Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 304


After his calculation, Rozen believed that this poisonous flower field should pose no threat to him considering his level and his Battle Healing’s level. But of course, the only monster that inhabited this poisonous flower field was not just the Rainbow Butterfly. There were also many high-level insect monsters roamed around that place, around level 22-25.

“The monster’s level in this place is as high as the labyrinth’s monster on this floor. It seems like this is meant to be the death trap of this floor.”

If a lower-level Player happened to enter this place, they’d die for sure.

“Luckily, we don’t have to go through this place to reach the labyrinth area back then.”

 “But the tricky part here is because the monsters’ attack also deals poison attack, if I got hit, the toxin’s effect would be amplified.”

Thanks to his level and equipment advantage, Rozen could easily push forward and dodge this floor monster’s attack even without using Eye of the Mind and then killed them immediately without even using Sword Skills.

“Since there’s no lower-level Player who would hunt the monsters here, this isn’t considered hindering other Players, right?

Rozen gave himself an excuse to kill all the monsters along the way.

Of course, since those were low-level monsters, Rozen barely got any exp, and the Cor he obtained wasn’t that much either, but obtaining rare drop items was possible nonetheless. Rozen could use it to craft various items, including poisonous weapons.

“This is not so bad, I guess.”

Rozen resumed his venture in the poisonous flower field after confirming the items he got.

Rozen kept moving and killed all the non-insect monsters that he saw along the way until he found the objective two hours later.


When Rozen heard this familiar voice, he stopped and immediately rushed into some flowers to hide, and Rozen’s body seemed to disappear completely right after. That was the effect of Hiding skill. When Rozen reached level 40, he unlocked his seventh Skill Slot. The Skills that he equipped were: One-Handed Sword, Blade Throwing, Sprint, Martial Art, Extended Weight Limit, Battle Healing, and Hiding.

The reason why Rozen picked Hiding was not to ambush other Player but to explore deeper into the labyrinth without being discovered by monsters. Thanks to this Skill, Rozen could sneak into a bunch of dangerous places to look for treasure chests, and complete some hidden quests, Rozen has been using this Skill since he was at level 20 and now it was already at level 300. At that level, unless the monster had a higher level than Rozen, or it had some special perception skill, Rozen wouldn’t be able to be discovered.

Rainbow Butterfly did have special perception skill, but at the end of the day, it was just a level 1 monster.

“A level 1 monster shouldn’t be enough to see through my Hiding.”

Rozen began to approach the Rainbow Butterfly as he muttered. And not long after, he saw the familiar figure of the Rainbow Butterfly that was sucking nectar from a poisonous flower. Rozen was convinced that Rainbow Butterfly and his Rainbow Butterfly belonged to the same species after seeing it up close along with the monster’s name.

However, this time the Rainbow Butterfly’s cursor was pale pink, unlike the first time he encountered it since Rozen has already reached level 50.


Rozen exclaimed quietly as he saw the Rainbow Butterfly was within reach.

“Once I tame the second Rainbow Butterfly, I can switch my Rainbow Butterflies alternately and developed more tactics and approaches during battle.”

Of course, he had to tame the second Rainbow Butterfly in front of him before he could celebrate.

Rozen approached the Rainbow Butterfly still using Hiding.


The Rainbow Butterfly stopped sucking nectar and looked toward where Rozen stood as if it sensed something.

At this moment, an indicator below Rozen’s vision, which was at 90% at first, suddenly became 70%. That indicator was called Hide Rate, which indicated how well the Player blended in with their environment. The rate increased or decreased depending on the type and color of the armor worn, the brightness and the surrounding terrain, as well as the Player’s movements and hiding skill level. The Player’s Hide Rate also decreased if someone was gazing at the location where the Player was hiding.

The Rainbow Butterfly was slightly alarmed all of a sudden, and Rozen’s Hide Rate dropped by 20%, which was quite an exceptional perception that the Rainbow Butterfly had considering it was just a level 1 monster.

However, it didn’t matter as Rozen used Hiding just to get close enough to the Rainbow Butterfly. From Rozen’s current position, if he sprinted as fast as he could, there was no chance that the Rainbow Butterfly could escape.

Rozen planted his feet on the ground, and he ran in a straight line toward the Rainbow Butterfly like a sharp arrow.


Rainbow Butterfly noticed Rozen and quickly flapped its wings to escape while crying out.

But as Rozen calculated, with his speed, he pounced and managed to capture the Rainbow Butterfly in his arm.

“Goooo! Goooo!”

The Rainbow that panicked still flapped its wings and discharged glittering yellow powder, which was the only Skill it could use in level, the paralyzing powder.

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