Summoner of Miracles

Summoner of Miracles Chapter 306


Unlike when Rozen tamed Saichou, the second Rainbow Butterfly neither plunged itself into Rozen’s arms nor was it tamed. There was one clear reason for that. It was because that was only one among the three conditions to tame the Rainbow Butterfly.

In addition to never kill any insect monster and destroy the collar on the Rainbow Butterfly’s neck without killing it, the Player attempting to tame the Rainbow Butterfly was not allowed to equip weapon ever. Without fulfilling all three conditions, it was impossible to tame it, and this was the situation Rozen currently in.

Since Rozen was determined to tame all Rainbow Butterflies, he has refrained from killing insect monsters. Even so, not allowed to equip any weapon ever was straight out impossible, not only for Rozen, but also for all Players.

Even the Players who refused to leave town because they were too afraid of dying still had a weapon equipped for self-protection, meaning there was no Player capable of taming the Rainbow Butterfly, and Rozen was no exception.


 “As much as I hate to admit it, but everything in this world exists and happens for a reason.”

That was a statement that would never cross other Players’ minds, which led Rozen to a question.

For example, the reward from “The Secret Medicine of the Forest quest,” Anneal Blade. That One-Handed Sword was given by a woman NPC, and that NPC explained the reason why she had that sword. Otherwise, there would be some Players who might question why that woman NPC would have such an amazing sword on her.

Everything in SAO was designed to be logical to make sure Players didn’t feel anything off from the game. In other words, there must be a logical reason behind the three conditions to tame the Rainbow Butterfly.

First, not allowed to kill the same species monster as the monster a Player wished to tame, that would make sense since the Rainbow Butterfly obviously didn’t want to obey someone who has slaughtered its species.

Second, destroying the collar on the Rainbow Butterfly’s neck, which was considered its shackle in the past, according to the Rainbow Butterfly’s backstory.

And the last condition about the Players who wished to tame the Rainbow Butterfly may never equip any weapon must have a reason too. Rozen has been guessing about the reason behind it since he tamed Saichou.

Seeing the vigilant Rainbow Butterfly that showed no sign of becoming Rozen’s Tamed Monster, Rozen took out two flags from his storage.


The Rainbow Butterfly that has been watching Rozen with a vigilant look was stunned. Upon seeing this change, Rozen was delighted.

(As I thought!)

Rozen has been thinking about the last condition to tame Rainbow Butterfly since he tamed Saichou, which led him to recall the Rainbow Butterfly’s backstory.

The Rainbow Butterflies were raised by a Princess of the kingdom. She put a collar on them to prevent them from running away, and only after the kingdom perished that they were truly free.

Based on this backstory, how was it related to the last condition to tame the Rainbow Butterfly? Rozen arrived at an answer, which was the kingdom’s downfall. As for the reason behind its downfall was obviously because other country’s invasion.

That answer led Rozen to the reason behind the last condition to tame the Rainbow Butterfly.

(The reason behind the condition that stated Player was not allowed to equip weapon was due to the Rainbow Butterflies witnessing the soldiers killing each other in the Palace.)

Therefore, the Rainbow Butterflies won’t be able to be tamed by Players who equipped weapon since it reminded them of that bloody scene.

With that said…

(If the main factor for the Rainbow Butterfly’s rejection was eliminated, then it should be alright even if I equip a weapon.)

So, how to eliminate the main factor?

Rozen, who was determined to tame all Rainbow Butterflies, came up with a certain method.

(Burn both kingdom’s flags that were involved in the war!)

That way, the Rainbow Butterfly will think that the war has come to an end and finally let go of this trauma that shackled them to their past.

This was the method that Rozen came up after learning about the monsters and realized that the Rainbow Butterfly had a much more complex AI compared to other monsters and NPC, and unlike other monsters and NPC, Rainbow Butterflies had the ability to think on their own.

To this end, Rozen spent half a month to find and complete a certain quest that gave him the two flags he was holding.

(Let’s see if it works!)

With that in mind, Rozen threw both flags to the ground, took out an item called Oil, and pour it to the flags, and then he took out an item called Torch and toss it to the flags.


The two flags were immediately engulfed in the blazing flame.


After letting out a cry, the second Rainbow Butterfly observed this scene silently for a while.


Even Saichou let out a cry that seemed to symbolize sadness.

Two beautiful Rainbow Butterflies watched the two flags burned in the flame as if seeing the two kingdoms that killed each other perished in the blazing fire never to return with eyes full of sadness.


After both flags turned into ash, Saichou immediately plunged into Rozen’s arms and wept like a little baby.

“Goo! Goo!”

At the same time, the second Rainbow Butterfly that also witnessed this scene, cried two times as if bidding farewell to its memory in the past and flew into Rozen’s arms.

A notification window popped up in front of Rozen.

“Congratulations for taming the Rainbow Butterfly, give it a name?”

Rozen immediately filled in the naming window without hesitation.


 With the first Rainbow Butterfly named “Saichou” meaning Colorful Butterfly, he named the second Rainbow Butterfly “Hanachou” which meant Flower Butterfly.

From that moment onwards, these two became Rozen’s tamed monster.

Of course, compared to Saichou that Rozen has trained for quite a while, Hanachou still had ways to go before reaching Saichou’s level as it was still level 1 and only had Paralyzing Powder.

But Rozen believed after training it the way he trained Saichou, Hanachou will shine as bright as Saichou.

“Okay, let’s go.”

Rozen said to both of his Tamed Monster.



Answering to Rozen with an identical cry, they followed Rozen and left the flower field together.

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