Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 305



Followed by the sound, the lightning-like icon suddenly appeared beside the poison icon and Rozen was unable to move.

Even if the level of Rozen really is so high, there is no way to avoid this zero-distance paralysis skill.

Although Rozen should be immune to paralyze skill that a level 1 monster used on him, but prior to being tamed, the Rainbow Buterfly’s debuff skills were irresistible, anyone got hit by its Paralyzing Powder will be paralyzed for three seconds regardless of the target’s level.

And these three seconds were enough for the Rainbow Butterfly to escape.


Rozen broke free from Rozen’s grasp, who was paralyzed and immediately flapped its wings to get away as fast as possible with amazing speed. Even with Rozen’s current level, it should be hard to keep up with the Rainbow Butterfly.

That is the tricky part of the Rainbow Butterfly. Although its hp was so low that it would be killed in just a single blow, it was so fast. Not to mention, it had an exceptional perception, and once it noticed a Player’s presence, it will escape as fast as it could with its speed. At this point, there was nothing a Player could do other than use Blade Throwing skill. However, if a Player’s Blade Throwing skill was any higher than level 1, the Rainbow Butterfly will be instantly killed even if the Player used stone instead of a normal projectile.

While Players with a lot of AGI should be able to catch up to Rainbow Butterfly with their speed, provided they were high-leveled. But if they used any kind of attack, the Rainbow Butterfly will die in one blow for sure, and if they tried to capture it, they’d be paralyzed like Rozen was.

There was simply no simple way to solve this. Therefore, Players who encountered Rainbow Butterflies would rather kill it to earn a bunch of Exp, Cor and drop items instead of trying to tame it.

Rainbow Butterflies were supposed to be a monster that granted Players an exceptional amount of rewards to begin with. Rozen just happened to discover the conditions to tame them.

Rozen did manage to tame one, but at this point, it seemed like a one-time wonder, and there was no second time.


“I won’t give up that easily when it comes to Familiar!”

Right after saying those words, a rainbow crystal came out of his storage, shrouded by lights.


A Rainbow Butterfly emerged from the light, after letting out a pleasant cry, it immediately rushed toward the second Rainbow Butterfly.


Hearing the familiar sound behind it, the second Rainbow Butterfly turned his head around, seeing the exact same type of Rainbow Butterfly behind it, the second Rainbow Butterfly was surprised.


Saihou let out a joyful cry as if calling out to its companion. It immediately caught up and discharged the Paralyzing Powder toward the second Rainbow Butterfly.

Since Saihou belonged to the same species as the second Rainbow Butterfly, and it was currently level 45, catching up to the second Rainbow Butterfly was a walk in the park


The second Rainbow Butterfly fell to the ground and unable to move after taking on the same skill it used to Rozen earlier.

Upon seeing this scene, Rozen smiled.

“As expected of my Saihou.”

For most players, there was no other viable option but to kill the Rainbow Butterfly. However, since every Rainbow Butterfly’s ability was afflicting negative status effect without dealing any damage, Rozen could stop the second Rainbow Butterfly with Saihou’s ability.

“Although other players can use a similar method, there are only a few skills that was able to inflict a status effect. And even among those few skills, most of them will deal damage to the target, and even though they managed to inflict negative status effect to Rainbow Butterfly, this monster is highly resistant to status effects.”

Therefore, only Rozen who was able to stop the Rainbow Butterfly.

By the time the second Rainbow Butterfly fell and paralyzed, Rozen’s paralysis was finally lifted up.


Saihou flew toward Rozen while crying as if asking for Rozen’s praise.

“Alright, I’ll give you Dragon Scented Scallion once we get back.”

Rozen sighed and then walked toward the second Rainbow Butterfly.

“Goo… ngghh..!”

Seeing Rozen was approaching, despite realizing it was unable to move, the second Rainbow Butterfly looked at Rozen with vigilant.

This was the exact same scene when Rozen tamed Saihou. Except at this moment, Saihou was flying beside Rozen.

Seeing Saihou docilely followed Rozen, the second Rainbow Butterfly showed a look of astonishment and bewilderment.

Unlike other monsters in Outer Field and labyrinth, Rainbow Butterflies were no ordinary monsters, their AI was far more complex compared to other monsters, and that was why they were able to be tamed.

There were only seven Rainbow Butterflies, and all of them were raised by the princess, and they definitely knew each other.

However, Rozen did not particularly care about that at this moment.

Rozen just crouched down and reached out to the collar in the second Rainbow Butterfly’s neck.

Back then, Rozen had a hard time to destroy the collar.

“This time…”

Rozen pulled out a projectile that he put in a pocket around his waist and held it high.


Sword Skills light shrouded Rozen’s projectile.

Using basic Blade Throwing skill, Single Shot, Rozen swung down the projectile.


A loud metal collision sound echoed.


Now that Rozen was almost level 50, he effortlessly shattered the collar in one hit.


The surprised second Rainbow Butterfly once again saw Rozen in astonishment, and at the same time, the paralysis was lifted up.


Upon realizing this, the second Rainbow Butterfly immediately flew up and looked at Rozen vigilantly.

Unlike last time where Saihou immediately plunged into Rozen’s arms right after he destroyed the collar on Saihou’s neck, this time that was no longer the case

Seeing this difference, Rozen was thinking.

“The next step is the key.”

Whether Rozen could tame the second Rainbow Butterfly or not will depend on the next step.

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