to the stair leading to the second floor, Kirito suddenly asked Rozen.

“What is our guild’s name?”


“I forgot the name.”

“Leader, go ahead and pick a name!”

“We’ll leave it to you!”

The beta testers yelled in succession.

“Hmmm…. name, huh.”

Rozen then casually came up with a name.

“Red Wing… Yeah, that would do.”

This name will resound throughout the world for the next two years because that was the first and strongest guild ever formed in SAO.

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