Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 300



Rozen’s question left Keita and his party speechless. Of course, they knew what Rozen was trying to point out.

“This is the exact Tamed Monster as The Magician used we’re talking about. If you manage to get your hands on it, you can sell it for a hefty amount of Cor, and if you use it properly, you guys can rival the high-level Players.”

Rozen stated the fact.

“Since you’re lucky enough to be able to find that Tamed Monster, isn’t trying to tame it the first thing that should cross most players’ minds normally? I mean, even if you fail, there’s no harm in trying, right?”

Rozen pointed out his suspicion.

In particular, Ducker, Tetsuo, and Sasamaru were silent. Meanwhile, Sachi just gripped her spear firmly, looking anxious.

Keita, who realized his companions’ anxiety, shook his head and said.

“It’d be a lie if I said that idea didn’t cross our mind.”

Keita said toward Rozen.

“We are in the same guild. We strive to become a high-leveled Player and join the clearers.”

Obviously, that was not an easy task.

It was obvious judging from their equipment that their level wasn’t that high, at most, they were at level 20. Meanwhile, the average level of the clearers was 40. Putting Rozen aside, who was at level 48, even Kirito was at level 44 currently.

In addition, the clearers were active in the frontline, the Exp, Cor, and drop items that they got were on a whole different level compared to lower-level Players like Keita and his party. They also often dealt will various types of Bosses like Field Boss, Mid-Boss, and Floor Boss, causing the gap between the clearers and lower-level Players became farther and farther.

It was not impossible, but it should be really hard to achieve.

However, Keita didn’t lie.

These five players did belong to the same guild. As proof, there was a black cat emblem beside their hp bar.

“Moonlit Black Cats,” that’s the name of our guild.”

Keita noticed that Rozen was observing the guild emblem beside their hp bar and scratched his head, looking slightly embarrassed.

“Although the guild members are only us 5, and let alone with a guild like Red Wings, we’re practically a no-name compared to other guilds out there. But that’s exactly why we made this choice.”

Upon hearing those words, Rozen had a rough idea about what Keita was about to say.

“Something that precious, even if we do manage to get our hands on it, other Players most probably will go after us not long after.” Keita said, looking gloomy all of a sudden: “I don’t want my companions to be in danger, let alone being marked by Orange Guild or even Red Guild.”

Orange Guild, as the name suggested, it was a guild consisted of orange players, who were mostly involved in a robbery, pillaging, etc., they’d use all means possible to achieve their purpose, and they wouldn’t hesitate to attack or even kill other Players to do so.

Among these guilds, there were even some that killed other Players simply for fun. These guilds were eventually known as Red Guilds.

If Moonlit Black Cats managed to obtain the Tamed Monster and the news spread across the whole game, let alone Orange Guilds, even Red Guilds will be after them, not to mention some Player Killers out there. Even a green player who seemed innocent might trick them. Tricking here meant luring other Players outside the Safe Zone and then ambushed them, and took away all their items.

There were already some Players who became criminals even back in the 1st Floor, and during the past six months, their numbers kept increasing.

This was the reason why Keita decided to give up the idea of obtaining the Tamed Monster.

“Not to mention, such a powerful Tamed Monster would be wasted even if we do manage to get our hands on it. I’d rather give it to you guys to help clear this game.” Keita said seriously: “I wouldn’t mind giving it away for free if it means we can be free from this world faster.”

The words that came out of Keita’s mouth was so sincere.

Upon hearing how sincere the words that came out of Keita’s mouth and the look on Ducker, Tetsuo, and Sasamaru’s faces, Rozen and Kirito felt guilty. They looked at each other without saying a word. Keita and his party also didn’t notice the slight change in Rozen and Kirito’s expression.


“You guys really are a bunch of good people.”

Kirito said in his heart.

Rozen also smiled sincerely and nodded toward Keita and his party.

“You have admirable dreams. As a member of the clearers, I am looking forward to the day we can fight side by side. Go for it!”

Rozen’s encouraging words made Moonlit Black Cats’ members became excited.

“Did you hear that, Tetsuo? A clearer acknowledged us, and he’s a member of the famous Red Wings, no less!”

“I did… I certainly did!”

“I… we will do our best!”

Ducker, Tetsuo, and Sasamaru were inspired by Rozen’s word.

“Thank you very much.”

Keita was also moved and thanked Rozen.

“Fight alongside each other, huh…”

Only Sachi, who still seemed anxious and constantly looked down. Kirito who noticed this was a little concerned about her.

Although Rozen also noticed it, he put it aside for the moment and said to Keita.

“If that’s the case, then i’m counting on you to lead the way.”

Everyone agreed, only Sachi voiced her concern.

“The area ahead of us was swarmed by high-level monsters. Will we be all right?”

Sachi said with a weak tone.


“What are you afraid of!” Ducker said to Sachi: “We have a clearer on our side, there’s nothing to fear!”

“Yes!” Tetsuo nodded several times.

“Don’t worry,” Sasamaru said and smiled.

Upon hearing her party’s encouragement, she seemed a little less anxious, and they all finally walked into the forest.

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